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Review: The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Cream (upgraded) and The History of Whoo Whitening Sun Cream

Hello my fellow readers! I am extremely sorry I have been so busy with my absence in reviewing! I have been busy and still am – but I figured it is time to write a review post :) Today I will be reviewing the new two items upgraded from The History of Whoo Seol Whitening line: The History of Whoo Whitening Cream + The History of Whoo Whitening Sun Cream.

Just to update: The new Whitening Sun Cream has arrived in North America – I visited The History of Whoo counter and they had it! I will ask the price once I go and visit once again, which is soon!
The new Whitening Cream is almost like a gel-type consistency – somewhat like the Soo Yeon Cream, but a mixture of gel + cream. It is water-based as well (it feels very cooling to the face – almost like applying water to your skin) – so does that mean it’s hydrating now? I find that it is for my normal skin. I use to apply the Qi&Jin Cream over the older Whitening Cream, but now I find that the new Whitening Cream is much more hydrating than the older version – so that is a plus!

Upgrade: The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Cream (50ml)

~Comparison from the older version to the new upgraded version~

I have to be completely honest though – the results are definitely not the same as the older version. There were some amazing dramatic whitening effects with the older Whoo Whitening Cream; the new upgraded Whitening Cream only helps keep skin brightened and radiant (which is nothing to complain about LOL but I missed the whitening effects!). Although it keeps skin dewy, it is not as soft and powdery-feel as the older version. The new whitening cream absorbs instantly into the skin – but it still keeps skin hydrated. Just to point out, comparing this to the Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Cream – both are different too. The new Whoo Whitening Cream keeps skin looking dewy, while the Snowise Whitening Cream kept skin matte (if you like the matte look (for really oily skin types), you still get the same results from Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Cream if you decide not to use the Whoo Whitening Cream). So basically, using the new Whoo Whitening Cream for 4 weeks, I see the same results as Su:m37 White Award line, and Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening line – miss the whitening effects, powdery, and super soft feel!

As for the color – it is a clear/light-greyish color – I don’t think color is even added in the new Whitening Cream (the ingredients are in Korean – I will get them translated! Its so difficult haha). There is one good thing though – the scent is barely noticeable – it’s very faint and light! Its almost herby - but also floral - if you actually concentrate on the scent, there is a hint of a lavender scent, its lovely!

New: The History of Whoo Whitening Sun Cream SPF 45++ (45ml)

I was very surprised when I opened this sunscreen – I didn’t expect it to have a light pinkish tint to it. It is ALMOST similar to the Laneige Sunblock Triple SPF 40++ - but not 100%. The Laneige Sunblock Triple feels very chalky, and it is VERY DIFFICULT to spread on the face – you almost look like a ghost with the Laneige Sunblock. With the Laneige Sunblock I would have to add a little bit of oil (olive oil/grape seed) in order for it to blend on my skin - and this was even during the summer season! Although it brightens the face, it can be extreme to the point of making you look like a ghost - a good thing about this product is that it has fine-powdered pearls haha. The benefit of the Whoo Whitening Sun Cream is that is spreads evenly, brightens the skin to appear VERY NATURAL, and keeps skin dewy, and is great for oily skin! The pink is barely noticeable on your skin, it absorbs instantly which I love! The scent is not as heavy as the other Whoo products – I believe they changed the scent for the Seol Whitening line to be less heavy. Regardless, this sun cream is fantastic!!! Keeps skin soft, dewy, and BRIGHT!

With experiencing the new Whoo Whitening Cream – I won’t say I’m disappointed because it is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the older version. But the results are not the same, that’s for sure! Although it still keeps skin bright and glowy, I still prefer the older version!!! :) As for the Whoo Whitening Sun Cream – I would definitely recommend it, it’s a great sunscreen that not only protects skin from UVA/UVB rays, but makes skin bright and more even-toned!!

Has anyone tried the new Whitening Cream and Whitening Sun Cream? :)

***Thank you everyone for being patient! I will be reviewing The History of Whoo Nok Yong Pack & The History of Whoo Seol Brightening Peel-Off-Pack next! Stay tuned!!! :) Muah! <3!!!


  1. Excellent review and very, very helpful ESP since I am six weeks into the WHOO Soel line and getting ready to repurchase stocks since I have been using a semi deluxe sample set. It comes w 3 full size products but the whitening cream is not one of them. i need results so will be on the hunt for the old cream!!
    i just love your blog and cannot wait for your review of the Nok Yong Pack (I have a sample but not sure how to use it!). the Soel peel off brightening pack is an INSTANT skin lightened brightener! Keep it up, excellent blog!

  2. Oh No,NO,NO. I want the whitening effect back, I just ordered a new Whitening Cream. Why did they change the formula? Why, why, why? I love the soft feel of the old cream. What am I going to do Korean Skin Care? Feel like I am going to have a tantrum now.

  3. Thank you very much Anonymous!!! :D <3!

    I'm so happy you are loving the Seol line! Its a great whitening line that stands by what they say!!! If you love the whitening effects, definitely go for the older whitening cream - they are still around, and are not too old enough to use!!! I really miss the whitening effects - the new Whitening Cream seems more hydrating, but its definitely not comparable to the old cream, they completely changed it :(!

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!! :D I will be doing a treatment series with masks and peels for the next few days - thankfully the ingredients are listed for these ones :D! The Nok Yong Pack is AMAZING! I will get to my review soon for that!!!

    MUAH <3!

  4. Hi Kooslee!!! :)

    I can feel your disappointment! I wish they didn't change the whitening effects in the new cream!!! The new Whoo Whitening Cream is good, but its not the best when compared to the old cream haha! BUT the new whitening cream produces great results regardless! You will see results - glow and radiance!!!!!!! So no worries there! LOL when I first opened it, I was shocked at the consistency - its like gel-cream, watery almost. At least it gives skin a glow and keeps skin hydrated :D! Since you spent a lot of money on it - you will still benefit from it, so don't make it go to waste! :)

    Please keep me updated on your progress with the new Whoo Whitening Cream!!! <3!!!

  5. Hi Korean Skin Care ;-D

    My package arrived, so far I got a chance to use the Soo Yeon cream, and the Whitening Sun cream. I love how the Soo Yeon cream has the cooling effect on my face like I am splashing my face with water. It also keeps the area around my cheeks hydrate for over 8 hours and counting. Do you recommend that I should use the Soo Yeon cream on top the new Whitening cream version at night? I am planning to save the old cream for morning only because I don't wear foundation on weekdays.

    I also love the Whitening sun cream. It isn't greasy and absorbed really quickly. Now I know what you meant about how your skin glows. I am going to kick the Shiseido Urban to the curb because I think it was contributing to my forehead breaks out- 2 pimples only on my forehead every week. So hopefully, my forehead will clear up with these new items. I do think I need blotting tissue for my forehead. My co-worker commented before that my cheeks looked brighter, whiter while my forehead is greasy as the day progressed and looked darker than the rest of my face. I think part of this is my old sunscreen.

    I am now exploring gmarket for cosmetics and History of Whoo samples. Everything is so much cheaper compares to Ebay. I am hooked. ;D. I am eyeing some Etude House items due to their cute packages. Do you use that brand? Do you have any recommendations?

    Thank you for your massaging diagram. It helps :-D.

  6. Dear Korean Skin,
    Can you recommend me please a whitening line which is not drying. I had only tried the seol before and it wasn't rich enough I am afraid. I went for skin check up at one high end japanese brand counter and they showed me that my oil levels are non-existent. Of course, it is a sales tactics but nonetheless. Are there any lines which do both brightening and hydration.

  7. Hi Kooslee!!! :)

    Yay! I'm so glad you like the Soo Yeon Cream - that is exactly how I felt when I first tried it on! The scent is great too!!! Yup! You can use the Soo Yeon Cream on top of the Whitening Cream. But with the older Whitening Cream, use the Soo Yeon Cream before!!!

    Haha! The Whitening Sun Cream is really is amazing! Oh no, hmm I have actually heard from people that the Shiseido sunscreens are greasy and can even breakout people! How is the consistency of the Shiseido Urban?

    Gmarket is actually really cheap - I have not ventured off to purchase anything from there haha. Actually I have never tried Etude House products before - so I'm not able to recommend you products, sorry! It is a really popular brand in South Korea nonetheless!

    You're very welcome! Those massage techniques can be used even with your daily skin care routine :)

    Please keep me updated on how you like the new Whitening Cream - although it won't give whitening effects, it sure brightens the skin! :)


  8. Hello Marichan!!! <3

    Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that! Its weird though, do you know the cause of your oil decreasing? The only whitening line that I have tried that is REALLY HYDRATING has to be the Su:m37 White Award line! From toner to cream - all the products from the White Award line will make skin super dewy, really hydrated, and moisturized for a long time.

    This line targets to brightening and glowing of the skin - I saw results within a week. It is completely different in texture to the Seol line and results are completely different! I found that the White Award line really gave a glow from within the skin. If your skin is super dry, you will benefit from this line.

    I can also recommend you the Su:m37 Secret Programming Essence - I have never come across an essence that deeply hydrates the skin - it really is a skin saver! Su:m37 products are all paraben, colorant, preservative, fragrance, and additive free - and the results are amazing!

    Let me know me you know if you need any help Marichan! :D <3!!!

  9. Hi Korean skin care,

    Oh, I have been putting my Soo Yeon over my old cream. I better switch that around. I found that Shiseido Urban is sticky and hard to spread it around on my face. I rubbed it on my hand first, and patted on my face.

    Have you try History of Whoo secret court cream? I heard it helps rebuild your skin texture and clarity. However, after reading your review on Sulwhasoo Herblinic Restorative Ampoules Review. I want to try this too since I noticed I have
    clogged pores on my forehead that turn into acne. How should I use this in my skincare routine to reduce "trouble skin" and optimize Seol whitening property?

    I find that the new Whitening cream is similar to the Soo Yeon cream in texture and how it feels on my face. But I miss the soft powdery feel of the old cream.

    Yeah Gmarket is cheap but so time consuming because I can't understand Korean. It is also very very addicting. :-D

    I love peel-off mask. I try Boscia's black mask, it was fun to feel it off but it doesn't do much for me.I have yet try to Seol line peel pack. I am interested in Sulwhasoo Clarifying mask. I am looking forward to your mask and peel reviews.

  10. Dear Korean Skin,
    Thanks a lot for your comment. I have been using The Whoo's yellow line lately and the sulwhasoo snows pack by-weekly. My cosme decorte whiteologist has run out and I had a weird reaction to the sandalwood in the AQMW line, so I went back to my whoo. The SA at cle de peau said that the fact that my oil level is next to zero might have been influenced by products with high level of alcohol. Snowise mask has alcohol in it as does the whoo. So really I am at a loss here. Do you know how I can purchase sum 37 online by other means than gmarket (I can never make a credit card payment on it, it is often bugged)? Thanks a lot. Love reading your blog. You know, that snowise mask is sold out in hong kong completely, it is that popular. So def something to try:-)

  11. Dear Korean Skin Care,

    Can you used two types of essence in your daily skin care? Is it okay to use Ja Sang Essence and Whitening Essence together?

    I heard a lot of good things about Su:m 37 time energy line. Have you try it this before? There aren't a lot of info I can find about this. Thank you.

  12. kooslee : the time energy or the time reset line?

  13. Hi Kooslee!!! :)

    Sorry for the late response - been VERY busy lately!

    Yes! I am using the Secret Court Cream at the moment, and the texture is buttery and is a bit hard to 'melt' down, but that is due to the climate I am living in - although it is Spring, it sure doesn't feel like it haha. It just takes some warming between the fingers to get it right, but it REALLY is moisturizing! I will be doing a review shortly!

    To help with clogged pores, you need products to help treat troubled areas. The Herblinic Restorative Ampoules will definitely help treat those areas (if you do incorporate the ampoules into your skin care - follow AFTER toner, and the Secret Court Cream should be used at the last stage). Have you ever used clay-masks? Clay-masks help to absorb excess oil, and dirt that cause clogged pores - they also treat blackheads and any other skin problem. My favourite is the Charmzone Dasima Mineral Pack - works great!!!

    Th Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask is amazing! I find it is stronger than the Seol Brightening Peel Off Pack. The Seol pack functions as whitening (it also helps with impurities) but the Sulwhasoo mask functions as removing dirt, dead skin, impurities of any sort including blackheads - and it sure does!!!

    In regards to essence, yes you can use two different essences in your skin care regime - depending on what treatments you are concerned about. Sorry! I have not used the Time Energy line - its hard getting information on Su:m37! The only products I have used from Su:m37 is their Ocean Effect Skin Saver Cleansing Foam, the White Award Line, and Secret Programming Essence (along with other mini samples of the other lines). Love their White Award line! The best hydrating whitening line :)

    Please let me know if you need any help Kooslee!!! <3! :)

  14. Hello Marichan!

    Nice to hear from you :)

    It may be your sensitivity to the alcohol content in the products! I highly recommend you use products without harsh alcohols (although formulations are very different - it still can have a factor). Unfortunately, I am not aware of any online store where they sell Su:m37 products!!! The only place would be Gmarket - I got my products from a friend who went to Seoul, South Korea.

    Although Gmarket is tricky, if you tell me what you are looking for - I can definitely help you out!!!

    Thank you so much Marichan!!! :D I am so intrigued now - I REALLY want to purchase the Snowise Mask now! I have tried the Whoo Qi & Jin Mask, and it is literally the BEST MASK I have ever used!!!

    Please let me know how it goes!!!!! <3!

  15. Hey sis,

    try the OHUI White Extreme Mask. It's really good !!

  16. Thanks a lot Korean skin. I have managed to secure some cosme decorte whitelogist ew, a new 2011 formula. I read that this formula is amazing, as it doesn't dry skin despite it's whitening properties. My skin loves thins product. I just wanted to use additional whitening products to it so hence the su:m 37. I think I will be okay with gmarket (copy and past3). I have learnt from sooryehan's. SA that all LG's brands share the same whitening formulation. Forgot how it is called.

  17. Hi Hope In A Blog!!! :D!

    Oh wow! Seems amazing!!! How is the texture of the essence in the mask?

    Thank you for letting me know Hope! <3!

  18. Hi Marichan! :)

    My pleasure!!! Glad you are loving the Cosme Decorte Whitelogist!!!

    The Su:m37 White Award line is really moisturizing, so you will benefit from it, plus the results are superb: glowy and radiant skin! Wow, do you mean the formulation in regards to technology or ingredients?

    Let me know how everything works out :D!


  19. hi do you know the history of whoo starters kit are available at whoo uncle is going to china..will ask him to bring some whoo stuff for me..reply asap

  20. Hi NamI :)

    Is he going to Hong Kong? There is a Whoo SPA Palace in Hong Kong - but I don't know the address, sorry! Even in the Duty Free section (in the airport) - ask your uncle to check around! They're cheaper at the Duty Free!!!

    Let me know how everything works out! <3!

  21. no he is not going to hongkong.. and i will ask him to check at dfs ......the only thing i remember is he said he will take his flight from
    ZHEJIANG and there are few whoo counters listed on the lg website in ZHEJIANG you think the prices will be too expensive there..any idea??
    and thanx for your reply you are such a sweetheart

  22. Hi Korean,

    I'm interested in buying Sulwhasoo Snowise line or Whoo Seol line. Which one do you suggest for oily & acne skin type ? I may not buy the whole line, maybe just 1 or 2 cream, but I don't which one is with greater effect (like Whitening Intensive or Whitening Cream). After reading your reviews, I'm more tempted to get Whoo Seol ^^
    PS. I think I'm going to buy Sulwhasoo Herblinic & Sulwhasoo Bar Soap ^^

  23. This post is soo helpful but i'm completely conflicted!! Do i get the old cream which royalbeauty has for $150 or get the new one which ebay has for cheaper? I want the whitening and fading effects!

  24. hi korean skincare, i love your blog ! well which one do you love: seol or snowise? why? thanks a lot