Sunday, June 27, 2010

IOPE Whitegen Clear Mask & Ampoule Essence Review

IOPE is another leading brand in Korea from Amore Pacific. There whitening line is known to show whitening effects on the skin!!!

Here are two items I bought from the IOPE Whitegen Line:

IOPE Whitegen Clear Mask

This is an Essence-Type mask. IT WILL FIT YOUR FACE PERFECTLY! (I was extremely happy haha, and there are no drips!) The mask fiber is derived from Bamboo, so that is natural haha! It smells heavenly! (Almost like a bush of flowers) However, for those who are sensitive to perfumed products, I do not recommend this to you. The results are amazing!!! It has a GIGA WHITE COMPLEX (contains nano-sized capsules of Arbutin) when made contact with the skin are released for immediate effect (and long lasting effects). You leave this mask on for 20 minutes, and after removing it, gently dab the remaining essence on your skin.


~Arbutin, a natural whitening ingredient extracted from the Bearberry fruit, is the most concentrated, and nano-sized ingredient in capsules to help remove dullness, discolorations, and helps to brighten the skin to give a natural glow~

What I love about this mask is that you do see results. Its is HIGHLY moisturizing which is a plus for my skin! Your skin is literally glowing right after, and there IS NO STICKINESS whatsoever :) Because many masks that I have used in the past are too sticky after removing! I highly recommend this mask for whitening the face!

IOPE Whitegen Ampoule Essence

The Ampoule Essence is enriched with SPOT WHITE CAPSULE. The texture is thick, but when warmed up the thickness lessens. It is a clear liquid with no added colour. When you pump the essence out, you see these little white capsules which melt when you rub your fingers together. The Ampoule Essence is meant to whiten the skin, as well get rid of dark spots, age spots, and acne marks. After using this for a month, I have noticed that it has cleared up my complexion. There is a natural glow to my skin which I love! The smell is similar to the Whitegen Clear Mask. What I also love about this essence is that it is moisture rich, and using this during the summer with my normal/combo skin, I did not need to apply any other moisturizer after this. But for dry skin types (especially during the winter seasons), I recommend using a moisturizer after this!

I am BIG on ingredients, and unfortunately there were no ingredients listed! Sorry for that! However, these are my honest opinion/review on these two products! :)


  1. Oh wow! This seems like a great producttttt!!!!! I love IOPE, thanks for your blog :D

  2. Hey there, nice blog. I've tried the Clear Mask too and found it to be really hydrating and not sticky at all~ it really gives a glow!

    I'm wondering what the Giga White complex contains? Is it all natural too? It sucks that IOPE only has ingredients in Korean -_-!*

    Thanks! Liz.

  3. Hey Anonymous, welcome :D... Thats what I love about this mask is that it is essence rich and feels amazing on the skin!

    Yes, IOPE contains ALL plant extracts and plant derived ingredients! The GIGA White Complex contains nano-sized capsules of Arbutin - Arbutin is a natural whitening agent extracted from Bearberry. It is very potent and has shown whitening/brightening effects on the skin. Since it is nano-size (as goes with many Korean brands) the capsuled Arbutin will be absorbed into the deepest layers of your skin to reduce dullness, pigmentation, and any dark marks/spots! :)

    I seriously wish IOPE had their ingredients in English too! Makes it so rough for us who do not know Korean haha. I have to rely on my friend though :) Thanks for stopping by Liz! Are you interested in any IOPE products?



  4. i recently got the iope set from korea but everythingis in korean and I forgot to ask how to use it! i know the mask is for 20 mins, but do i need to rinse the mask off after the 20 mins?? and also, can you please tell me how do to use the ampoule essence? do i use it right after the mask?

  5. Hi Anonymous!!!

    Ugh! That's one major concern I have about IOPE too! Nothing is translated for you!!! I hope they change that soon because it seems many are having that concern now.

    Don't rinse off the essence after you remove the mask!!! Just pat it gently into your skin until dry, you can even use the remaining essence in the pouch :) As for the Ampoule Essence, the order you use it is AFTER toner, and YES you can use it after the mask as well! The mask should be used once a week (considering there is not much in the box) - and the Ampoule Essence has shown effects on lightening freckles in a 4 week process.

    If you have further questions, please ask :)

    Please keep me updated on your progress!!! <3

  6. hello there,
    is iope heavily scented? just wondering if its suitable for sensitive skin.


  7. Hi Anonymous!! :)

    Many Korean skin care products are heavily scented (usually to disguise the alcohol scent). However, some of my friends who do have sensitive skin had no problem with IOPE's skin care products. If you are sensitive to fragrance specifically, then I would not recommend it. But if your skin can tolerate it, then it is okay.

    Do you have a store located near you to go try out the products? Usually they are located in Korea Towns in some areas.

    Are you interested in the Whitegen line or other lines in IOPE? :)


  8. hello korean,
    thanks for your comment. I'll try to get samples to try out. Overall, having sensitive skin but not always because of fragrance.
    Wish to have more normalised skin that won't react so much....sigh.
    i'm more interested in normalising and moisturising.
    Wanted to try out IOPE's super vital gold colour bottle cream. Heard it's good for dry skin.

    have you had a chance to try this cream?

  9. Hi Anonymous :)

    You're very welcome!

    Are you also interested in other Korean skin care brands? :)

    That's a great idea, its always best to try out products before you purchase the full size - from my experience, when I purchase the full size, the sales lady gives me the samples of the full size to try out, and if my skin does not like it, then I exchange it (if they're super nice, they may even refund your money hehe).

    There are many causes to sensitive skin, like genetics, or environmental factors. Even the food we eat may cause skin sensitivity - become aware of the foods you eat! Also, the products we put on our skin and medications we take can have an impact. Since your skin is sensitive, make sure to read the ingredient lists before you purchase skin care products.

    If you are concerned with added fragrance, colors, or preservatives, there is a luxury Korean brand called Su:m37 - 100% natural, no colors, preservatives, and fragrances - only the best naturally fermented plant ingredients: - their website is only in Korean, but if you need help picking out products, I would be happy to help :)

    IOPE is a great line though - it is all plant-extracted ingredients, but there is fragrance and preservatives (to keep the shelf life long) added. My mother actually tried the IOPE Super Vital Extra Moist Cream - it kept her skin really moist, and soft, and well hydrated. She used it at night though, and the Super Vital Emulsion for daytime moisturizer. If your skin is really dry, then it is fine to use in the morning. This cream helps nourish the skin inside (potent ingredients are stabilized into nano-particles to reach within the deepest layers of the skin in order to treat the skin).

    But I highly recommend getting some samples in case your skin reacts to the product. Best way is to test it on your hands or behind your ears around the neck.


  10. hi korean,
    thanks for your help.
    oh dear, the iope super vital extra moist cream is for mature mother skins? i was wanting to try this out................

    great, would like to try out some Su:M 37. HOpefully the line would suit senstitive skins. Could you recommend something from sum 37?

    may i ask would mamonde be suitable? i've heard some of my friends' friends' sisters who used it found it rather good. But i was thinking maybe that line is for younger girls..........

    thanks, korean, for your lovely input!

  11. Hello Anonymous! :)

    It's my pleasure! Haha IOPE is for the more mature age group - although I see nothing wrong with early twenties age groups using skin care that is targeted for much more older people. It is always best to start early!!!

    Su:m37 would be VERY suitable for your skin type - especially dehydrated and sensitive skin types! I went through their whole line and I highly recommend their Waterfull line (blue series) which is great for your skin type - the Waterfull line is water-based, and provides deep hydration. This line is actually targeted for a much more younger age group (around mid 20's) and provides excellent hydration, plumping, and moisturizing results!!! My friend is currently using this line, she is 26 and absolutely loves it - she finds that this line also gives a glow to her skin! So it is a plus as well :)

    Ah yes Mamonde! It is a good skin care line from AMOREPACIFIC. You are correct, it is targeted towards the younger age groups. Laneige being targeted for much more younger - starting from age 14 to 19. It would be fine to use Mamonde - they use all plant and herbal extracts. If you are worried about wrinkles and want to prevent them from appearing, their product line: Age Control (magenta series), helps prevent winkles and provides hydration to the skin.

    Remember when using skin care products to incorporate an essence/serum because they are HIGHLY enriched with the potent ingredients, and it is a boost to your skin! :)

    Please let me know how it goes! If you need any help, feel free to ask :D <3!!!


  12. oooo,
    thanks Korean,
    wonderful help you are!

    which other Sum 37 lines did you go through? how about the extreme time control line? as i would like to incorporate some anti-aging , tee hee hee. Would this be suitable for dry dehydrated and not "motherly" skin types ? my skin looks like its starting to sag!

    oh, would mamonde be too "young"? my friend is actually interested to use the mamonde anti-aging line and she's in her early 30s. Would she need something like IOPE, perhaps? or is mamonde good enough?

    thank you ;-)

  13. Hi Anonymous!!! Extremely sorry for not replying sooner - as I have been very busy!!!

    I have tried a few samples of the 1102 Extreme Time Control line - and it is VERY moisturizing. I actually love it - will purchase full size after my current skin care. This line is targeted for wrinkles and hydration, so you will benefit from it!!!

    If your skin looks like it is sagging, I suggest using lifting techniques when applying your skin care - and doing massage techniques with any type of oil (grape seed oil or olive oil). Be gentle and don't stretch roughly!

    Early 30's is a great start for Mamonde - their products are hydrating enough for early 30's. But if your friend has very dry skin, she will benefit more with Sulwhasoo products (especially their Basic Line) because it is targeted for very dry skin. You really can't go wrong with Korean products - they help to actually TREAT the skin!!!

    I hope this helps Anonymous! Please let me know if you need any help :D!!! <3!!!

  14. Hii thereeee!

    love your reviews! I just had a question, so I went to the AMORE store and they have that product that you mentioned above ' IOPE WHITEGEN' but I really dont know if I should buy it because I am looking for a very good whitenning product because my skin is very light and it tends to get yellow and i want to decrease that yellow. I dont like that very lioght yellowish undertone that i have. So I want a richer , glowing and fairer sense to my skin. So would you recommend that I buy that and its very costly too, so I dont want to waste my money on something that dosent benifit me just like in the past the mistakes i made buying several products that do no good for your skin. Also can you mention some more good masks, cuz i really wanna buy masks too. Thanks alot ! I hope you get to me soon !

    Take careeee


  15. Hi Sarah! Welcome!!! :)

    Thank you so much :D!

    May I know your skin type Sarah?

    The IOPE Whitegen line is meant for brightening - it will help to brighten and give the skin a glow. That is what I experienced from this line. It has the same function with Sulwhasoo's Snowise line as well - just meant to brighten and give radiance to the skin. Since you want to remove your yellow tone, The History of Whoo Seol Whitening line is what I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND for you! It will help to lighten the skin, give your skin a glow/brighten, and make skin appear clear and fair.

    IOPE Whitegen is a great line since it does what it says, but if you want to decrease your yellowness, then the Seol Whitening line is very successful at doing that! :) Remember that when it comes to whitening though, you need to use ONLY the whitening products from ONE LINE - don't mix different whitening products with other whitening products because it will decrease the function of the whitening synergies between the products.

    Just a warning: The Seol Whitening line is not very hydrating for dry skin, so an extra rich cream is essential. For normal/oily skin it should be fine. But you can always use a hydrating cream in the last stage of the whitening regime. I totally understand! I have been there a lot - some of these products are expensive, but the thing is that they work regardless!!! I recommend you go to the Whoo counter to try out these products - may I know if you are in the U.S or Canada?

    In regards to masks - the IOPE Whitegen Clear Mask is excellent!!! Gives skin a glow from within the skin - just love it, and always come back to it. The Whoo Jinyul Essential Mask (massage mask) is also great in keeping skin firm and hydrated. I have heard from users that the new Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Mask has had success in keeping skin really bright and glowy!!! For a more inexpensive mask/pack, I would recommend the famous Laneige Water Sleeping Pack - it is a night treatment that helps restore vitality and clearness to the skin. It gives an optimum hydration and moisture deep within the skin - highly recommend this pack as well!!!

    I will be reviewing some sunscreens, masks, and other great products soon. Need to reach the month mark in order to make my reviews authentic!!!

    I really hope this helps Sarah! Its hard choosing whitening products for your skin because you never know the outcome. But the Whoo Seol Whitening has always been a top recommendation by many - and it is my top whitening line recommendation to date!!! :)


  16. thank you sooo much! your the bestt lol :)
    Well I live in Canada in Toronto. Can you please tell me where to get that whitenning products in Toronto that you mentioned above and also those masks. And my skin is combination. Thanks once more, you were very helpful and i cant wait for your other reviews.


  17. Hi Sarah!!! You're very welcome hehe! :D!

    Great! I'm assuming you visited The AMORE on Bloor? Near Christie Station? Well there are a lot of Whoo or Jasper Cosmetics - they sell OHUI, Isa Knox, SooRyeHan, Coreana, Charmzone, and of course Whoo (amongst other Korean brands too). They are located as follows:

    1. P.A.T Supermarket (the big blue building) - its a few stores away from The AMORE on Bloor haha - its located UPSTAIRS - the ladies there are very nice!

    675 Bloor St West,
    Toronto, Ontario
    Number: 416 532-2961

    2. T&T Supermarket

    7070 Warden Avenue,
    Markham, Ontario
    Number: 905 470-8113

    3. Jasper Cosmetics: Seoul Plaza
    6080 Yonge Street, North York,
    Toronto, Ontario
    Number: 416 226-3748

    Those are the three locations I am familiar with in the Toronto area. There is one in Mississauga in the T&T Supermarket as well.

    A great tip is when you go into these stores, be oblivious to everything haha you will leave with a lot of samples - they are usually nice enough to give out a lot of samples anyways :D!

    Please keep me updated Sarah!!! <3! XoXo

  18. Heyyy

    thanks once again for everything! you are very helpful! I wanted to ask you another thing lol :). Well the thing is that i want to buy a good cleanser, toner and mositurizer. would you recomend any good ones you have in find and that are oil-free and alcohol free also. Because I really need to buy a cleanser, toner and moisturizer now that my old ones are done. & any recomendations for a day cream ? & also any recomendations for a peeling gel?
    Thanks . Hope to hear from you soon.

    & p.s- i still havent went to any of those asian stores yet, didint get time :(, when i do ill let you know how it all works out for me. i feel as if when i go ill buy the whole store because asian products for the skin are so good, thats why you guys are blessed with such beautiful skin. & i had good skin once upont ime but since i hit 19 i started getting pimples and now i have scars and blemishes not that much but some and i dont know how to get rid of them, i tried lemon but dosent seem to work instead it drys out my skin :(. Anyways ill stop talking enough about me lol :|.

    Sarah <3

  19. Hi Sarah! :) Nice to hear from you!!!

    Your very welcome :D

    A really good line that is alcohol and oil free is Hada Labo. It is a Japanese pharmaceutical brand - and is very effective, and really hydrating. They have a whitening line that uses Arbutin, and a hydrating line that uses Hyaluronic Acid. Their cleanser is also really good - I have not personally tried their cleanser, but have heard rave reviews at keeping skin clear from blemishes.They recently came out with an anti-aging line - if you would like to use anti-aging product (uses pure Vitamin A), you can pick a product from the anti-aging line.

    What I would recommend for you is:

    1. Cleanser: Hada Labo Arbutin Face Wash
    2. Toner: Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion
    3. Moisturizer: Hada Labo Arbutin Milk


    Since you were interested in whitening, I recommended you the whitening line!!!

    Its hard to find them in North America - but some online stores like that sell Hada Labo for a cheap price:

    Aww its okay! I get carried away when I enter the store LOL! Its best to know what you want before you make purchases - its so tempting sometimes. I tried Lemon too, and it is drying!!! Wear sunscreen everyday!!! When you use whitening products, they help to lighten the scars so they are barely noticeable. You should experience good results with whitening products! :)

    Let me know if you need any help Sarah!!! :)


  20. Hiiiiiiiiiiii

    SO i went to the AMORE STORE today the one on bloor. & i bought the following products; I bought the whole kit of the IOPE whitegen ampoule essence specail kit, the water sleeping pack by Laniege and the IOPE Moisture Skin Soft Peeling Gel. I hope i wouldent regret anything i bought and they benifit my skin. How did the whitegen ampoule essence work for you? & when did you see results? i hope it works for me too and my yellowish undertone its not even that yellow but just a slight bit of yellow well you can say light yellow lol :P.
    Thanksssssssssssssssssssss <3


  21. oh yes and one more thing i forgot to ask you is that can you please tell me how to use teh IOPE ampoule essence when to apply it? the lasy told me to apply it during the day and night time and shes like keep it on for the whole day and the whole night and shes like i can apply sunscreen and other products on my face when the whitegen is on my face, is that right? cuz im confused and also shes like when i use te laniege sleeping pack at night i can apply that over my whitegen aompoule essence . I am very confused as to how to use it and im quite worried also if i will see results or i wont or if that was a wate of 89$. I hope it works, and do you know when will you see results by ?
    thanks once againnnn


  22. Hi Sarah!!! :)

    Yay!!! Congrats!!! I hope they were generous with samples :D

    I'm sure you will not regret these products! When I was at The AMORE - Sulwhasoo is the most popular brand in Korea. But she told me that the IOPE Whitegen line is really effective, and actually recommended I purchase the Whitegen line. I really loved it!!! It really helps to clarify and brighten the skin tone. The IOPE Whitegen Ampoule really helped moisturize and brighten my skin tone - there was a glow from within the skin, which I have not experienced (just with Sulwhasoo Whitening Serum). It took about a month and a half to see the full results - not too long. You have to allow these treatment products to work within your skin - so they do take quite some time.

    Yes!!! Apply sunscreen EVERY MORNING if you use any type of whitening line. If you don't, your skin can actually get darker! A high SPF is the best way to go :D. I applied the essence right after my toner - although it is a bit rich feeling, it absorbs rather quick. Then you follow up with emulsion/lotion, and then cream. Exactly! Use the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack at night, after your skin care routine. This will help repair dry skin. Not to worry Sarah, you will see results! Give it about 3 to 4 weeks!!!

    If you have any questions during your progress, please message me anytime!!! I hope it works out for your great - use the products in the right order - toner, essence, lotion, cream, sunscreen (morning) & (at night - sleeping pack) - and you will see results. Remember when applying the products, to massage gently, then gently pat it on your skin. Be relaxed, and almost meditate while applying your skin care - as funny as it sounds haha it really helps :D!!!

    Muah! <3!!!

  23. thanks korean <3

    But im quite ocnfused i got a kit but i only got the IOPE whitegen AMPOULE essence, the renewing intensive peeling kit step 2 concentrated essence & the Renewing intensive peeling kit step 1 intensive peeling essence these 2 products i just mentioned right now she said dont use them becuase teh 3rd one in not aviable here its in korea :S so i dont know if i could use them anwyays so confused. The other products that came in the kit was the IOPE whitegen RXC Neuro Scaling ( i dont know what that is to be honest) and the whitegen cleansing foam and teh sunscrean. So I only use the whitegen ampoule essence and teh sunscreen. I dont know what to do with the other products :S. I hope it still benifits me if i use te whitegen ampoule essence only cuz i dont know what to do with the other products. Do you by any chance ?

    Thanks your a great help & one more thing do you have a youtube page where i can subscribe you because youve been honestly a great help and i dotn subsrcibe ppl on youtube so i guess youll be my 1st subscriber :) !!!


  24. oh yes & i dont seem to have no emulsion and lotion :S this is quite werid. & nor do i have any idea what the other products i mentioned are for ?


  25. Hi Sarah :)!

    The other products that came with the Ampoule Essence are treatment products. The Whitegen RXC Neuro Scaling, Intensive Peeling Essence and Concentrated Essence.

    1. IOPE Whitegen RXC Neuro Scaling - is a skin whitening primer lotion that gently exfoliates the skin before any step. Sort of similar to The History of Whoo Brightening Water (now upgraded as Whitening Soft Toner). It is used FIRST (before toner) after cleansing. It also helps products absorb better into the skin :)

    2. IOPE Whitegen Intensive Peeling Essence - another exfoliating treatment. Use it after cleansing - then begin with the RXC Neuro Scaling.

    3. IOPE Whitegen Concentrated Essence - this is a concentrated whitening essence, used right after the toner (lighter texture). It helps remove pigmentation - and used in conjunction with the Ampoule Essence, helps speed up results.

    Its no problem using them! I recommend you do in conjunction to your Ampoule Essence! Since they are sample sizes, use at night time when your skin is in repair mode :)!!!

    Haha, thank you so much! I actually don't have a YouTube. I am glad this helps Sarah!!! May I know your skin care routine - do you have a cream to top off after your essence? Usually the Korean skin care routine is: Cleanse, Tone, Essence, Lotion/Emulsion (same thing), Cream, Sunscreen (morning). Do you have any lotions or creams? I don't want you to spend a lot of money on a lotion. There are sites where they do sell for cheaper - so I recommend looking at them! A cream is very essential in keeping skin hydrated - the essence can only do so much.

    Did the SA gives you any samples for toner and emulsion? It is fine to use the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack - but that is just a night time hydrating treatment. If you do have a cream, use it at the last stage - after your essence :)!

    Let me know if you need any help Sarah!!! :D <3!

  26. yes they did they gave me the laniege multi-cleanser, lainege power essential skin refiner, balancing emulsion, water bank essence, water bank cream and i dont know when to use these products and what there for. & also i got the laniege hydra soultion essence, sulwashasoo white ginseng lightening gel and strawberry yogurt pack. So i really dont see any differnce by using the whitegen by IOPE i know its to early to see any results lol but im so impatient , i guess ill wait around a month tosee some results. But im noticing my skin getting a yellowish tone and also noticing pimples well i had some before but noticing some werid bumps on my skin the same colour as my skin tone. I really dont know how to get rid of that yellowish tone :(.
    & also regarding the products so this is how i use them i use the neura caling then peeling essence then concentrated essence and then apply the whitegen ampoule essence on my face so all these producst stay on my face well during the night but during the moring only the whitegen ampoule essence i use. I hope i see results soon i dont want my skin to get dark yellow thats the last thing i would want lol :/. & no i dont have any moisturizer, would you reccomend me any good one ? & thanks once agin korean <3

    take care


  27. Hi Sarah :)!

    Thanks for letting me know!

    So with your skin care routine - this is what I recommend you incorporate the Laneige products into your skin care regime.


    1. Laneige Multi-Cleanser (cleanse)
    2. Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner (toner)
    3. IOPE Whitegen Ampoule Essence (use this both day and night!)
    4. Laneige Water Bank Essence
    5. Laneige Balancing Emulsion
    6. Laneige Water Bank Cream
    7. Sunscreen (high SPF) of your choice.

    Although the Laneige products are samples, they should still produce results if using sparingly! :)


    1. Laneige Multi-Cleanser (and if you wear make-up - do double cleansing: remove make-up first, then cleanse again to remove everything off)
    2. IOPE Whitegen RXC Neuro Scaling
    3. IOPE Whitegen Intensive Peeling Essence
    4. IOPE Whitegen Concentrated Essence
    5. IOPE Whitegen Ampoule Essence
    6. Laneige Balancing Emulsion
    7. If you wish for more hydration, then follow with the Sleeping Pack :)

    **You don't have to follow what I recommend - its just a guide**

    You can alternate with the Hydra Solution Essence with the Water Bank Essence if you wish. Use the Sulwhasoo White Ginseng Lightening Gel and Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Pack once a week - gentle exfoliants!

    In regards to moisturizer, would you like a rich cream or a light gel-type cream? At the moment you should be just fine with the Laneige Balancing Emulsion - it is a moisturizer, so you can use that! hehe! :) Don't worry Sarah, give it about a few weeks and you should see results! I can be impatient sometimes too haha!!!

    Keep me updated Sarah!!! <3!!!

  28. hi im interested in iope product but i dont know what do you think about iope trouble skin care????

  29. IOPE Whitegen Line - is it suitable for oily skin?

  30. hi! i love your reviews! so helpful!

    i'm also interested in the iope trouble skin it also good for sensitive, dehydrated, acne prone skin?



  32. Hi last month 1st weeks offre Nov i bought Laneige foam cleanser moisture and Laneige deep cela sing Oil moisture for $10 each. Im using Iope cushion And Im starting to like this product. But thén i was so disappoited because the Laneige that i bought last Nov the Laneige foam cleanser And the Laneige Deep cleansing Oil was expired Nov 8 2013. And still they are selling it.