Monday, March 7, 2011

NEW & Upgrade: The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Soft Toner & Seol Whitening Sun Cream

Hey everyone! I have been very busy on vacation (will update soon!). I would first like to thank everyone for supporting my blog! I do my best to update you guys on the newest and latest skin care (plus THE BEST! hehe) and I really love helping if anyone has any questions :D

...GET READY for the TWO NEW products added to The History of Whoo Seol Whitening line:

Gongjinhyang: Seol Whitening Soft Toner
[Whitening Functional Cosmetic]


This is the first luxury stage whitening toner using the highest medicinal herbs to achieve fair and clear skin. Hyssopus Officinalis extracts protects the skin from external harmful factors and enhance the capabilities of internal purifications. External factors and age factors causes by hidden blackening the skin. This toner will remove blemishes from the source inside the skin and treat for future prevention.This luxury whitening soft toner has a light texture that absorbs right away and provides your skin with the deepest whitening herbal ingredients available 5000 years ago by the empress. It will help with dark complexion as the precious ingredients are absorbed deep within the skin.
*Made for all skin types*

~Hyssopus Officinalis~

■ Gongjinhyang: Seol Whitening Sun Cream (SPF45 ++ PA)  
[Whitening and UV Protection]
■ 45ml ■

Specially selected rare herbal ingredients that keep skin healthy and bright for skin whitening. It has excellent UV protection that acts to maintain the skin for the whitening herbal ingredients. This herbal sunscreen will work deep into the skin to protect from harmful UVB/UVA and make your skin appear naturally fair. The lightweight texture will make your skin feel fresh.
*Made for all skin types*
*We will also be seeing change in The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Cream (formula + packaging), here is a sneak peek...
Upgraded: The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Cream
Upgraded: The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Intensive

~The upgraded versions will help fight blemishes, dark spots, and age spots - the whitening intensive is for stubborn spots, and whitening cream for overall skin lightener and prevention of pigmentation. The formula has been upgraded too: with the addition of hyssopus officinalis extracts, which helps to condition and protect the skin from external aggressors~

I am EXTREMELY excited for these products! It is still reaching the counters - but will be introduced soon!!! I had this time to update you guys on this news - I will reply as soon as possible to your comments!!! :D <3!!!


  1. Hi Korean Skin Care,

    Omg! I want to try out the new products!!! Ugh they did not update it on their website yet. Thanks for letting us know~

  2. hi korean skin care...

    i just started using the history of whoo seol set: i love the cream, but its a bit too drying for my skin. what cream would you recommend to put on top of the seol cream? And have you try the seol serum yet? because im thinking of buying the serum ( wonder if its going to work better than the essence).

    Thank you

  3. Hi Rox!!! :) Welcome!

    Haha no they have not reached the counters, or their website yet!!! Hopefully soon - I really want to try out these products too!!!

    Thanks! <3

  4. Hi Anonymous :D!

    Yes! The Whitening Cream can be very drying if you already have dry skin. It is best to use a hydrating cream over top of it. May I know which age group you belong too? If you like Whoo products, I highly recommend the Qi & Jin Cream - it not only makes skin plump, moist, and VERY HYDRATED, but gives you dewy skin. The hydration lasts all day. If you want something richer, than the Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Cream would be my other top recommendation - it really sinks (melts) into the skin - making it moist and hydrated - glowy too!

    I have not used the Seol Serum (a bit hydrating than the Essence) and it is a 'older' version. But it works just as great as the Essence. However, some have preferred the Serum because it is more moisturizing :)! It produces the same results - lightening of the skin!

    You're welcome! Let me know if you need any help :D <3!!!

  5. Just ran into this blog and think it's so cool that it's dedicated to certain Korean brands. :)

  6. Hi Ahleessa!!! Welcome :D

    Thank you so much :)

    Have you tried any of these brands before? Or other Korean skin care? Its hard to find reviews of these products in English, so I do my best to help the public here in the West!!! <3


  7. I used the entire Shiseido White Lucent line for a month. I stopped because I had serious break out from their enriched softner after a week. I had several cystic pimples on my forehead. After discontinued the softner, I still have minor break out. I noticed that the White Lucent cream is thick and sticky on my face, yet it is not moisturizing enough. It also made my face itches, and I still break out from it on my Tzone.
    So I stopped and looked for a better products. I read your raving and joseibi review about History of Whoo Seol line, so I ordered a 3 pcs gift set. I just arrived today. So far, I really like it, but my skin looks dry. Would u recommed me to use Shiseido Super Revitalizer cream on top of this? SSR is a little greasy on it own. I want to brighten up with acne scars from the Lucent line, and stop the sporadic pimples on my Tzone. I didn't have any problems with acne until I used White Lucent. What would you recommend? Could I also use History of Whoo Seol Cleansing Foam with a Clarisonic brush? Also what should I do with the leftover Lucent products? I dont want to throw them out. Please advise me, I am in my late 20s, and starting to learn about skincare.

  8. I forgot to ask what sunscreen did you use while you were on this vrand.

  9. Hi Anonymous!!! :D Welcome :) <3

    I have not heard great things about Shiseido's White Lucent Line - one of my favourite blogs, - Joseibi used the whole line and saw nothing. I am so sorry to hear that!!! Its best to not use them on your face. I know its hard to not because you spent so much and hoped for results - but if you don't mind, using them on the neck and arms (+hands) is great too - as a body brightener. Or if you can return them, I suggest doing so!!!

    Yay! I'm glad you love the Seol Whitening line - its really amazing! It can be drying because it is not meant to hydrate, but just whiten. I recommend you use a rich cream at the last stage! I have never used any Shiseido products, so I cannot comment on which products from Shiseido you can use. BUT I can recommend Whoo Qi & Jin Cream - it really keeps skin moisturized and dewy, love this cream! It will give a radiance to your skin.

    Yes you can use the Whoo Brightening Cleansing Foam with your Clarisonic Mia - that is no problem! :)

    Remember with whitening products - you need to use the one range in order to see results, don't mix match whitening products from different lines because one line products a synergy between each product. So incorporating, for example, the White Lucent Essence, with the Whoo Whitening Lotion - results may be limited. This is where your wallet may hate you haha but if you DON'T MIND, then it is fine to incorporate different whitening products. Just remember to WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERY MORNING - never skip it. High spf to help keep skin fair and not tan (whitening products can tan skin easily) !!!

    The sunscreen I used was the Hae Yoon SPF 50+++ from Whoo - it was greasy, so I switched to Charmzone Albatross SPF 41++ - VERY LIGHT and gives skin a powdery feel. I also love the new Whoo Whitening Sun Cream - it has a very light pink tint, but absorbs instantly and leaves nothing behind. Makes skin fair and appear very dewy - its great! :) Which sunscreen are you currently using? :)


  10. Yay!!! You responded so fast. I love it!!!!!! Thank you, thank you. =D

    Is the Whoo Qi & Jin cream work for combo skin like mine (dry cheeks and oily T-Zone)? I would love to hydrate my skin and have a dewy effect. I didn't get this with Shiseido Cream, it looks greasy on my face even though it doesn't feel like it. Is this also an anti aging product? Would you say an eye cream a necessary product for our nightly skincare routine?

    I got my Whoo's gift set at Beside this site, and, do you know any other trusty sites that will ship fast? I got my Whoo's package in less than 3 days after I ordered.

    I don't plan to mix the White Lucent's line with Whoo's line. I read that you spent a heap amount of money on your products. I would rather go several months with less food to achieve better skin. Like they said no pain no gain. ;D My wallet already hates me for my shopping addiction, so I am used to it. LOL =D

    Currently, I am using Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream SPF 35PA+++. This is another disappointed product for me. It feels sticky on my face, and gets oily around midday. It also leaves a white cast on my face after application. My mom loves this UV cream, she said it makes her appear whiter, but it looks unnatural to me. I only put my sunscreen on in the morning. Is it necessary to reapply? I will for sure adding Qi&Jin cream, and Charmzone Albatross on my shopping list. Who knows what else I might want after I read your reviews and suggestion for others more carefully ;)

    Will you please give me some tips on how to apply the Whoo's line such as how much products should I use? You said that we should wrap our hand over our face after each application, do I have to rub my hand together before doing this? I noticed that i would get product on my palms after I do this. Is that normal? I feel like I am wasting the product. I also have difficulty get the lotion out of its bottle. Goodness, I think I need a youtube video, or a pamphlet of how to apply skincare for dummy. Sorry I ask too many questions, since I am still a newbie at this.

    Thank you very much Korean Skin Care. I am really appreciating your help. =D <3 U

  11. Hi Kooslee!!! :) You're VERY welcome :D!

    The Qi & Jin Cream is an anti-aging cream - it belongs to the Gongjinhyang (yellow series) line from The History of Whoo. It is intended for people at the age of 30 (its fine to use during your 20's and late 20's) for prevention of wrinkles, and treating fine lines. It is very emollient and can be rich during the summer. Thanks for letting me know your skin type! I would actually recommend you the Soo Yeon Cream instead - it is water-based and hydrates the skin without it being too rich - it will balance the oil production and keep skin dewy, yet not greasy looking on your t-zone.

    Haha!!! Our banks are definitely not liking us :P But when it comes to good skin care, sometimes its good to peek here and there - we don't want cheap quality products on our faces! Actually I do know a site, and it is getting ready at the moment (prices are great!). I will have details very shortly! :)

    Oh yes, I heard the Shiseido sunscreen can be greasy and leaves a white cast behind. I'm not a fan of greasy sunscreens - the Whoo Hae Yoon sunscreen was greasy, although it leaves no white cast, more like a moisturizer - but it was greasy for sure. They upgraded the sunscreen so I am not sure how the new formulation is, hopefully better! But I highly recommend the Charmzone Albatross - it leaves skin matt, but dewy and gives a powdery feel. It is necessary to apply if you will be outside during the day. If you wear make-up - then applying a powder with SPF is more convenient :)

    Haha! I know it gets overwhelming with Korean skin care stages haha! Usually we are taught the 4 step - cleanse, tone, moisturize, sun protection. But in Korean skin care we have essences/serums, treatments, different types of moistruzers, etc. For the Seol Whitening line - the steps are: Brightening Cleansing Foam, Whitening Skin Balancer (toner), Whitening Essence, Whitening Lotion (day moisturizer - but used at night too), Whitening Cream (night time). The Whitening Intensive and Whitening Jinaek Program are used for intensive spot treatments, you can use them if you desire (optional) - both are used after the Whitening Essence. But if you want to achieve perfect whitening - then the 5 products mentioned above are essential :D And when you need an extra cream to help hydrate the skin, the Soo Yeon Cream is my recommendation for you - its very refreshing and light, yet hydrating, without making skin look greasy and absorbs instantly! Th Qi & Jin Cream may be a bit richer for your skin type - especially the T-Zone area.

    Yes!!! The warmth of your hands helps penetrate the product within the skin. I have noticed that the products does get on my palms, but the extra thing you have to do is to massage the product in fully and then wrap your hands over your face so nothing comes on your palms. LOL the whitening lotion can be tricky - I wish it came with a pump. The first few times you use it, its hard to get the product out, but once you reach 3/4 of the way, it will be easier to get the lotion out!!!

    I really hope this helps Kooslee!!!
    Please let me know how it goes <3!!! :D


  12. Hi Korean Skin Care, =)

    I found a Han Jin Min's clip on massage essence in your face through hopeinablog. It is quite useful.

    I read that you also tried History of Whoo new sun cream. How would you compare that to Charmzone Albatross?

    Also you said, "For the Seol Whitening line - the steps are: Brightening Cleansing Foam, Whitening Skin Balancer (toner), Whitening Essence, Whitening Lotion (day moisturizer - but used at night too), Whitening Cream (night time)." I have been using the Whitening Cream during the day also, is that okay? Do you have any recommendation on eyecream. I noticed that I have some fine lines under my eyebags. Would Soo Yeon cream helps with this or I need an addition eyecream?

    Have you tried the Seol's line peel pack? Do you know how much the Seol's items and Soo Yeon cream typically cost in Korea? I found an ebay seller (kgoodshop), this person offer all the History of Whoo items that I want for a cheaper price compare to several other sites that sell History of Whoo.

    Thank you. =D

  13. Ho Kooslee!!! :)

    Great! It also came with a pamphlet when I purchased some Whoo prodicts. I should provide them here once I get on with my new reviews - just need to reach the month mark!!!

    The Charmzone Albatross helps keep skin matte. And gives a powdery feel to the skin! The History of Whoo Whitening Sun Cream has a very light pink tint to it, so it helps to brighten the skin. But still is moist and keeps skin at bay from oil.

    Yes its fine to use the Whitening Cream during the day time - I said night only because it is considered a night cream, but its fine to use it in the morning with A HIGH SPF!!! The best for eye cream is the Hwa Hyun Eye Cream - a bit pricey, but definitely worth it!!! It helps to brighten the skin around the eyes, and helps with fine lines! Bags are hard to get rid of honestly, a good night sleep, circulation, water - can all help, but if you keep your eye area bright, bags will not be noticeable.

    Oh I should have clarified, the Soo Yeon Cream is a face cream haha. You can use it after your whitening cream or before your whitening cream to keep skin moisturized and hydrated!!! :)

    I will be reviewing the Brightening Peel-Off-Pack and Nok Yong Pack (loving it) very soon!!! The Seol items range from $30-$80 USD and the Soo Yeon $30-$60 USD - the prices here are very expensive unfortunately. kgoodshop is a great seller - Joseibi from really likes this seller - ships quick, and everything is sealed and authentic! Definite good seller :)

    I hope this helps hun!!! <3
    Please feel free to ask me any questions!!! <3!

  14. Hi there!! First of all, I love your reviews.♥

    I just need your help with regards to which product I should get for acne-prone skin. Also, since im in my early 20s, I thought some anti-aging might be necessary too..

    I am currently using AHA+BHA cleanser-> sulwhasoo's first care serum->hada labo's toner-> herbionic ampoules every morning and night. My skin seem to improve abit but since the products are finishing, I thought about getting something from Whoo just to try.

    Any recommendations for serums and skin softerners? Thanks and keep up the great work!

  15. Hi Korean Skin Care,

    My shopaholic got the better of me at the beginning of this week,so I went crazy. ;P. I ordered the rest of the Seol's whitening line (except for the intensive and the essence program kit), Soo Yeon cream, and Seol sun cream. I can't wait to get my hands on these. I also ordered sample packets of hwahyun eyecream, cuz I can't afford the full version right now. ;-) I wonder if the quality on sample packets will be the same as full size.

    Just curious, what do you think of the whitening intensive, and the essence 4 weeks program kit? I really want to try the essence 4 weeks program kit. The 30 packets of 1ml essence program kit is much more affordable than the full size on ebay. Do you think this will be enough for 4 weeks, since the full version requires 40ml? Thanks :-D

    Can't wait until your next awesome reviews, hopefully I get all my bills pay before the next temptation. Will you also explain in details how to massage the essence into your forehead. I watched the clip but not quite grasp how to do it. I feel like I'll give myself more fine lines.

  16. Hi Anonymous!!! Thank you so much, welcome :D!

    Thank you for your skin and age information! May I ask whether you skin is oily or dry?

    I am glad you have used great products for your skin :) Its hard picking products you know is right for you - how have you liked the texture of Sulwhasoo products so far? Whoo tends to be on the 'richer' side, although it is easily absorbed into the skin. There use to be a acne-prone line from Whoo called Chung Yeo - however, it got discontinued because the sales of the product in Korea were very low (although it was good here in North America haha).

    You want to do everything you can to keep skin at bay. Using a peel and exfoliant would be very beneficial!!! I would recommend the Sulwhasoo Skin Clarifying Mask to help remove impurities and toxins trapped in the pores, and a non-abrasive exfoliant like the Coreana Nokdu Peeling Gel or CURE Natural Aqua Gel - they both work really great!

    For softeners/toners, since your in your early 20's. I have had good experience with the Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner (softener/toner) in keeping skin clear from breakouts. If you don't mind with whitening products, the Whoo Seol Whitening Skin Balancer has properties to help keep skin clean and clear from breakouts as well - and what's good is that it makes skin appear fair and glowy! As for serums/essences, this is where you would want to purchase a anti-aging product - since it will be highly concentrated. The Whoo Ja Saeng Essence is great in preventing and repairing wrinkles. It refines the skin, moisturizes and makes the skin very elastic - I HIGHLY recommend this essence! It will also help heal skin troubles: inflammation, spots, and blemishes.

    Please let me know if you need help!!! <3! Thank you :D <3

  17. Hi Kooslee!!! :)

    LOL! Don't worry my bank hates me now too! You will love the Soo Yeon Cream and the new Whitening Sun Cream - makes skin look fantastic!!! :D

    I understand - the Hwa Hyun line is really expensive! Yup, the quality is exactly the same!!! No worries :) The Whitening Intensive + Whitening Jinaek Program is meant for severe dark spots. The Whitening Intensive should be used only on the dark marks/freckles, the Jinaek Program should be used all over the face (it helps dark marks, and prevents new ones from appearing).

    The 30ml should last you quite some time - I always end up going over what it is expected because I can't layer so much of the product at once haha. It still produces great results!!! It should last you about two months or so. Haha! Don't let your bills exceed - hate when that happens. After you pay for them, indulge :D LOL!

    When you massage your forehead - take your middle finger and your finger you apply eye cream with (the one next to it). Massage gently in circular motions, but in an outward motion - when you do this, apply a little pressure to LIFT the forehead area outwards. This helps with circulation and lifting of the skin :)

    I will provide a detailed diagram soon! I hope I get these reviews soon - after next Monday/Tuesday, this blog will be filled up!!! :D

    I hope this helps Kooslee, please keep me updated :D!


  18. Thank you for your suggestions!!! XD

    I used to have terrible breakouts when I was younger but things are getting better now. Yup, I do exfoliate twice a week and mask every other day. I'm currently trying baviphat's paprika sleeping mask which helped keep my pores clean and diminished.

    I'm convinced that Whoo Seol Whitening Skin Balancer and Whoo Ja Saeng Essence would be great for me. I do have some cystic scars but hardly visible form a distance. I was thinking if the whitening balancer would help even out the skin tone or if there is other better products to do the job?

    Again, I thank you very much :D

  19. You're welcome Anonymous!!! :D <3!

    Glad to hear that! Once you keep a skin care routine/regime - your skin will gain strength! Hydration is the key to all skin problems!!! Sleeping packs are great! I recommend peels or clay masks for blogged pores - it will help to absorb impurities and toxins on the skins surface that cause breakouts and other skin troubles. My favourite is the Charmzone Dasima Mineral Pack (clay-mask) and Sulwhasoo Skin Clarifying mask!!! :)

    Yes! The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Skin Balancer (toner) will help even out the skin tone, but a toner can only do so much since it is meant for pH balance haha. For scar treatment, I would recommend a essence/serum and cream. The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Essence has shown great effects on lightening scars - and one of my readers, Marichan has recommended a Japanese product named: Cosme Decorte Whiteologist Spots Concentration (contains Kojic Acid - potent natural whitening ingredient extracted from shiitake mushroom). Even the Whoo Whitening Intensive is another product that helps to lighten scars - which will appear as if they are removed!!!

    It depends on your skin needs - if you want whitening - using the full products and not mix/matching whitening products together is essential for having the full whitening results - since the whitening products have synergies with each product to help activate the whitening results! :)

    Please update me Anonymous!!! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask :D <3!!!

  20. Ooohh,those are nice suggestions. I've checked and most whitening products could be too drying. Maybe I should try it only on scarring areas. It's sucky to have combi problems. :(

    Will have to try the whole series then. Trying to get the gift/trial set to test first. I'll ask if anything. Yay~

  21. Hello
    Can I mix the Chung Yeo with the Seol line? For example I use the brightenning foam cleanser and then the whitening balancer and then Chung Yeo essence and then whitening lotion and the Chung Yeo cream(for night time).
    I have oily skin so when I use Seol alone by itself I have oil in forehead, my cheeks does not have oil. I also use the Soo Yeon cream and I got oil in my forehead as well
    Thank you

  22. Is the whitening essence safe to be used during pregnancy?

  23. hi korean skin care ! i love your blog !! :D
    i am 20 years girl, have trouble skin n oily skin..
    what product should i take ? is whoo good for my young skin ? or you will recommend any brand ?
    help me please...