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Review: The History of Whoo Hwanyugo Essence

~The History of Whoo Hwanyugo Essence~

First and foremost, I am sorry I haven't been updating my blog! I have been really busy, but have managed to find the time today!!! :D 

Today I will be reviewing one of Whoo's famous product, Hwanyugo Essence, from the Hwanyugo line. Just a note: I have used this product for more than 3 months - day and night!!! This product is definitely an investment if you want to achieve flawless skin. The price tag will really make you turn away, but in all honest opinion, this product is worth it! In South Korea, the Hwanyugo Essence is much cheaper than in North America - here it costs over $500, but in South Korea it is around $300 - not bad at all!!! The Hwanyugo Cream is way to expensive, and for 60ml (which is a lot), I decided to purchase the essence - since I had no essence at the time. This review will be long haha so please bare with me! :)

The star product is Hwanyugo (purple series). Limited in production due to scarcity of its medicinal ingredients like the Snow Lotus, 35-year-old Wild Ginseng, AsparagusSiberian Young Antlers, Dongchunghacho and 60 other herbal ingredientsThe Hwanyugo line by The History of Whoo is a masterpiece for skin that works to rejuvenate its appearance by ten years. This premium line is marked by its excellent quality, artistic philosophy, craftsmanship and scarcity. The products are created through the finest, dedicated research each step of the way. 

What is Serion Germanium?
Serion is an invention patented in Korea and is made by a special scientific method that uses rare earth elements of Selenium and Germanium. Selenium and Germanium are known for their properties of regulating each cell of the human body. Serion is effective in promoting metabolism, cell mobility, physiological functions, preventing ageing and skin problems. Germanium is very effective in providing oxygen to cells, regenerating damaged cells, and eliminating all kinds of heavy metal-induced pollutants from your body.

The History of Whoo Hwanyugo Essence 50ml

The History of Whoo's Hwanyugo Essence is a masterpiece created with some of the finest herbal cosmetic ingredients and works to provide your skin with an immediate lustrous look. Consisting of a combination of oriental herbs, this Asian skin care serum provides you with a youthful and refreshed look and feel. This product is limited due to the rarity of the ingredients needed to produce it, but offers some of the finest rejuvenation of natural complexions. Hwanyu Essence was created by supplementing gihyeoljeong, which is an essence of the skin and promotes circulation, with paljinbojeongdan formula. When used together with Hwanyugo, Hwanyu Essence create yin-yang harmony and improves fine races of aging on the skin. A masterpiece of ancient finest quality herbal cosmetic products focus on an immediate lustrous effect on your skin. Its imperial germanium rich formula consists of the essential ingredients of the oriental herbs and wedges an extraordinary amount of moisture deep within the surface of the skin. Limited production due to limited scarcity medicinal ingredients. The finest effect provide fundamental skincare and rejuvenate skin by ten years.

Potent/Concentrated Ingredients

~Snow Lotus~

~Siberian Deer Antlers~



~Wild Ginseng~

Review: The History of Whoo Hwanyugo Essence is an essence targeted for fine, deep and stubborn wrinkles - guarantees to make skin look 10 years younger - very alluring hehe :P. The texture is very rich. You can see the germanium particles when observed closely (like silver dust) - and when you rub the product against your fingers (about a pea size), it really heats up. There is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING artificial about this product. From the scent, to the texture - everything feels luxurious. I was sold with this product - this really is a luxury item! When you apply the product onto your face, make sure to massage gently, then lift your face outwards. This product really sinks into the skin, without any stickiness - and it plumps up your skin immediately. I applied this product even around my eyes and neck. My laugh lines and fine lines around my eyes disappeared! The scent is very pleasant and VERY FAINT - the scent of lotus and herbs is very soothing to the mind and is not overpowering like other Whoo products. After using the Hwanyugo Essence for 3 months, and still going - I have noticed that my face has remained plumped, and it is not temporary. The texture of my skin is VERY SMOOTH and there is a healthy radiance to the skin which the whitening products did not produce. I cannot stress enough that many Korean skin care products are targeted to TREAT the skin - so the results are longer and may be permanent if you take good care of your skin. THIS PRODUCT WORKS!!! 

I would recommend this product for anyone really - prevention is key in anti-aging, and for those who are concerned with wrinkles, this product will not disappoint. If you have dry skin, this essence is VERY moisturizing and hydrating to the skin. If you have oily skin, I recommend using this essence at night only - and do not apply a lot of the product - about half a pea-size. Never forget to warm up the product to activate the ingredients!!! But please be reasonable - this product is really expensive, and if you don't have it in your budget, don't buy it - unless you wish to order from South Korea, which is much cheaper! :) Nonetheless, you do pay for what you get. I was a bit skeptical with this product at first (even though I am in love with The History of Whoo products)- but you have to allow this product to work and treat the skin for at least a month until you see full results. Do not miss use it either (use according to instructions): warm up the product with your middle finger, and massage gently around the face. Dab the remaining around the eyes - and begin with lifting techniques (I have a diagram in my Nok Yong review). Then warm up both palms and wrap your face (inhale and exhale in a relaxed state) - then wrap your neck and lift your neck upwards gently - trust me, these techniques make a difference!!! Unfortunately the ingredients were written in Korean - but I will be visiting The History of Whoo and will ask them for the ingredient list (hopefully they let me take a picture of it!!!) :).

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask! I will be responding to comments very soon! I am writing my other reviews and it will be posted soon :)

Much love to all!!! <3!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

NEW: Sulwhasoo Sun Cream for Men SPF 50+, PA+++

~Sulwhasoo Sun Cream for Men SPF 50+, PA+++~

DescriptionJeongyangdan’s Pini Ramulus and Scutellaria Baicalensis Extracts smoothly soothe rough skin texture, while Meliae Cortex Extracts protect men’s skin from aging caused by external aggressions during outdoor activities. Powerful sunscreen effect protects the skin from optical aging. Absobs smoothly and penetrates without stickiness for clean, matte finish. Apply approximately 1.2ml of the product to entire face at the last stage of skin care.

I'm happy that the men's line is now complete with a sun cream! I really liked the Snowise UV Protect Cream, but this has a higher SPF factor and more protection: "+,+++." I am tempted!!! :P!

P.s, I am extremely sorry for my absence in reviews and replying back to comments - I will do so ASAP! At the moment I am writing reviews for The History of Whoo Secret Court Cream,  The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Intensive, The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Toner, Su:m37 Ocean Effect Cleansing Foam + Make-up Remover - these reviews and more will be posted later this week!!!

Thank you all again, and I hope you are having a great weekend + HINT: great Fathers Day gift!!! hehe. Happy Fathers Day to all :)


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New: Sulwhasoo Age-Veil UV Protection Cream SPF 30+, PA++

~Sulwhasoo Age-Veil UV Protection Cream SPF 30+, PA++~



Sulwhasoo Age-Veil UV Protection Cream is a powerful sunscreen for everyday use. This sun protection incorporates both anti-aging, with the use of traditional Korean herbal medicine that will firm and protect skin from harmful UV/UVB rays. Harnessing the power of traditional Korean herbs and advanced Scatter Technology, Age-Veil UV Protection Cream SPF 30 protects skin from UV rays while firming and regenerating it for an ageless complexion. Light in texture, this cream glides onto skin and absorbs instantly. Leaves skin silky smooth and radiant.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

New: Sulwhasoo 100% Ginseng Seed Oil

~Sulwhasoo 100% Ginseng Seed Oil~

Sulwhasoo Ginseng Seed Oil is produced as the world's first 100% Ginseng Oil which contains essential vitamins, omega 3 and omega-6 and nutrients that repair damaged skin.
  • The History of Whoo boasts the same product - their Ginseng Ampoule Oil, however, it only contains 54.42% Wild Ginseng Oil, while Sulwhasoo's is 100% Ginseng Oil (extracted from the seeds).
(The History of Whoo Wild Ginseng Ampoule Oil)

Many of you are not aware but in South Korea, Sulwhasoo usually has celebrations in regards to their achievements and dedication to their customers. So this may have been a limited edition product - since it has never been released! Letting you all know that if you guys happen to see this, grab it! Ginseng has many nutrients that can help repair the skin, and I've seen wonders done by just using Sulwhasoo's Concentrated Ginseng Cream (my miracle product), and let alone ginseng oil: its a steal - especially if its 100% haha :)!

New: The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang: Soo Yeon Mist

~The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang: Soo Yeon Mist~

The History of Whoo's new Soo Yeon Mist combines both anti-aging and moisturizing of dry skin. This product provides a number of medicinal herbs to work within the skin to supply deep hydration. This is comprised of ionized air, water and stabilized nano platinum to work as an excellent anti-aging moisturizing herbal product. In addition to supply oxygen for the skin, which will reveal bright and clear skin. Used everyday, you will be awakened to bright skin tone every time.

I would like to announce that there is a NEW PRODUCT included in the Soo Yeon line!!! This product has JUST been launched! Its a great go-to when your skin is feeling dehydrated, or serves as a freshner in those humid temperatures! If you incorporate this in your skin care regime, this would be the step AFTER toner - but it can be used throughout the day. The Soo Yeon line (water-based) is great for keeping skin well hydrated and moist - recommended for ages in the early to mid 20's! :)

Has anyone tried mists before? All experiences are welcome :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review: The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Nok-Yong Pack

~~The History of Whoo Nok-Yong Pack~~

The History of Whoo Nok-Yong pack only contains two potent ingredients – Velvet Deer Antler Extract and Royal Jelly Extract. Nok Yong translates to Velvet Deer Antlers, hence, the main ingredient only being that. This is a warming/moisturizing pack – what it does is when this pack is applied to the face, it immediately warms up and sooths the skin: making skin moist, hydrated, and glowing.

Description: Extracts from young antlers of deer in the pack vitalizes healthy skin tone and restores translucent glow of beautiful skin. Scoop out a small amount on the palm and evenly spread it out throughout the face. This facial mask uses a unique combination of ingredients to provide you with a natural skin care product perfect for rejuvenating skin cells and enhancing your overall natural glow. By stimulating blood circulation, you are left with a soft, glossy and shimmering effect.

Potent Ingredients:
~Velvet Deer Antler (Nok-Yong)~

~Royal Jelly~


Directions/Usage: Cleanse the face well. Squeeze out some of the product and gently apply it to your face. Softly massage the area, leaving a thick layer of the product. Once complete, wait 10 minutes. Rinse face with warm water first, then with lukewarm water.

Review: I absolutely love this pack because it is MOISTURE-RICH! At first, you may be shocked at how rich this product is – but it has definitely done wonders to my skin. This pack is recommended for drier skin types. I have normal skin, and found that it is fine. As for oilier skin types, this may cause some milia – so it is best advised you don’t use this product (unless you test it out first!!!). Velvet Deer Antlers is one of the main medicinal ingredients used in all of The History of Whoo products – it is heavily concentrated in the famous Hwanyugo line. This ingredient helps with blood circulation, collagen synthesis, metabolism, and providing oxygen to the skin – therefore, skin becomes stronger and resilient (youthful). The other main ingredient is Royal Jelly – this helps with deep moisturizing and hydrating the skin to make it plump. 

The colour of this product is grayish-brownish – and the scent is floral/herbal – it is VERY soothing, which I love! At first, I found it hard to work with. The reason being is because it is rather thick, and does not spread easily – what I figured out was you REALLY NEED to warm it between your fingers, and then apply it to your face. There is a special technique, which I have provided above, to use this product. You need to circulate the blood on your skin and massage thoroughly – don’t worry though, once the pack is warmed up (you will also feel the warming of the product on the skin, its wonderful!), it is really easy to massage the face without tugging and pulling!!! After your done massaging, relax your face for ten minutes or more if you wish, and wash with lukewarm water and start your regular skin care routine :). After having my face washed, my skin was ultra smooth and soft. It did not leave ANY RESIDUE whatsoever - but glowing skin. This pack should be used at least once or twice a week, depending on how much hydration you need!!! I highly recommend this product for those with dry/dehydrated skin, need extra moisture, or those who wish to treat themselves hehe! :)

Has anyone had success with this pack? All experiences are welcome! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: Charmzone Dasima Mineral Pack (Wash-Off Pack)

~Charmzone Dasima Mineral Pack (Wash-Off Pack)~

Description: Cleanses and revitalizes skin. This marine pack contains a variety of ocean ingredients, such as Dasima, that allow for essential minerals to penetrate and add resilience to tired skin. It also cleanses by absorbing sebum, makeup, old rough layers and dirt from within pores and creates clear and transparent skin while maintaining smooth and healthy skin by achieving a perfect balance of oil and moisture.

Potent Marine Ingredients:
~Dasima (seaweed)~

Dasima seaweed is packed with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids that are essential in maintaining healthy and youthful skin.  This natural marine wonder helps slow the aging skin process while protecting it from the harsh environmental elements in the air and water. Essential vitamins include: A1, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, K, pantothenic acid, folic acid, and niacin. As well as being rich with antioxidants such as beta-carotene and over 60 trace elements that include potassium, calcium, iodine, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and manganese, seaweed is a major source of B12. Selenium and ascorbic acid protects the skin from damaging free radicals. Organic Iodine found in seaweed increases metabolism. Seaweed also contains fatty acids to combat skin irritation and inflammation.

~ Laminaria Digitata~

Polygalactosides react with the protective outer surface of the skin and the ion-ion interaction forms a protective moisturizing complex, while the fucose polymers are hygroscopic and act as hydrating agents. The ursolic acid can help form a protective barrier on the skin.The above-mentioned compounds contain abundant non-essential and essential amino acids such as proline, glycine and lycine - all of these are also found in the elastic fibers of the skin - and maintain and improve skin elasticity by improving hydration. Scientifically, Laminaria digitata constituents are calcium, potassium, iodine, mannitol, as well as fat, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins E, C, B12, B6, B3, B, A and Zn, F, Cr, Co, Mn, I, Na, Fe, P, Mg, K, Ca. The mineral salts and especially iodine stimulate the general metabolism and cause an increase in osmotic exchanges, thus bringing about elimination of excess fluids.

~Oyster Shell~

Usually the shell is discarded, however, it is rich in enzymes, vitamins and mineral substances mainly calcium to help revitalize the skin. The oyster shell extract helps to provide cellular metabolism within the skin, thus leading to brighter more clear skin. Through metabolism, your skin will deeply regenerate and rebuild the epidermis to make it stronger. Therefore, results of a firmer, and lifted face are achieved.

(Click to Enlarge)

Review: The importance of clay-masks helps absorb impurities deep within your skin. Kaolin is the second ingredient – it is a natural clay substance that cleanses the skin and unclogs pores so your skin becomes smoother and softer. The color of this wash-off mask is light green, and is VERY EASY to apply to the skin. The consistency is very soft, and is not messy like other clay masks I have tried before!!! You leave this mask on for 30 minutes, until it is fully DRY and then you wash it off gently with lukewarm water. You can feel a tingle with this product, but it is definitely not harsh! The scent is almost like an ‘ocean’ scent – very calming. I love how super soft my skin feels – and bumps are less noticeable. You can definitely tell that this really cleanses deep within your pores. I made sure to do a close up to see whether it stands by its description – and yes it does!!! Products are easily absorbed into the skin – and it leaves no residue whatsoever. Comparing this to peel-off-masks, if you want something less harsh (for those of you who find peel-off masks difficult to work with), this is a buy (or any other clay mask you prefer). Just remember NEVER EVER apply this around your eye area and lip area, please! It will cause damage!!! I highly recommend this treatment mask for those with oily or troubled skin. I used this on my dry cheeks, and found no problems! A great way to treat your skin hehe! :)

Is anyone using a clay-mask they love? :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Review: The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Cream (upgraded) and The History of Whoo Whitening Sun Cream

Hello my fellow readers! I am extremely sorry I have been so busy with my absence in reviewing! I have been busy and still am – but I figured it is time to write a review post :) Today I will be reviewing the new two items upgraded from The History of Whoo Seol Whitening line: The History of Whoo Whitening Cream + The History of Whoo Whitening Sun Cream.

Just to update: The new Whitening Sun Cream has arrived in North America – I visited The History of Whoo counter and they had it! I will ask the price once I go and visit once again, which is soon!
The new Whitening Cream is almost like a gel-type consistency – somewhat like the Soo Yeon Cream, but a mixture of gel + cream. It is water-based as well (it feels very cooling to the face – almost like applying water to your skin) – so does that mean it’s hydrating now? I find that it is for my normal skin. I use to apply the Qi&Jin Cream over the older Whitening Cream, but now I find that the new Whitening Cream is much more hydrating than the older version – so that is a plus!

Upgrade: The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Cream (50ml)

~Comparison from the older version to the new upgraded version~

I have to be completely honest though – the results are definitely not the same as the older version. There were some amazing dramatic whitening effects with the older Whoo Whitening Cream; the new upgraded Whitening Cream only helps keep skin brightened and radiant (which is nothing to complain about LOL but I missed the whitening effects!). Although it keeps skin dewy, it is not as soft and powdery-feel as the older version. The new whitening cream absorbs instantly into the skin – but it still keeps skin hydrated. Just to point out, comparing this to the Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Cream – both are different too. The new Whoo Whitening Cream keeps skin looking dewy, while the Snowise Whitening Cream kept skin matte (if you like the matte look (for really oily skin types), you still get the same results from Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Cream if you decide not to use the Whoo Whitening Cream). So basically, using the new Whoo Whitening Cream for 4 weeks, I see the same results as Su:m37 White Award line, and Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening line – miss the whitening effects, powdery, and super soft feel!

As for the color – it is a clear/light-greyish color – I don’t think color is even added in the new Whitening Cream (the ingredients are in Korean – I will get them translated! Its so difficult haha). There is one good thing though – the scent is barely noticeable – it’s very faint and light! Its almost herby - but also floral - if you actually concentrate on the scent, there is a hint of a lavender scent, its lovely!

New: The History of Whoo Whitening Sun Cream SPF 45++ (45ml)

I was very surprised when I opened this sunscreen – I didn’t expect it to have a light pinkish tint to it. It is ALMOST similar to the Laneige Sunblock Triple SPF 40++ - but not 100%. The Laneige Sunblock Triple feels very chalky, and it is VERY DIFFICULT to spread on the face – you almost look like a ghost with the Laneige Sunblock. With the Laneige Sunblock I would have to add a little bit of oil (olive oil/grape seed) in order for it to blend on my skin - and this was even during the summer season! Although it brightens the face, it can be extreme to the point of making you look like a ghost - a good thing about this product is that it has fine-powdered pearls haha. The benefit of the Whoo Whitening Sun Cream is that is spreads evenly, brightens the skin to appear VERY NATURAL, and keeps skin dewy, and is great for oily skin! The pink is barely noticeable on your skin, it absorbs instantly which I love! The scent is not as heavy as the other Whoo products – I believe they changed the scent for the Seol Whitening line to be less heavy. Regardless, this sun cream is fantastic!!! Keeps skin soft, dewy, and BRIGHT!

With experiencing the new Whoo Whitening Cream – I won’t say I’m disappointed because it is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the older version. But the results are not the same, that’s for sure! Although it still keeps skin bright and glowy, I still prefer the older version!!! :) As for the Whoo Whitening Sun Cream – I would definitely recommend it, it’s a great sunscreen that not only protects skin from UVA/UVB rays, but makes skin bright and more even-toned!!

Has anyone tried the new Whitening Cream and Whitening Sun Cream? :)

***Thank you everyone for being patient! I will be reviewing The History of Whoo Nok Yong Pack & The History of Whoo Seol Brightening Peel-Off-Pack next! Stay tuned!!! :) Muah! <3!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Online Store: Eden Skin Care - The History of Whoo, Isa Knox, OHUI & more!

Special Announcement

Recently, a wonderful woman named Jacqueline contacted me about her store called Eden Skin Care based in the U.S. Her store manages an array of facials and skin care products, particularly Korean/Asian brands. She was kind enough to send me A LOT of great samples and special kits from Whoo, Isa Knox, to OHUI – and I really can’t wait to review it for you guys!!! A big warm thanks to Jacqueline, thank you! <3!!!

Great news is, she also manages an online skin care site that sells The History of Whoo, OHUI, Isa Knox, Obagi, EV Princess, makeup products, and natural weight loss and herbal medicinal products too!  

Her website is:

The reason I am letting you guys know is that her prices are AMAZING! And I know you guys will benefit from this because In North America, Whoo, OHUI, and Isa Knox are very expensive – especially Whoo. She sells great set specials that are a steal + free gifts with purchase!!! Her online store is 100% safe – paid through PayPal and every month she will have different promotions – even a free full size product with purchase.


Eden Skin Care ships internationallyFREE SHIPPING on orders of $99 or more in the United States – just look for the green truck logo if the product qualifies for free shipping. International Buyers: Your items will be sent by USPS Priority Mail International – you can calculate the shipping charge in the checkout section.


Right now there are two spring promotions. First, of purchasing over $99 and up and second, purchasing $249 and up and you will be receiving a free special set of your choice – each set has a value of $50 and over. All you have to do is enter the COUPON CODE listed beside the set you would like when you purchase your items!!!

*Please click the $99 Promotion Image for Sets Selection + Coupon Code*

*Please click the $249 Promotion Image for Sets Selection + Coupon Code*

If you guys have any further questions, feel free to contact Jacqueline at: or by phone: 703.237.3999.

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Su:m37˚ White Award Line Review

~Su:m37˚ White Award Line~

Su:m37˚ is another great, all natural, paraben/color/preservative/fragrance free luxury skin care line – with the use of bio-fermentation technology. My friend in Seoul, South Korea actually introduced this line to me last year. However, Joseibi and Hope In A Blog (favourite blogs!!!), have done reviews on Su:m37˚ and have loved it! Being an admirer for natural skin care, I decided to give Su:m37˚ a go! I purchased the Su:m37˚ Skin Saver Ocean Effect Cleansing Foam (its an amazing foam cleanser!) – which came with a mini sample set of the White Award line (also a sample of the famous Secret Programming Essence). I have been using the White Award line since February, and surprisingly it has lasted me to this day (only been using it at night though)!

I would also like to update that Su:m37˚ has introduced a new product to the White Award line:  Su:m37 White Award Luminous Concentrate. It comes in 8g x 4 – it is highly concentrated program (similar to Whoo’s Jinaek Program) to help brighten and give your skin a glow! Each 8g bottle is used for one week – up to the four week point.

Description: Concentrated whitening ingredients gently melt at body temperature to effectively penetrate into the skin, as it increases the intensive care of the ingredients.  The skin whitening ingredients works effectively and clears the skin of imperfections and makes it clean so it appears as a aura of light.

The set comes with a White Award Clear Toner 25ml, White Award Luminous Treatment 5ml, Secret Programming Essence 12ml, White Award Essence Lotion 25ml, and White Award Detox Mask 10ml. 

Hopefully I will get the ingredient list soon, especially for the White Award line. The White Award line is meant to help brighten and clarify the skin. It helps detoxify the skin from wastes and toxins. So what are the main ingredients in Su:m37˚ White Award line? Acai Berry (antioxidant & anti-aging) and N-Acetyl-Phytosphingosine (NAPS).

**All Information Provided by Doosan Co. Seoul, South Korea**

I would like to discuss how N-Acetyl-Phytosphingosine inhibits and treats the excess production of melanin and other great benefits of this safe chemical. It helps to repair the skin, rejuvenate the skin, and has anti-inflammatory effects. In would heal tests, N-Acetyl-Phytosphingosine scored 212% in granulation tissue area, and 96% in blood vessel treatment. N-Acetyl-Phytosphingosine also enhances collagen synthesis at low concentration to help rebuild tissue that has been damaged beneath the skin. Surprisingly, N-Acetyl-Phytosphingosine also helps with blemishes. In a test of anti-proliferative (the growing of acne bacteria) efficacy, N-Acetyl-Phytosphingosine removes the primary cause of comedogenesis, which leads to breakouts and skin troubles. In eleven days of using a topical cream with N-Acetyl-Phytosphingosine, the skin is healing and appears more clear. Overall, N-Acetyl-Phytosphingosine has a strong inhibition of melanogenesis (darkening of the skin) and stimulates collagen synthesis (Doosan Co. Seoul, South Korea).
I would like to start my review with…

Su:m37˚ White Award Clear Toner
Description: Effectively removes dead skin cells by applying the following steps to help absorption of whitening products reduce the function of old keratin on the skin.

Review: LOVE this toner! It is so refreshing to the skin– does not make skin dry, but somewhat hydrating. I would say that the Whoo Seol Whitening Skin Balancer was a tad bit more hydrating. This toner is clear and has no scent, which is a big plus for me! As a toner, I find it does the job great because as the description states, it really helps to absorb the other products into my skin. I also find that this toner helps to reduce bumps and other annoying blemishes on the skin. Love it!

Su:m37˚ White Award Luminous Treatment
Description: This treatment acts to effectively remove skin blemishes and signs of aging for clean and glowing skin, as it instantly makes your skin shine brightly.

Review: This treatment (essence) is great in keeping the skin VERY BRIGHT. Compared to Sulwhasoo’s Snowise Whitening Serum, this treatment takes a lot of time to absorb into the skin. I don’t mind though, but those of you in a rush, keep this for nighttime use as I have done! Similar to Whoo’s Whitening Essence, this treatment also has these glitter-like particles – now I am not sure what it is, could be pearl particles – because it does not sit on the skin, rather when massaged thoroughly, the particles sinks into the skin. And it is definitely not mica either (since mica stays on top of the skin to artificially illuminate the skin). Regardless, I love this treatment because it really brightens the skin – gives you the GLOW!
Su:m37˚ White Award Essence Lotion
Description: Natural plant extracts penetrate deep within the skin to make the skin appear as transparent and offers a fresh and smooth touch to skin.

Review: In all honesty, I have never had a lotion keep my skin dewy, even after washing my skin several times. This is my top recommendation!!! It is a somewhat thick, yet runny white product – it absorbs instantly into the skin though. Keeps skin VERY DEWY and GLOWY. For those of you that wear make-up, this would be a great base for your make-up – keeps skin baby soft feeling and looking!

Su:m37˚ White Award Detox Mask
Description: A 3-in-1 mask: [Brightening, Deep Pore Cleansing, & Soothing Effects] Microscopic bubbles form deep inside the pores as it lifts the waste and pollutants and features an anti-stress & clean skin.

Review: At first, I was completely lost in how to use this mask haha. I used this mask once a week because I only had a 10ml version of it (If your skin needs treatment, then 2-3 times use is preferred - it will not cause any harm to your skin). It is a cream-textured product; it is somewhat sticky but blends easily on the skin. You apply this all over the face and wait for a few seconds until your face becomes FOAMY. It is quite amusing, and it tingles towards the end when the foam starts to disappear, so don’t scratch your face hehe! You then wash it off and your skin will appear brighter and VERY SMOOTH – it also helps absorb your products better!!!

Su:m37˚ Secret Programming Essence
Description: 80 kinds of natural plants are selected to recover vitality to the skin with a natural fermentation system.

Review: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS ESSENCE! The best treatment your skin can have!!! The minute you apply this essence, your skin feels SO DEWY – there is something definitely with Su:m37˚ products that makes skin dewy and smooth. It is a clear essence (this natural plant scent – not strong at all, you can barely smell it), somewhat watery and sticky when applied. You gently pat this onto your skin, and press firmly to help penetrate the essence into the skin. A very hydrating essence!!! It has definitely refined my skin and has helped my skin from becoming dry. I highly recommend this product for those with dry dehydrated skin – it is a skin saver!

Recommend? Yes!!! A all natural brand that really works!!! Overall, I am very impressed with Su:m37 skin care products. They really help treat the skin – makes skin refined, dewy, smooth, and hydrated. The White Award line is very hydrating for normal skin. I really love this line because you get this instant glow that persists for a long time. It has helped keep my skin at bay from blemishes and even has plumped my skin. For dry skin, it may not be so hydrating, but you may need an extra cream to top off at the last stage. As for combo/oily skin – the Secret Programming Essence may make your skin appear a bit oily, so I would recommend using it at night!

*I am sorry for my absence - I will be replying to everyone's comments soon!!!* <3!