Sunday, June 27, 2010

IOPE Whitegen Clear Mask & Ampoule Essence Review

IOPE is another leading brand in Korea from Amore Pacific. There whitening line is known to show whitening effects on the skin!!!

Here are two items I bought from the IOPE Whitegen Line:

IOPE Whitegen Clear Mask

This is an Essence-Type mask. IT WILL FIT YOUR FACE PERFECTLY! (I was extremely happy haha, and there are no drips!) The mask fiber is derived from Bamboo, so that is natural haha! It smells heavenly! (Almost like a bush of flowers) However, for those who are sensitive to perfumed products, I do not recommend this to you. The results are amazing!!! It has a GIGA WHITE COMPLEX (contains nano-sized capsules of Arbutin) when made contact with the skin are released for immediate effect (and long lasting effects). You leave this mask on for 20 minutes, and after removing it, gently dab the remaining essence on your skin.


~Arbutin, a natural whitening ingredient extracted from the Bearberry fruit, is the most concentrated, and nano-sized ingredient in capsules to help remove dullness, discolorations, and helps to brighten the skin to give a natural glow~

What I love about this mask is that you do see results. Its is HIGHLY moisturizing which is a plus for my skin! Your skin is literally glowing right after, and there IS NO STICKINESS whatsoever :) Because many masks that I have used in the past are too sticky after removing! I highly recommend this mask for whitening the face!

IOPE Whitegen Ampoule Essence

The Ampoule Essence is enriched with SPOT WHITE CAPSULE. The texture is thick, but when warmed up the thickness lessens. It is a clear liquid with no added colour. When you pump the essence out, you see these little white capsules which melt when you rub your fingers together. The Ampoule Essence is meant to whiten the skin, as well get rid of dark spots, age spots, and acne marks. After using this for a month, I have noticed that it has cleared up my complexion. There is a natural glow to my skin which I love! The smell is similar to the Whitegen Clear Mask. What I also love about this essence is that it is moisture rich, and using this during the summer with my normal/combo skin, I did not need to apply any other moisturizer after this. But for dry skin types (especially during the winter seasons), I recommend using a moisturizer after this!

I am BIG on ingredients, and unfortunately there were no ingredients listed! Sorry for that! However, these are my honest opinion/review on these two products! :)