Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review: The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Nok-Yong Pack

~~The History of Whoo Nok-Yong Pack~~

The History of Whoo Nok-Yong pack only contains two potent ingredients – Velvet Deer Antler Extract and Royal Jelly Extract. Nok Yong translates to Velvet Deer Antlers, hence, the main ingredient only being that. This is a warming/moisturizing pack – what it does is when this pack is applied to the face, it immediately warms up and sooths the skin: making skin moist, hydrated, and glowing.

Description: Extracts from young antlers of deer in the pack vitalizes healthy skin tone and restores translucent glow of beautiful skin. Scoop out a small amount on the palm and evenly spread it out throughout the face. This facial mask uses a unique combination of ingredients to provide you with a natural skin care product perfect for rejuvenating skin cells and enhancing your overall natural glow. By stimulating blood circulation, you are left with a soft, glossy and shimmering effect.

Potent Ingredients:
~Velvet Deer Antler (Nok-Yong)~

~Royal Jelly~


Directions/Usage: Cleanse the face well. Squeeze out some of the product and gently apply it to your face. Softly massage the area, leaving a thick layer of the product. Once complete, wait 10 minutes. Rinse face with warm water first, then with lukewarm water.

Review: I absolutely love this pack because it is MOISTURE-RICH! At first, you may be shocked at how rich this product is – but it has definitely done wonders to my skin. This pack is recommended for drier skin types. I have normal skin, and found that it is fine. As for oilier skin types, this may cause some milia – so it is best advised you don’t use this product (unless you test it out first!!!). Velvet Deer Antlers is one of the main medicinal ingredients used in all of The History of Whoo products – it is heavily concentrated in the famous Hwanyugo line. This ingredient helps with blood circulation, collagen synthesis, metabolism, and providing oxygen to the skin – therefore, skin becomes stronger and resilient (youthful). The other main ingredient is Royal Jelly – this helps with deep moisturizing and hydrating the skin to make it plump. 

The colour of this product is grayish-brownish – and the scent is floral/herbal – it is VERY soothing, which I love! At first, I found it hard to work with. The reason being is because it is rather thick, and does not spread easily – what I figured out was you REALLY NEED to warm it between your fingers, and then apply it to your face. There is a special technique, which I have provided above, to use this product. You need to circulate the blood on your skin and massage thoroughly – don’t worry though, once the pack is warmed up (you will also feel the warming of the product on the skin, its wonderful!), it is really easy to massage the face without tugging and pulling!!! After your done massaging, relax your face for ten minutes or more if you wish, and wash with lukewarm water and start your regular skin care routine :). After having my face washed, my skin was ultra smooth and soft. It did not leave ANY RESIDUE whatsoever - but glowing skin. This pack should be used at least once or twice a week, depending on how much hydration you need!!! I highly recommend this product for those with dry/dehydrated skin, need extra moisture, or those who wish to treat themselves hehe! :)

Has anyone had success with this pack? All experiences are welcome! :)


  1. the 1st whoo product ive seen with a short ingredient list!! hehe

  2. Lol Hope! I was SO SURPRISED I did not see any herbal ingredients too! :P

    This pack is just concentrated on the Deer Antlers - and its in high concentration too! Works wonders :D

    Have you tried this massaging pack?


  3. yessss. i love how it heats up on my face. haha but the first time i tried it on my sister, it freaked her out. she thought her skin was having a bad reaction Lol

  4. Me too Hope!!! It feels really soothing and relaxing! :)

    Haha! That would really be a bad reaction from a product :|!

    This product has been upgraded too, it seems that many of the Whoo products have been upgraded for 2011.


  5. Korean Skincare, I have yet to try this out, but Nature republic has a few masks similar to this. The Maison oriental aesthe Bo Eum pack actually heats up the skin too and the heating effect allows the skin to better absorb nutrients in the mask under this effect. I think that there is another ginseng heating mask inside this brand Nature Republic too, and the only catch is that they might have some other undesirable ingredients like petrolatum or mineral oil.

  6. Hmmm, sounds like a nice product but I wish they'd leave out the colourings.

  7. Hi, one question about Whoo. I love the product and it works well for me. However, there is no english full ingredient lists on the product information sheets. I am sensitive to paraben, are there parabens in Whoo products?

  8. I tried this product about 5 years ago and love it still. Just bought it again to use. I also wish it has english for all product of Whoo. Anyone use ageing product of whoo?