Monday, March 21, 2011

Su:m37˚ White Award Line Review

~Su:m37˚ White Award Line~

Su:m37˚ is another great, all natural, paraben/color/preservative/fragrance free luxury skin care line – with the use of bio-fermentation technology. My friend in Seoul, South Korea actually introduced this line to me last year. However, Joseibi and Hope In A Blog (favourite blogs!!!), have done reviews on Su:m37˚ and have loved it! Being an admirer for natural skin care, I decided to give Su:m37˚ a go! I purchased the Su:m37˚ Skin Saver Ocean Effect Cleansing Foam (its an amazing foam cleanser!) – which came with a mini sample set of the White Award line (also a sample of the famous Secret Programming Essence). I have been using the White Award line since February, and surprisingly it has lasted me to this day (only been using it at night though)!

I would also like to update that Su:m37˚ has introduced a new product to the White Award line:  Su:m37 White Award Luminous Concentrate. It comes in 8g x 4 – it is highly concentrated program (similar to Whoo’s Jinaek Program) to help brighten and give your skin a glow! Each 8g bottle is used for one week – up to the four week point.

Description: Concentrated whitening ingredients gently melt at body temperature to effectively penetrate into the skin, as it increases the intensive care of the ingredients.  The skin whitening ingredients works effectively and clears the skin of imperfections and makes it clean so it appears as a aura of light.

The set comes with a White Award Clear Toner 25ml, White Award Luminous Treatment 5ml, Secret Programming Essence 12ml, White Award Essence Lotion 25ml, and White Award Detox Mask 10ml. 

Hopefully I will get the ingredient list soon, especially for the White Award line. The White Award line is meant to help brighten and clarify the skin. It helps detoxify the skin from wastes and toxins. So what are the main ingredients in Su:m37˚ White Award line? Acai Berry (antioxidant & anti-aging) and N-Acetyl-Phytosphingosine (NAPS).

**All Information Provided by Doosan Co. Seoul, South Korea**

I would like to discuss how N-Acetyl-Phytosphingosine inhibits and treats the excess production of melanin and other great benefits of this safe chemical. It helps to repair the skin, rejuvenate the skin, and has anti-inflammatory effects. In would heal tests, N-Acetyl-Phytosphingosine scored 212% in granulation tissue area, and 96% in blood vessel treatment. N-Acetyl-Phytosphingosine also enhances collagen synthesis at low concentration to help rebuild tissue that has been damaged beneath the skin. Surprisingly, N-Acetyl-Phytosphingosine also helps with blemishes. In a test of anti-proliferative (the growing of acne bacteria) efficacy, N-Acetyl-Phytosphingosine removes the primary cause of comedogenesis, which leads to breakouts and skin troubles. In eleven days of using a topical cream with N-Acetyl-Phytosphingosine, the skin is healing and appears more clear. Overall, N-Acetyl-Phytosphingosine has a strong inhibition of melanogenesis (darkening of the skin) and stimulates collagen synthesis (Doosan Co. Seoul, South Korea).
I would like to start my review with…

Su:m37˚ White Award Clear Toner
Description: Effectively removes dead skin cells by applying the following steps to help absorption of whitening products reduce the function of old keratin on the skin.

Review: LOVE this toner! It is so refreshing to the skin– does not make skin dry, but somewhat hydrating. I would say that the Whoo Seol Whitening Skin Balancer was a tad bit more hydrating. This toner is clear and has no scent, which is a big plus for me! As a toner, I find it does the job great because as the description states, it really helps to absorb the other products into my skin. I also find that this toner helps to reduce bumps and other annoying blemishes on the skin. Love it!

Su:m37˚ White Award Luminous Treatment
Description: This treatment acts to effectively remove skin blemishes and signs of aging for clean and glowing skin, as it instantly makes your skin shine brightly.

Review: This treatment (essence) is great in keeping the skin VERY BRIGHT. Compared to Sulwhasoo’s Snowise Whitening Serum, this treatment takes a lot of time to absorb into the skin. I don’t mind though, but those of you in a rush, keep this for nighttime use as I have done! Similar to Whoo’s Whitening Essence, this treatment also has these glitter-like particles – now I am not sure what it is, could be pearl particles – because it does not sit on the skin, rather when massaged thoroughly, the particles sinks into the skin. And it is definitely not mica either (since mica stays on top of the skin to artificially illuminate the skin). Regardless, I love this treatment because it really brightens the skin – gives you the GLOW!
Su:m37˚ White Award Essence Lotion
Description: Natural plant extracts penetrate deep within the skin to make the skin appear as transparent and offers a fresh and smooth touch to skin.

Review: In all honesty, I have never had a lotion keep my skin dewy, even after washing my skin several times. This is my top recommendation!!! It is a somewhat thick, yet runny white product – it absorbs instantly into the skin though. Keeps skin VERY DEWY and GLOWY. For those of you that wear make-up, this would be a great base for your make-up – keeps skin baby soft feeling and looking!

Su:m37˚ White Award Detox Mask
Description: A 3-in-1 mask: [Brightening, Deep Pore Cleansing, & Soothing Effects] Microscopic bubbles form deep inside the pores as it lifts the waste and pollutants and features an anti-stress & clean skin.

Review: At first, I was completely lost in how to use this mask haha. I used this mask once a week because I only had a 10ml version of it (If your skin needs treatment, then 2-3 times use is preferred - it will not cause any harm to your skin). It is a cream-textured product; it is somewhat sticky but blends easily on the skin. You apply this all over the face and wait for a few seconds until your face becomes FOAMY. It is quite amusing, and it tingles towards the end when the foam starts to disappear, so don’t scratch your face hehe! You then wash it off and your skin will appear brighter and VERY SMOOTH – it also helps absorb your products better!!!

Su:m37˚ Secret Programming Essence
Description: 80 kinds of natural plants are selected to recover vitality to the skin with a natural fermentation system.

Review: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS ESSENCE! The best treatment your skin can have!!! The minute you apply this essence, your skin feels SO DEWY – there is something definitely with Su:m37˚ products that makes skin dewy and smooth. It is a clear essence (this natural plant scent – not strong at all, you can barely smell it), somewhat watery and sticky when applied. You gently pat this onto your skin, and press firmly to help penetrate the essence into the skin. A very hydrating essence!!! It has definitely refined my skin and has helped my skin from becoming dry. I highly recommend this product for those with dry dehydrated skin – it is a skin saver!

Recommend? Yes!!! A all natural brand that really works!!! Overall, I am very impressed with Su:m37 skin care products. They really help treat the skin – makes skin refined, dewy, smooth, and hydrated. The White Award line is very hydrating for normal skin. I really love this line because you get this instant glow that persists for a long time. It has helped keep my skin at bay from blemishes and even has plumped my skin. For dry skin, it may not be so hydrating, but you may need an extra cream to top off at the last stage. As for combo/oily skin – the Secret Programming Essence may make your skin appear a bit oily, so I would recommend using it at night!

*I am sorry for my absence - I will be replying to everyone's comments soon!!!* <3!


  1. I was very impressed with the SKII Facial Treatment Essence (, enough so that I have continued to use the product daily as part of my skin care routine after the test period. It's a luxury purchase to be sure, but this is one of the best products that can really make a significant difference in your skin, and so worth every penny.

    I applied the treatment each morning and evening after cleansing my skin and before moisturizer/primer and then makeup. Within just a few days I could see that my skin was much more supple and smooth - particularly in the t-zone. After about two weeks, I loved the beautiful glow my skin had - even without makeup.

  2. I love the Secret Programming Essence (SPE) too! But it can be too much for those with oily skin (unless u are using a drop or two). the SPE plumps up your skin immediately and hydrates it well! and your skin feels so 'thick and plumped up' after that

  3. Hi Hope In A Blog!!! :D

    I know what you mean! It seems very light, but for oily skin types, it may be a bit too rich! I absolutely love this essence!!! Exactly! It really does make the skin feel 'thick' and plumped, and very dewy! I really love how Su:m37 products keep skin very dewy, even when you wash your face! I just love this brand!!!

    I also love the cleansing foam - smells very fresh, almost citrusy. It really gets the job done! Similar to Whoo cleansers, it does have a squeaky feeling (which you are not fond of haha!) but it is not too squeaky. The cleanser is rather rich and foams into a nice lather - keeps skin moisturized though!!! :)

    Have you tried any of the Su:m37 cleansers yet? :)

    Muah! <3!

  4. Dear Korean Skin Care,

    Love your review!!! I am glad you liked White Award because it is my favorite Su:m37 line! It made my skin really moist and glowing! :)

  5. How would you compare this to the Sulhwasoo snowise line??

  6. Hi Joseibi!!! :D

    Thank you so much! I absolutely love this line too. I have tried the 1102 Extreme Essence, and trust me Joseibi, its amazing. It leaves skin so dewy, but the thing is that it stays dewy. I really like the dewy factor of Su:m37 products very much!!! This line is very hydrating and best at keeping skin at bay from blemishes :)


  7. Hello Jem :)!

    Compared to the Sulwhasoo Snowise line - this line helps with keeping skin at bay from blemishes, and I found that all the products, even if used alone, gives your skin a super glow. But with Snowise, I saw the dramatic glow only from the Snowise Whitening Serum. And the White Award line is much more moisturizing, and it leaves skin SUPER DEWY - like nothing I have come across! Its super light too, and does not make the skin greasy. But the White Award Luminous Treatment takes a bit of time to absorb into the skin, but I really don't mind. Its very moisturizing compared to Sulwhasoo Snowise, and gives your skin a dramatic glow!!!

    Highly recommend this line - its fragrance, paraban, preservative, additive, and color free. You can't go wrong with it Jem!!! :) Are you looking for a whitening range Jem? :)

    :) <3!

  8. I'm currently using seol's whitening foam cleanser, whitening balancer and lotion and an anti Aging cream with whitening properties from charmzone. I noticed myface has been looking a bit sallow so I thought I'd look around for a brightening essence as well.

  9. where can i buy this in the states?

  10. Hi Jem! <3

    I am really glad to hear that! Use it day and night for few more months to see the full results!!! And don't forget the sunscreen :D


    Hi Anonymous! :)

    This is not available in North America unfortunately. The only places you can find it is through online stores like eBay or Gmarket. Which products are you interested in for the White Award line? :)


  11. hi korean skin care!

    i would like to try all of the products except the secret programming essence. Will this line be ok for a oily dehydrated skin? thank you again~

  12. Hi Anonymous :)

    Yes! Its fine for oily skin, and has great hydration for dehydration skin. Su:m37 products tend to get a bit greasy if you do not take the time to massage and rub the product into your skin - so make sure to massage thoroughly. But the results ARE AMAZING!!! :)

    Joseibi, from said that the Radiance Cream from the White Award line keeps her dehydrated skin hydrated and moisturized!!! So I would recommend the cream as well. It is a great line! Keeps skin clear, bright and radiant!!! :D


  13. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! :) I love my Korean products and I live close to K-town in LA. They sell all these wonderful Korean products, but I can't seem to pay the extra price knowing it's a lot less in Korea. :X I will wait for my sis-in-law to go to Korean and have her bring some... hehe~ If you have to choose between Sulwhasoo and Whoo, which one would you choose?

  14. Whoo pour eye creams thats for sure ;)

  15. Hi Ahleessa!!! :D

    You're very welcome. The Korean pancakes looked amazing. I need to try them out ASAP haha :)

    Oh that is fantastic! And I am so glad you said that - may I ask where the Korean cosmetics store is located. I have many readers asking me where the Korean cosmetic store for Whoo, OHUI, Coreana, or Charmzone is sold in L.A KoreaTown. I have searched and asked everywhere - but its so hard to find! I would appreciate it a lot Ahleessa!!! <3

    As Hope In A Blog recommended, Whoo is really great for eye creams because not only do you see INSTANT RESULTS, you actually notice improvements within weeks. Whoo and Sulwhasoo are completely different - although both use medicinal herbs to rejuvenate the skin. Whoo can be really rich, so it is great for dry skin (with the exception of their whitening line - which is AMAZING) and Sulwhasoo can be used by anyone, and absorbs rather quicker than Whoo. It depends what your specific needs are - both lines have their own great products I can help you choose from :D

    Thanks Ahleessa <3!!! Xoxo

    1. Hi whose whitening line is better and more effective between whoo and sulwhasoo? Also for sulwhasoo it's snow wise what's the whitening line for whoo? And which one will you recommend for faster results?

    2. Hi whose whitening line is better and more effective between whoo and sulwhasoo? Also for sulwhasoo it's snow wise what's the whitening line for whoo? And which one will you recommend for faster results?

  16. Dear Korean Skin Care,

    I love your review!! Now, I am really tempted to buy the White Award but gotta finish up the Sulwhasoo Snowise first.

    I like the Sulwhasoo Snowise but perhaps my face is kind of dry. I feel it does not have enough hydration for my skin. But nevertheless, its still an awesome line!

    I'm confused with the White Award Essence Lotion. Is it a combination of Essence and lotion? Does it mean, I won't need to purchase a cream with it? Can I use the Secret Programming Essence and then the White Award Essence Lotion on top of it?

    Btw, my mom really likes the Sulwhasoo Extra Refining line that you recommended! Her skin is looking a lot better now! Thank you! I'll keep visiting your blog for more skincare updates!!

  17. Hi Rumikochan!!! :)

    Hehe! This line is really great! Its moisturizing too :D If you do move into this line, your skin will be really hydrated. The White Award Essence Lotion is really moisturizing. Yes! This product is both the mixture of an essence and lotion. It seems that the White Award Luminous Treatment can be confused with a serum/essence - it is a treatment to help clarify and give the skin an ultimate glow.

    If you feel like you need more hydration, a cream would be necessary after the White Award Essence Lotion. That is exactly what I did :) I used the Secret Programming Essence - since essences/serums should be applied after toners, and then followed by the White Award Essence Lotion. You will love the Secret programming Essence - it feels amazing on the skin and really makes skin dewy!

    Yay! I am so happy to hear that :D!!! The Extra Refining line is really amazing!!! Thank you Rumikochan! I will be updating after this week - sunscreens, treatments, and many more :) Muah! <3!!!

  18. Thanks again Korean Skin Care. You're the best!!!

    I just saw your review on History of Whoo Seol Whitening Sun Cream!! Now, I really want to get that too but I recently purchased a Missha's All Around Safe Block Sun Milk =( Gotta finish that first...sniff..

  19. Your welcome Rumikochan!!! Muah!!! <3

    Ohh yes! The Seol Whitening Sun Cream is great!!! Haha enjoy using the Missha All Around Safe Block Sun Milk - let me know how you like it!!! :)


  20. Hi, thank you for your review, i find it very informative, i have just bought to whole line of su:m white award and wondering if i can use that with sk2 FTE? and what the sequence should be? Thank

  21. do you have a recommended seller on gmarket or know the korean name for the products? i'm trying to find them on gmarket but i'm always at a loss for how to search in korean

  22. hi thank you for your review, can you tell us if any of the products have alcohol as an ingredient?

  23. Hello Korean Skin Care!

    I came across your reviews for Su:m37 White Award lines and the Sulwhasoo Herblinic Restorative Ampoule. I love your reviews that it convinced me to try the White Award line and the ampoule! I'm going to purchase the White Award starter kit that consists of clear toner, essence lotion, luminous recharging cream, luminous treatment, and detox mask. I want to know if I can use both the White Award line and the ampoule at the same time and in what step should I use the ampoule?

  24. Hello, Where can we buy the White award line in Los Angeles? Korea town? I really love the line. Thanks MW

  25. Hi, after reading your blog, I'm interested in Su:m37 and Hanyul. I live in Florida so it's super hot, sunny and humid here, although our short winter is quite cold and dry for me, personally. I'm 25 - Asian, combination skin. I've been using Obagi for 2 years and now wanting to switch to Korean skincare to nurture and maintain my glowy and healthy skin. Kind of tired of Western brand and I've learned to believe in nurturing rather than stripping off the skin till it looks good. I want to minimize and prevent the 2 lines around the mouth and sun spots, so indeed I'm interested in anti-aging products. Could you please offer me some advices as to which brand(s) and which line(s) are suitable for me?

  26. Hi, my skin is very dry, dull and rough. And because of that i think its causing blemishes to appear on my face recently. Which brand is hydrating enough and will give radiance to my skin? Whoo, Sulwhasoo or Su:m37?

    I would love to have the shiny luminous look on korean celebrities faces! Thank you!

  27. Hi korean skin care, i have an oily skin with acne prone skin, which product would you suggest to deal with my acne problem?

  28. Hi Dear,
    I really love your review of the this SU:M37 white award line ^^
    Do you think this white award range is suitable for the combination skin?
    Have you tried the O HUI extreme cell light range?
    I have been using it for a week now, but i feel that it is too oily for my skin.
    I actually like to buy the SU:M37 white award line, but the seller told me it's better for me to use the O HUI, so I ended up buying it :(
    But, i'm thinking to shift to the su:m 37 white award if that suit combination skin.
    Thanks love!! <3


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  30. Hi Dear,
    Iam from indonesia and really like ur review, especially for sulwhasoo
    my skin type is dry and sometimes has problems with acne.. I just want to ask which one best for "whitening" sulwhasoo or sum 37, and which one is more affordable?
    Do i need use all the product line?