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The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Line Review

Introduction to The History of Whoo

The History of Whoo is one of the best Korean luxury brands to date. The spokes-model, Lee Young Ae, is the epitome of beauty - her skin flawless at the age of 40. I find that The History of Whoo has a different consistency to their creams than any other brand out there - which is why this brand is so unique. The History of Whoo, with many other different Korean brands, such as Sulwhasoo, use nano-technology. A high-advanced technology (Korea has been advancing in nano-technology) in skin care to help stabilize key ingredients into the deep layers of the skin - this is one method that makes their products super effective. Plus, the texture of their creams are very fine, thick-buttery, yet quickly absorbs into the skin. So what goes into The History of Whoo? All natural Chinese medicinal herbs (which date back to he ancient Daewongun dynasties) that are known to be effective!

(Lee Young Ae for the Gongjinhyang: Seol Whitening Intensive)

[Gongjinhyang: Seol] The whitening cosmetic enriched by precious ingredients extracted from camomile, wild chrysanthemum, pearl, chilhyang palbaeksan, essential oils and atractylis alba, the make-up method applied by Ziao Piny, the Queen of the Han Jing dynasty. It kept the skin of the Queen shining and her luxurious beauty as a white jade.

(Gongjinhyang: Seol Whitening Essence)

The History of Whoo Seol Whitening line uses nano-emulsification - similar to nano-technology. The main ingredients are: Wild Chrysanthemum, Chilhyang Palbaeksan and Pearl. These three ingredients are known to give 'whitening effects' to the skin. These three ingredients will help to naturally reduce skin pigmentation, reduce melanin production, remove impurities, and whiten your overall skin complexion. The History of Whoo Seol Whitening skin care line is meant for *all skin types*, so make sure to have a rich moisturizer handy for you dry skin types!!! Diosmetin, which is the main ingredients in the Seol Whitening products, has been extracted from the wild chrysanthemum flower. It has been proved by studies that this natural whitening agent works to remove freckles/scars/dark spots dramatically when used consistently for 8 weeks.

Potent Ingredients:
~Wild Chrysanthemum~


~Chilhyang Palbaeksan~

*I have normal/combo skin*

I will review The History of Whoo Seol Brightening Foam Cleanser, The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Skin Balancer, The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Essence, The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Program Kit (upgraded), & The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Cream. I have used all these products, morning and night, for 5 months!!!

*The products should be used in THIS ORDER* :)

1. The History of Whoo Seol Brightening Foam Cleanser

Description: A snow-white herb extracts foam cleanser that adds transparency to your skin. While the rich and fine foam of the water-soluble cleanser thoroughly removes impurities and sebum even from the skin's pores, its oriental medicine-based 'Chilhyangpalbaeksan' ingredients help keep the skin moist and clear.

One of the best cleansers I have ever come across - HANDS DOWN! Cannot describe how much I love this product. It foams into a nice lather, yet it is not drying at all - very moisturizing! It is a thick-smooth white product and does not contain those nasty SLS! As I have mentioned before, ingredients are VERY IMPORTANT to me. I was able to get it from a post on

Ingredients: Purified Water, Myristic Acid, Glycerin, Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate, Butylene Glycol, Mitain CA, KOH, Stearic Acid, Lauric Acid, Sodium Methylcocoyltaurate, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Ethylene Glycol Stearates, Cholesterol, Ceramide, Cholesteryl Hydroxystearate, C12-20 Alkyl Glucoside, Hydrogenated Polydecene, Portulaca Oleracea L. Extract, Poncirus Trifoliata Extract, Diospyros Kaki Folium Extract, Cinnamon Extract, Artemisia Argyi Lev. et Vant. Extract, Chrysanthemum Indicum L. Extract, Mespilus Germanica Extract, Green Tea Extract, Japanese Cornlian Cherry Extract, Schizandra Extract, a Chinese Matrimony Vine Extract, Mulberry Root Extract, Rubus Coreanus Fruit Extract, Korean Pine Seed Extract, Mandarin Orange Extract, Fennel Extract, Sandalwood, Papaver Rhoeas L.

This gentle-mild foam cleanser is very gentle for acne-prone skin, and for dry skin as well. Ingredients such as sandalwood are added to keep the skin clean and clear from breakouts. This cleanser really does what it says - leaves skin transparent! After using this for four months, it gives a glow to the face, and it is just a cleanser!!! The smell is very fresh, and mild floral/herby scent!!! Definite grab!!!

2. The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Skin Balancer

Description: Exotic oriental medicine-based 'Chilhyangpalbaeksan' ingredients and 'Gamguksu', a simmered and cold-processed wild chrysanthemum essence, are absorbed deep into the skin to make the skin as clean and clear as a white gem. It enhances the effectiveness of skin care products used in subsequent steps.


Another great product, it is a keep!!! Leaves skin so soft and dewy - it looks like milk, but not too watery. The smell is heavenly, not too strong! And although I have been reading reviews of its 'tingling' sensation, I have not felt that - maybe for sensitive skin? This toner really does make your skin fair. That is one thing I love about these products - they WORK!!! And it absorbs very quickly. I advise not using a cotton pad for many Korean toners - especially for The History of Whoo and Sulwhasoo because, First: these products have the most beneficial ingredients, why waste it on cotton pads, Second: it's...expensive!!!

3. The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Essence

Description: The History of Whoo's Whitening Essence helps to prevent dark spots and provide a new whiteness to your skin. Give your face its natural glow and freshness back using this Asian cosmetic product; by penetrating deep into your pores, this unique serum acts to maintain natural moisture and the herbal components will keep your skin looking young. Have your skin looking fairer, rosy, and refreshed.

You will DEFINITELY see the fine-powdered Pearls in this essence! This is a thick yet runny essence, but when applied to the face, makes your skin SOFT and leaves a dewy-feel. (Contains 0.055g of Diosmetin) I absolutely love this product. I have seen effects of this product with how it brightens up my skin and no, there is no artificial micas in this product haha. Remember to always wrap your face with your palms to allow the product to penetrate into your skin - the heat of your palms will do wonders!!!

4. The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Program Kit (40ml Gel + 10ml Jinaek Essence Program)
Description: History of Whoo Whitening Essence Program Kit is the 4 weeks whitening concentration program in the highly dense essence type by carefully prepared the previous medicinal herbal according to the secrets from courts. This is not only for the blemishes on the outside of the skin to provide further transparent and previous complexion for the skin. Extracts from wild chrysanthemum and the chihyang palbaeksan ingredients are combined in this secretive formula based on oriental medicine and produces synergies to intensively recover the clarity and white tone of your skin and leaves a smooth finish.The Whitening Gel Cream also contains vitamins that help remove dead skin cells. This new concept-based product not only removes discolorations, but also gets rid of melanin that are already formed deep in the skin, transforming an uneven tone and tired-looking complexion into a white, clear and vivid one.

This product WORKS!!!!!!! Give it four weeks and you will have your dark-marks lightened - they will appear as if it is not there anymore!!! The consistency is like a white-sticky glue - but not too sticky. I apply this not in circular motion, rather by patting it all over my face, then wrap my palms on my face for full absorption. This product instantly absorbs, leaving nothing behind! I have found this product to be very effective, besides the Seol Whitening Cream, because my skin has gotten lighter as a result of using this! I saw results in less than 2 weeks which is amazing in itself.

5. The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Lotion
Description: Wild chrysanthemum extract, an active whitening ingredient, and 'Chilhyangpalbaeksan' produce a whitening synergy. Whitening Lotion helps keep the skin clean and transparent with a refreshed sensation. It goes on lightly and gently, is rapidly absorbed and leaves no stickiness or dryness, only moisturize and smoothness.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! Immediate effects after one use!!! This is a runny-white liquid product, that goes on smoothly and leaves your skin with a dewy finish. (Contains 0.10g of Diosmetin) I guess this dewy aspect to this line may have to do with the whole 'fairness' aspect. Nevertheless, this product is amazing. I apply it by gently patting it into my skin, and then wrap my face with my palms for complete absorption. It really does leave my skin moisturized! During winter times, a rich-cream does come in handy, and for those of you who have dry skin - you will NEED to top up with a moisturizer!!!

6. The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Cream

Description: An envied smooth, clear and white complexion can now be yours. Allow whitening extracts from chrysanthemums and chilhyang palbaeksan to work wonders with your skin as they blend into Whitening Cream meant just for your face. The cream works not just superficially but goes deep to treat the skin as it enriches and moistens, giving it the clarity and whiteness comparable to a pearl. Its brightening effect becomes visible almost as soon as it touches the skin, and lasts longer than any other product, well into the next day.

I don't think I can describe this cream without saying how AMAZING it is!!!!!!! It leaves your skin clear, clean, fair, translucent, illuminated... you name it!!!!!!! I have been using this product for quit some time, and love it. It is very moisture-rich, and leaves your skin SOO SOFT and touchable!!! The consistency is like a creamed-powder, but goes on smoothly and leaves a nice finish to your skin. (Contains 0.10g of Diosmetin) I absolutely love this, and highly recommend it to those who want to achieve their desired even-complexion!!!

Recommended? YES! If you want fairer skin, less noticeable scars or dark marks - this is a steal!!!! Its hefty price may want you to runaway, but trust me you will see results!!! And by many countless of others who have used these products saw results instantly!!! Please leave any feedback, or if you have tried The History of Whoo :)


  1. how does this compare to sulwhasoo's snowise series?

  2. Hello loveknot, welcome! :)

    Ah, completely different. I got two different results from both lines. The consistency of their products are different, their philosophy is different, and the scent is different too! I found that The History of Whoo Seol Whitening line really helped lighten my skin. Most effective line I have ever used to remove/lighten dark marks and give you results in no time!!! The History of Whoo, states that the skin will appear like a WHITE GEM, which is very alluring. They use herbal ingredients written by ancient dynasties that the emperors and empresses used to keep their skin fair and translucent. While Sulwhasoo Snowise whitening line really helped to even-out the skin tone, and brighten the skin - restoring the skin to a natural look which I love. Sulwhasoo Snowise philosophy revolves around purifying and circulating the skin with precious concentrated medicinal herb ingredients (please refer to my Snowise review). Both use Chinese medicinal herbs, and are natural - Sulwhasoo uses all plant extracted ingredients with no animal by-products, and the scent is VERY herbal, while The History of Whoo Seol line is a mixture of floral and herbal scents (one of their ingredients in their brand contains Siberian Deer Antlers - has been known from royal ancient dynasties to rejuvenate the skin). Both produce results. However, I found that The History of Whoo produces faster results, that you will see in less than 2 weeks!!! Both lines use nano-technology - which is why their creams absorb quickly into the skin.

    For this one, it depends on your preference. If you would like to brighten your skin, go with Sulwhasoo Snowise, but if you would like to brighten, even-out, and lighten your skin, The History of Whoo will do the job!

    Have you used any products from The History of Whoo or Sulwhasoo?


  3. Dear Korean Skin Care,

    GREAT blog you got here and thank you for posting on mine! I love your review - very detailed, accurate and included the list of ingredients!!!! I agree with you completely. I had used Sulwhasoo's Snowise before but did not notice much of a difference and I was on it for 3 months. With Whoo, even just a few days (the peel off pack, instantly!) I saw noticeable changes to my freckles.

    Considering you did not use the Whitening Intensive, this is great testimony to the line. I find this line the most effective among all that I have tried, that includes Shiseido White Lucent, Kose Sekkisei, Lancome's Blanc Expert (complete waste of money btw), Sulwhasoo Snowise, Iope Whitegen!!

    Keep up the good work!!! :)

  4. Hello Joseibi! Thank you for stopping by!!! :)

    Thank you! I am glad to have found another great blog discussing great Korean skin care :D! Yes it took a while for Sulwhasoo's Snowise line to see the effects (I found it to be more brightening/glowing), while I saw results with The History of Whoo's Seol line instantly! - more of the whitening effects* considering the potent ingredients gone into this line that are known to work!!! You're freckles are honestly GONE :| haha!

    Likewise!!! I don't think I will ever switch to Western brands - first of all, their ingredients are not skin friendly, and second, they dont work, third their technology is very low! Koreans invest in skin care, and they use the highest technology: nano-technology! I admire them for taking good care of their skin! With IOPE's Clear Mask and Ampoule Essence, I had a glow, but no whitening effects :(!

    Drop by anytime! LOVE you're blog Joseibi! :D

  5. Hello Joseibi,

    I am combining the products of Sulwhasoo and Whoo. I use Sulwhasoo's first care serum, then balancing water, follow with Whoo's whitening serum/whitening program, then Sulwhasoo's emulsion and finally the Sulwhasoo's whitening cream/Whoo's whitening cream/Sulwhasoo's ginseng cream. Please let me know if they are the right procedures.

    I also wonder what is the difference between the Whoo's whitening essence and the whitening essense program. Can I use the whitening essense program for longer than 4 weeks? i.e. everyday as long as possible? Will it damage the skin?

  6. Hi Anonymous!!! Welcome :)

    This is Korean Skin Care :) Joseibi is located in her blog: hehe! She also discusses great skin care. Hehe putting the confusion aside, I can answer your question.

    It is totally fine to combine products together Anonymous, however, I HIGHLY recommend you use the whitening products alone. You will see the benefits of the whitening results if used in proper sequence. With that said, if your major concern is not whitening, but just to help clarify and give your skin a glow, it is fine to combine some whitening products with other products.

    1. Sulwhasoo First Aid Serum
    2. Sulwhasoo Balancing Water
    3. The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Essence
    4. The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Jinaek Essence Program
    5. Sulwhasoo Balancing Emulsion
    6. Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Cream
    7. The History of Whoo Whitening Cream
    8. Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Cream

    As far as your steps, you are putting the products correctly in the right order. Although I see nothing wrong with using a lot of products, considering these products absorb quickly and are light, the proble is that you will not know what works and what does not work. Be concerned though, you MAY damage your skin with using too many products all at once. I recommend you the following Anonymous:


    1. Sulwhasoo First Aid Serum
    2. Sulwhasoo Balancing Water
    3. Sulwhasoo Balancing Emulsion
    4. Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Cream
    5. Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Cream
    6. UV Protection (sunscreen of your choice)


    1. Sulwhasoo Balancing Water
    2. The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Essence
    3. The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Jinaek Essence Program
    4. Sulwhasoo Balancing Emulsion
    5. The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Cream
    6. (if you need more hydration, it is okay to use the Concentrated Ginseng Cream on top).

    It all comes down to moderation – you do not want to stress out your skin! I did once, being so overwhelmed by my skin care products, and it did more harm than good! Yes it is fine to use the Whitening Jinaek Essence Program for more than four weeks. I did because the four ampoules did not finish in 4 weeks haha, and no it will not damage your skin to use a product more than it is prescribed (why waste the leftovers? haha). The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Essence Program helps to lighten your skin, and remove scar/freckle/marks melanin in the deepest layers of your skin, as well as blemishes on the outer surface of your skin. The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Essence helps to brighten/whiten the overall complexion – and gives you a glow from within the skin.

    Which products are you loving so far? :)

    I hope this solves any inconveniences!!!

    Let me know how everything works <3!

  7. Thanks Korean Skin Care (and sorry that I named you wrong earlier).

    Your instructions are very clear. I do have another question. My skin type is combination with dry cheek and freckles. My skin is very thin and the freckles are very notisible. I have been using whitening products for years but still haven't got any results yet. Sulwhasoo's products give me very hydrated skin (which I love) but the Whoo's products help with whitening (but not the freckles still). Do you have any suggestions?

    P.S. I use Sulwhasoo Snowise UV protect cream and Dr. G BB cream in the morning.

  8. One more question...what is the difference between the Whoo's whitening serum and the whitening Jinaek Essence Program? Can I replace the whitening essence with the Whitening Jinaek Essence Program? (my whitening essence starts to run out) Do I really have to use both products together to see the result?

  9. Hi Anonymous!! :)

    Its my pleasure, and no problem!!!

    Ohhh yes I had that problem too - you need to hydrate your cheeks more than the rest of your face when you have combination skin (use a tad more product on your cheek area!!!)

    For thinning, you would need to strengthen your skin. Usually Vitamin C serums helps in strengthening the skin, and Cocoa Butter. How long have you been using the Sulwhasoo products? Sulwhasoo's Concentrated Ginseng Cream helps in strengthening the skins barrier when used morning and night - you should definitely see results with this cream!

    When it comes to whitening, I learned that you need the right products. You cannot combine products together with your whitening products to achieve the full whitening results - which is why I recommend you use the whitening line alone with no other products. What will help lighten and even remove your freckles is The History of Whoo Whitening Intensive. Now I did not try this product, but I gave it as a gift for my mom, and after a month, her freckles are not there anymore - and used continuously, it may even remove your freckles. The natural and potent ingredient in the whitening intensive is Diacetyl Benzoyl Lathyrol - it will help fade away freckles. You should only apply this product on your freckles.

    The reason why using the whole line is because there is a synergy between each product to aid in faster results. Remember that whitening products do take a long time to see results, but with The History of Whoo I saw results in more than a month which is fast for whitening care. For the Whitening Essence and Whitening Jinaek Essence Program - it is recommended that you use the two products together, along with the Whitening Skin Balancer, Lotion, Intensive, and Cream to see full results. Because you have the Sulwhasoo products I don't want you to stop using them (which would be a waste!!!). My mother just used the Whitening Intensive and saw results ONLY for lightening/removing her freckles, she was not interested in brightening her skin.

    You can use the Whitening Jinaek, and if your Whitening Essence runs out, its fine, you will still see results. The Whitening Essence helps to give your skin a natural complexion, while the Jinaek Program will help to lighten your skin and lighten concealed melanin in your skin. You can achieve the same glow with using Sulwhasoo Concentrated Cream, so no worry if the Whitening Essence is not used, you don't have to run out and buy it haha! The thing is you have other products, and I recommend you to use them, after everything runs out maybe you could purchase the Seol line. Some eBay sellers are selling the whitening line for really cheap prices if you are interested :)


  10. hi korean skin care..i want to use this line..but my question is can i skip the The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Program Kit because its very expensive and i want to start with few products to be on the safe side..i live in india..can you tell me where can i get this online

  11. you are such a sweet person..thank you for your reply..i dont have any freckles but m worried about my post acne scars..they are red/brown in colour and some are pitted scars..also i want to brighten/whiten my skin tone with a skin is really dull..i have a combination skin
    now plz suggest me...and thank you for the links

  12. Hi Korean skin care,

    I'm almost using the whole line of Whoo Seol products, except the Brightening Cleanser and the Whitening intensive. I wonder how important is the cleanser? If I use other cleanser, can I still see the result?

    I want to try the intensive, but I don't want to buy the full size, do you know if any places who are selling the trial size at very good price?

    Many thanks!

  13. Aww Thank you Nami! I do my best to help my readers :)

    You're very welcome!!!

    Ahhh I see! Yes, you are going into this line at the right moment. It will help heal your acne, as well as lighten the scars! You will feel your skin becoming smoother, almost a 'clean' look to your skin with a radiant glow! This line will help with dullness, making your skin even-toned, and have a even-complexion. I HIGHLY recommend this line for achieving the whitening effect which lasts very long, even when you stop using it! :)

    Since you have combination skin, this line is perfectly fine for you. This line is not suited for dry skin, although you can use it if you have dry skin, you would just need to add a rich cream at the last step! If you need more hydration, then you can apply a thicker cream to keep your skin moist, but the Lotion I find helped enough for me (I had normal skin going into this).

    Please let me know how your purchases go, and if you have further questions, feel free to ask! :)


  14. one more question which line will help me to achieve a radiant skin.. its whoo or Sulwhasoo
    and which Sulwhasoo products are great for radiance

  15. I love the Whoo Whitening Cream so far. But I found it not hydrating enough, so I cover another layer of Sulwhasoo Ginseng cream and it is great.

    Thanks for the link. I still found the Whoo intensive sample a bit pricy. I hope you'll be able to find out where I can get it at a better price. Thanks again.

    Do you have a website who is selling the Whoo Brightening Cleanser 40ml sample? I'm tempted to try it out now.

    Thanks again.

  16. Gmarket has the best price. Check out my blog for Gmarket tutorials!

  17. Thanks Hopeinablog,however I don't read Korean so I have hard time understanding the products at Gmarket. Plus, the shipping fees to Canada is a bit pricy.

  18. Nami,

    For radiant skin, I found the Extra Refining line to be excellent for giving you a glow! If you look at my Anti-Aging review, I have listed the ingredients, and from the top being the high dosage, it definitely works!!! I highly recommend this line for you. If you want a glow, I recommend Sulwhasoo's Whitening Serum - remember that these ARE TREATMENT products, you have to use them for at least a month to see results, but you will see and feel a difference :) With Whoo's Whitening Seol line, I love the whitening effects on the skin, but with radiance, Sulwhasoo is the best in my opinion :)


  19. Thank you so much, Korean Skin Care. You are the best. I wonder if you have the link to the Gmarekt for the whitening peel off pack?

    Thanks again.

  20. Korean Skin Care,

    I think you should be careful when posting these Gmarket links because we got bombed by a Sulwhasoo representative :

    more details here at

  21. Hi Hope In A Blog!!! :D

    Thank you for letting me know!

    I never have purchased from eBay or Gmarket before, but it is a way for convenience for some people who cannot find Sulwhasoo or The History of Whoo products in their area. I always promote buying from the store because you get to talk with the SA and they give excellent tips!

    Thanks you!

    I hope everything is okay for you Hope In A Blog!!!

  22. I never heard of this line, the packaging is GORGEOUS!

    Is this line natural too? I'm so new to Korean skin care products... this line reminds me of Sulwhasoo since they use medicine herbs for their ingredients. Hmm, could you please tell me about this line!?


  23. Hi Stacey :)

    Yes!!! The packaging is very gorgeous, make you feel royal when using The History of Whoo products lol!

    Yes The History of Whoo is all natural, containing only plant derived ingredients: medicinal herbs. However, compared to Sulwhasoo, I would put Sulwhasoo on a much more natural scale.

    This is the whitening line from The History of Whoo - this really helps whiten your skin and gives you 'whitening effects'. With this line, I saw results in less than two weeks, and it just shows that these products work. The consistency is very light and absorbs directly into the skin, without leaving any residue. The main ingredients, as mentioned is Pearl, Chrysanthemum and Chilhyang Palbaeksan which work together to create an even-tone and whitening of the skin.

    This line is also expensive if bought all together (costed me around $650 USD) so what I would recommend is the Whitening Balancer, Whitening Essence, and Whitening Lotion for starters, and if you want treatments, the Brightening Peel-Off-Pack, Whitening Intensive, Whitening Cream and Whitening Jinaek Program will do wonders for freckles, and blemishes :)

    I hope this helps Stacey!!! <3

  24. How do you compare the Whoo Seol and the Whoo Hwa Hyan line? Which one is better for 30+? I have freckles, combination and dehydrated skin. Please help.

  25. Hi Jojo!!! Welcome :)

    At the moment, I am using the Hwa Hyun line, and it has been around 3 weeks and a half. I would that they are two completely different lines, with different results. With the Seol Whitening line, it helped my skin appear very fair and translucent, while the Hwa Hyun is keeping my skin plumped, supple, and radiant. The Hwa Hyun line is much more of an all-in-one line: hydrating, anti-aging, and apparently whitening - I have not seen any whitening results. This line will aid in keeping your dehydrated skin moist and hydrated, while the Seol line is targeted more for the purpose of 'whitening' the skin - helping with freckles, dullness, brightness and any type of dark marks including scars - this line is not hydrating enough for dry skin, so you will need to add a rich cream at the last stage Jojo!!! :)

    The line that is more suited for the 30 + age group would be the Hwa Hyun line because it has anti-aging properties. If your main concern is wrinkles, the Hwa Hyun line will help keep your skin plumped, hydrated and radiant - if you have freckles, you may want to incorporate the Whitening Intensive, which you ONLY apply on your freckles (if your main concern is not whitening).

    But if you want to help whiten/brighten the skin, the Seol line is AMAZING for giving your skin 'whitening effects' - when it comes to whitening, I recommend purchasing the whitening range, and not mix and matching products because each products has its function when worked together - creates a synergy between products to you achieve the full results, but you would need a rich cream so your skin is kept hydrated.

    What are your other main concerns besides freckles Jojo?


  26. Hi ,
    I dont understand THE order
    1 facewash
    2 balancer
    3 whitening essence
    4 jineak white program but on THE description said use brightning gel and massage for 15 seconds and then Wash of witheet water and then put white essence, so what would be THE right order?
    Is it not à waste use THE products and then Wash it off witheet water?

  27. Hi Kman :) Welcome!!!

    Yes you have it in the right order, sorry I did not mention the Brightening Gel!!!

    1. The History of Whoo Brightening Foam Cleanser

    ***2. The History of Whoo BRIGHTENING GEL*** This is after your cleanse your face, it is like an exfoliant preparation for the Whitening Essence Jinaek Program***

    3. The History of Whoo Whitening Skin Balancer
    4. The History of Whoo Whitening Essence
    5. The History of Whoo Whitening Jinaek Program
    6. The History of Whoo Whitening Lotion
    7. The History of Whoo Whitening Cream

    It will be a waste if you use it after the Whitening Essence! The Brightening Gel MUST be used after the Foam Cleanser!!! :)

    I hope this solves any inconvenience Kman :D Let me know how you like the Jinaek Program! :)


  28. Hi Korean Skin Care,

    after reading this blog, i really want this product, but i do have several questions for you first. My skin is kinda dry (i live in Indonesia so the weather is humid), and has been using the skincare line by shiseido for 3 yrs already. I have no problems with this line and i rarely have break out or anything. however, i wanna have a fairer skin. so, could you give a suggestion which one of the product should i buy first? (since I still have a lot of my shiseido and it's such a waste if just stop using it). Thank you so much.. Love your blog too,..


  29. also, is history of whoo more suitable for which age group? since im 24 this year. thank you.....


  30. Hi Anonymous :)!!!

    Since your skin is dry, you will have to use a rich moisturizer at the last stage of using this range to keep skin well hydrated!!! Since you are still using your Shiseido products, and I don't want them to go in a waste either - what I would recommend for you from this line is the Jinaek Essence Program - this speeds up the whitening effects on the skin. When it comes to whitening Anonymous, it is best to use the whole line to see full results.

    What I would suggest if you want to achieve fairer skin is to wait until your Shiseido products are dont, and if you have it in your budget, purchase The History of Whoo Whitening Skin Balancer (toner), The History of Whoo Whitening Essence (used for overall brightness) if you would rather skip the essence, I highly recommend The History of Whoo Jinaek Essence Program, The History of Whoo Whitening Lotion, and The History of Whoo Cream. There are many great deals online - whenever you make purchases let me know I will help you out!!! :)

    Although it is fine combing one or two products with your current skin care products, the results won't be as significant when used with the whole whitening range - it is best to use whitening products as a whole to see full whitening results! You will love these products nonetheless, it really lightens the skin tone!!!!!!!!

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask! <3

    Thank you so much :D!!!

  31. Hey Lisbeth :)! Welcome!!!

    The History of Whoo Seol Whitening line is for all ages, and all skin types - so if you have dry skin, you need a extra rich moisturizer to top off at the last stage.

    You're very welcome! :)

    Have you tried Korean skin care before?


  32. Korean skin care, thank you so much for the tips. I think I'll have to wait for my shiseido to finish and buy the whole seol line. Ahhhh. Can't wait and I guess I have to start saving from now.

    I haven't tried a lot of korean skin care. I have bb cream from the face shop. It's an ok product since I read a lot of better bb cream out there. Do you use bb cream also? What brand if do use it?

  33. Hi korean skincare,
    Ok i didnt know the jineak white essence hve to use after the whitening essence
    I did first jinaek and then the essence hahaha
    But do you know which step to use the bichup essence??


  34. You're very welcome Lisbeth!!!

    Yes, I recommend doing that so you get the benefit of each product from the Seol line - the reason using the whole whitening range is because of the synergies between each product, which work together to give you the full whitening results!!!

    You do not have to purchase the Seol Brightening Water (its like an exfoliant, its optional) and Brightening Peel-Off-Pack - which is a mask pack to remove impurities - it helps products absorb better and removes excess oil and impurities within the skin, however, that can be done with proper cleansing and exfoliating twice a week with a gentle non-abrasive product (I will have a review of a peeling gel soon!).

    Ahh yes, The Face Shop - my friend has used this brand, and loves it! I personally have not since my love for Sulwhasoo and The History of Whoo does not lead me elsewhere haha. Have you tried any other products in The Face Shop range? :)

    I actually do not use B.B creams because I don't think they do anything, except a mild coverage with beneficial ingredients added into these so called 'miracle' creams. B.B creams are basically foundations with a low SPF (you still need to use a sunscreen afterwards, the B.B creams will not protect from full range UVB rays). The only B.B I bought was The History of Whoo Brightening B.B - it sits in my washroom at the moment, and I only used it 3 times haha.

    One problem with B.B creams is that you barely use it, unless you make it your staple. This B.B really gives you a glow when your outside - it has a pinkish-grey hue, and is very watery and glides on the face easily (application with a sponge is my recommendation). This has all of the whitening extracts - but I am honestly not a fan of it - it sinks in your fine lines which is horrible, so I would not highly recommend it, especially for dry skin, it is not moisturizing!

    Some people love B.B creams - and if you do, go for it! It is much more easier than applying foundation haha but remember that you will need an extra sunscreen, don't just rely on B.B creams for protection!!! Are you looking for a new B.B cream? :)

    Please let me know how it goes!!! Keep me updated Lisbeth :)


  35. Hi Kman!!!

    Yes you use the Jinaek Program AFTER the Whitening Essence, (the Brightening Gel AFTER your cleanser) - the reason is that the Whitening Essence absorbs rather quick because it is really light (every product that has a water-type consistency or is light, you use right after toner), and the Jinaek has a thicker texture, which goes on after :)

    As for the Ja Saeng Essence, it should be used after the Jinaek Program if you are combing it with your Seol Whitening line - but essences are used after toner regardless! How do you like the Seol Whitening line?

    Keep me updated Kman!!! <3!!!

  36. Hii korean skincare, thank you, welll actually i started used the seol line last year and i really like. It soooo mucreally after a week my skin was changing that people ask if i have wear foundation but i didnt i just using seol skincare. And put sps 50. Amazing huh!
    Then i find my skin was a little dry so i bought the qi&hin eye and face cream i really like this cream cause its. Give your skin a transperant golden shape look i can not explain but it was good, then i tried the bichup essence this essence is really gooooood it almost dessepear all my redness this one is reallly a keeper. In the meanwhile i also ordered the hwahyun eye and face cream, i will prefer for the hwahyun line cause there is antiaging and whitening in it but qi&jin has that nice plumpie transperent dewy look. After that i tried the sum37 white award line, powder enzyme wash, detox mask,secret programming essence, youth activatornight treatment and treatment cream but i stop using it caus i find its makes my skin(on the area between my cheek and mouth) a little red but i see a shiny glow, and if i ask other people nobody see anything, sonow i back to seol and its the first time using jinaek program. I now also trying the whoo hwanyu eye and face cream samples, and after that have the losec eye and face sample to try. Can not decide which eyeand face cream is the best for my skin. But after a while i will try sum again to see if my skin really dont like it. Xxxxkman ps sorry for my long post

  37. Korean skin care, congratulations you just have managed to convince me to buy this line. I have several questions for you though:

    1. The Jinaek program should i use it continuously or just buy it once and when it's finished I don't need to buy it again? And if you don't need to buy it again, do you need to buy the whitening essence or whitening lotion and whitening cream are already sufficient?
    2. I never use a whitening line before, but can this seol line be used for the long run?
    3. How long does each product usually last?

  38. sorry for another question, could you recommend where I can buy this? ebay sellers would be better since some online shopping they dont send to indondesia. thanks

  39. Hi Lisbeth!!!

    Sorry for the late response!

    Yay! You will absolutely LOVE the Seol Whitening line. In regards to your questions, since the Jinaek Program is targeted for one months use (4 weeks) it is functioned to give you full results within that month, so it is not necessary to repurchase and use it again - this is what I cal a 'booster' product to help with whitening, but it is not mandatory :)

    I highly recommend the Whitening Skin Balancer (toner) Whitening Essence, Whitening Lotion (moisturizer), and Whitening Cream (this is a night cream, but you can use it in the morning too and another cream to help with hydration if your sin is dry!!!) - these are the three products that will help whiten/brighten the skin (dullness, freckles, lack of glow), these are mandatory products that should be used when you use the Seol line.

    The results stay permanent, which I love!!! But remember that you will have to wear a high SPF to help your skin from tanning, or becoming dull. From my experience, the results have stayed the same!!! You just have to be cautious when you go the time sun hehe. Each product should last you at least 5-6 months, depends on how much you use. The Whitening Skin Balancer (130ml) and Whitening Lotion (110ml) will last you quit some time.

    Some eBay sellers that I highly recommend are:

    1. kgoodshop:

    2. 031tansango:

    I hope this helps Lisbeth!!! Please keep me updated on your progress with this line :D!!!


  40. Hey korean skin care, thank you so muccchhhh! I already ordered my seol line from kgoodshop. Yay!! Also, for the moisturriser to top off the whitening cream, can it be any moisturizer? Or do u have any recommendation? In the morning, do you still to put another moisturizer or just for the night only? Thank you so much and I really really appreciate your help.

  41. Congrats Lisbeth!!! :D

    Which products have you purchased?!

    It can be any cream you find moisturizing that hydrates the skin!!! When I was using the Seol line, I purchased the Qi & Jin Cream to help hydrate my skin, and it was perfect! Did not leave my skin with a greasy look, but a dewy moist look! I applied the Whitening Cream day and night, with the Qi & Jin Cream on top.

    You don't have to purchase the full size if you don't have it in your budget, there are samples that kgoodshop sells!!! So you can use them to see if it works great for your skin :) There is also the Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng cream which helps with dryness and dehydrated skin - it keeps skin moist and hydrated, and smells amazing! These two creams are my top recommendations for you!!! But any cream that is hydrating enough for you, it is perfect to use :D

    You will love this line Lisbeth! Message me anytime you need help :D


  42. Hi Kman!!! Sorry I missed you!

    Haha! You see instant results with this line – it seems to be working for everyone!!! Oh you love the Qi & Jin Cream too?! I absolutely love how hydrating and dewy my skin is!!! The Ja Saeng Essence is amazing too, it leaves skin very refined and hydrated, and it is just an essence. That’s amazing, I am happy to hear that for you.

    I have been using the Hwa Hyun line for one month and a week, and I am loving it so far. But the whitening effects are NOT comparable to the Seol line!!! It really gives a nice glow and radiance, and keeps skin very plumped!!! The Hwa Hyun eye cream is very light, so I recommend this for those who are prone to milia – and it helps with dark circles!

    I have tried the Su:m37 Secret Programming Essence, and it really keeps skin moist. This is what I love about Korean skin care, it treats the skin – it really targets skin problems effectively! If products make you red, you should stop using them immediately before it becomes worse. It may have been a few of the ingredients in their products? But you purchased a lot of products, what happens to the Su:m37 products?

    The best way to know what works for your skin is to try out and test out products. For some it is difficult to know what works best for their skin – its just a trial and error. But you should make wise choices since these products are not cheap!!! Hehe!

    I am happy you love the Seol line!!! How do you like the Jinaek Program?! The Brightening Gel really helps to remove dead skin cells :)

    Keep me updated Kman!!! :D <3!!!

  43. be careful because julia will be posting here if she reads this that you are promoting the sales of samples and buying products off ebay!! hehe

  44. Hi Hope In A Blog! :)

    Thanks Hope!!! Hehe <3!

    Firstly, I have talked with AMORE PACIFIC Sulwhasoo in Seoul, Korea and they are perfectly fine with my site, and are actually very happy that we are discussing Sulwhasoo products and providing reviews for North America!!! :)

    I personally don't see anything wrong with purchasing products on eBay - the sellers are from Seoul, Korean, and sell authentic products. It is hard for international buyers to have a chance to purchase these products as it is not available to them (luckily we do have some in Canada and I always go to The Amore - run by AMORE PACIFIC and Jasper Cosmetics - run by LG).

    Oh and I mentioned to purchase the full size and not the samples hehe, although the seller lists samples too. It is always great to see if the product works for your skin before purchasing the full size because they are expensive. Thanks a lot Hope In A Blog :D!

    If AMORE PACIFIC Sulwhasoo has no problem with it, then it should not be a problem for others :D


  45. hehe yeah i was just being sarcastic!! :D keep up the good work sis!

  46. LOL!!! I know Hope :P!

    Just letting those who are against online shopping of these brands to know a little something before going on and accusing someone (Hope <3) of 'promoting' samples.

    Thanks a lot Hope In A Blog, I love your blog and all your updates! :D

    From one blog to another, Love ya!!! <3!!!

  47. Hi Korean Skin Care, i actually bought all of the products in the line.I guess i just really wanna make sure that the product will work maximum if i use all of them. Now i cant wait for the prducts to come. haha. thank you so much. Also, its a good thing that you didnt get any trouble for helping me listing all the history of whoo sellers.

    Btw, what skin care line are you using right now? and when i rean the comments from, some people were saying that they use two different skincare lines for day and night, do we really need that? or just one skincare line is enough?

    Thank you ana keep up your good job!

  48. Hi Korean Skincare,

    I'm looking for a great eyecream for 30+. I've tried Sulwhasoo Rejuvenating Eye cream and Whoo Hwa Hyun eye cream. I can't tell the difference. Have you tried any eye cream that give impressive result?

  49. Hi KSC,

    Great blog and what a great post on this amazing whitening line, THoW Gongjinhyang:Seol. I am so impressed with the results, I posted my before and after pics taken 2 weeks after my intial use.

    Before and After:


    I will continue to follow your blog as I am a fan of yours. Like Joseibi and Hope's site: I have it bookmarked on my cell phone, tablet and laptop.

    Keep up the good work.

  50. Hi Lisbeth!!! :)

    I am very excited about your purchases! You will see results in no time. The best thing about purchasing the whole line is that the synergy between each products helps with the effectiveness!!! Have your products arrived yet? Please keep me updated when they do, your experience, and if you have any questions about the steps/products! :)

    Currently I am using the Hwa Hyun line from The History of Whoo - I actually like it a lot now. I reviewed it, but that was for a month trial. Now its been more than a month, and I just love this line. The whitening results do not compare to the Seol line haha but it does an excellent job in plumping, hydrating and giving the skin a radiance!!!

    It is recommended that whitening products be used at night because your skin is not exposed to light/heat/uvb/uva rays. However, if you apply a strong SPF, at least 40 and up - you should be fine. Some people prefer to use whitening at night though - I used mine day and night, and it helped speed the results hehe. One skin care line is enough Lisbeth, no point in burdening yourself with too - it will be a little too much in my opinion, and you won't know what works :P

    Thanks so much! PLEASE keep me updated Lisbeth!!!


  51. Hi Anonymous! Welcome :)

    Did you like Sulwhasoo's and Whoo's eye cream though? Sometimes its hard to tell whether eye creams work or not, which is why I stop using eye creams for at least 5 days, and allow my eyes to look tired and puffed haha so when I apply a new eye cream, I know it is working. Thats the best way I have discovered whether an eye cream works or does not work!

    I have had success with the Hwa Hyun Eye Cream though - it really illuminates the eye area. The Qi & Jin Eye Cream is much more moisturizing, so if you are prone to milia I would not recommend it to you, unless you don't slather a lot of the product on your eye area! The Sulwhasoo Anti-Aging Eye Cream (now upgraded) only helped with hydration, but did not notice a big difference in dark circles or puffiness.

    The only eye cream that you will see immediate effects is the Jinyul Eye Cream from The History of Whoo. It is a buttery-texture, but absorbs rather quick. What I noticed from this eye cream is that it not only brightened my under eye, it also lifted my droopy eye (left eye). I was really shocked - its really expensive though! This eye cream makes your eyes look bigger, even my mother noticed!!! There is something with The History of Whoo eye creams that work very well.

    Although the Jinyul Eye Cream is targeted for women over 40 - but it is totally fine to use it at age 30 as well! The Korean SA told me it was fine for me to use it, although she did not recommend it for my age group. It still worked great and saw immediate effects that lasts all day and even to the next day. This eye cream helps reduce excess water and toxins trapped in your eye area, loosens slackened skin, and brightens the eye area to appear more glossy, and it sure does!!!

    I have also tried the Laneige White Plus Renew Eye Serum - it lightened my eye area, but was very light and not hydrating enough, so I only recommend it for the younger age groups.

    I hope this helps! Let me know how it goes <3!!!

  52. Hi korean skin care,
    I have just received my whoo seol products 2 days ago, so far I like it, even though I haven't seen any visible improvement yet. How long does it take for you to see result? Also, how much do you use each product? And how long is the interval of time before you use the next product, to ensure the previous product has been absorbed by the skin? Thank you so much for your kindness.

  53. Hi Lisbeth! So nice to hear from you :)

    Thats great!!! Which products do you like?

    Results do vary for people, however, you should see results in 2 weeks! Give it some more time and your skin will adapt to the ingredients and start working even more at the 3rd week and so on!

    Remember when you use whitening products, to apply on the neck too so your face and neck are even! *Sunscreen is a must in the morning* It does take some time applying these products, I don't recommend being in a rush - deep relaxation is the key when using skin care products. When I used the Whitening Skin Balancer (toner) I poured about a large coin size on my palm and gently patted it onto my skin (face + neck). For the cream, essences, and lotion, use about a pea-size, which should be enough for the face and neck, and go in gentle circular motions to help absorb the product into the skin, and end by patting the skin gently (incorporating lifting techniques is great for keeping the skin firm and tightened). For the Whitening Lotion and Whitening Essence, wrap your face with your palms so the product penetrates into the skin quickly (the heat of your palms does wonders!!!).

    It really depends, in Japan, for each product they wait about 5 minutes (we don't have the time here haha) but some dermatologists say that you don't have to wait for each product, applying it right after each product has been applied on the skin is fine. My tip, allow your skin to absorb each product, and once you know it has, apply the next product. It is not necessary to wait - just make sure the product is not sitting on your skin, gently massage the product until it thoroughly absorbs into the skin. But The History of Whoo and many other Korean skin care products are nano-sized, and they absorb right away - I am pretty sure you have experienced it - so there really is not need in waiting, unless you use a lot of the product which is not necessary. A little really goes a long way!!! :)

    Please keep me updated Lisbeth!!! You will love the Seol Whitening line!!! :D! Xo!!!


  54. Korean skin care, I followed your suggestion! I really amaze that Koreans do put a lot of time on skincare regime. Do you know by any chance how long each product last if I use it twice daily? Esp for the whitening essence, lotion and whitening cream. Thank you so much.

  55. Hey Lisbeth :)

    Haha it is very different than Western skin care! We are taught the 4 step system here: cleanse, tone, moisturize, sunscreen, even sunscreen can be optional, which makes it a 3 step system!!! Not good at all.

    In Korea and many other Asian countries, there is a 8 to 10 step skin care system. Including various moisturizers and essences/serums into their skin care. As well as peels, masks, sheet-masks for special use - which is mandatory to keep skin looking and feeling clean and clear from breakouts. Diet is another contribution to great skin - drinking plenty of water, taking essential oils, green vegetables, fruits, etc.

    I was taught by the Korean SA it is very important when applying your skin care products to be relaxed - don't be in a rush!!!

    I used all of these products twice a day: The Brightening Foam Cleanser lasted me 4 months. The Whitening Skin Balancer and Whitening Lotion will last you quite some time about 8 months. For the Whitening Essence, and Whitening Cream it lasted me 6 months. The Whitening Jinaek Essence Program lasted me 1 month as it was prescribed for one months use.

    It really depends how much you use though, a lot is not necessary- but that is how long your looking for each product! It is pretty long though, but the results will be amazing! The bottles are very luxurious too haha make yourself feel royal Lisbeth :) hehe

    You're very welcome!!!


  56. Hi Korean Skin Care =)

    I also bought the entire Seol line!! Thank you for the reviews. I've been using it for almost 2 weeks now. Sadly, I haven't noticed a change =(. I'm hoping for the amazing results everyone else has experienced. Did you see lightening of freckles at 2 weeks?

  57. Hi,

    I have tried the seol line for over a year and I didn't see any difference either. I'm using the toner, essence, spot treatment, lotion and cream. My freckles are stil there...

  58. Hi Anonymous! :)!

    Two weeks is a little too soon to see change in freckles or dark spots. however, you should be seeing an overall glow and brightened look? Lightening of freckles usually takes about a month and a half - and if you have stubborn freckles, it is best to use the Whitening Intensive only on the freckles - and remember to massage it in so you can break up the freckle tissue underneath!!! :)

    But in two weeks, I saw that my skin had an overall glow, and in about a month my skin had gotten lighter, and in the 3 month mark, my dark marks had significantly gotten lighter! Its barely noticeable!!! Just give it more time :D

    Which products are you loving so far? :) <3!!!

  59. Hi Anonymous! :)

    Oh no! Thats unfortunate! Its always best to take a before and after - because these products work gradually, I am assuming, but you may have gotten use to the way your skin looks.

    It is also the way you applied the products, the way you were feeling (relaxed?) or were in a rush - these have an impact and many don't take them into consideration.

    I personally have tried every whitening line, and this is by far the best! If you are worried about your freckles - have you tried other spot treatments? I really liked the Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Spot Cream!


  60. Dear Korean Skin Care
    I would appreciate if you can advise if the WHOO SOEL Intensive (the balm, not the jineak program) should be used before or after the lotion? Pls see steps below and let me know if I am using it correctly, or if 5 and 6 needs to be swapped around. Your help is appreciated!

    1. The History of Whoo Brightening Foam Cleanser
    2. The History of Whoo Whitening Skin Balancer
    3. The History of Whoo Whitening Essence
    4. The History of Whoo Whitening Jinaek Program
    5. The History of Whoo Whitening Intensive (Balm)
    6. The History of Whoo Whitening Lotion
    7. The History of Whoo Whitening Cream

  61. the steps are right!

  62. Hi Anonymous!!! :)

    As Hope has mentioned, the steps are correct. When using the Whitening Intensive, remember to massage it into your skin thoroughly - by massaging you will help break down the scar/freckle tissue which will speed the results! :) Also, apply a HIGH SPF in the morning if you use the Seol line in the morning!!!

    Please let me know how it goes for you Anonymous!!! <3!

  63. Hi,

    Do you need to use the Whitening Jinaek Program in the morning?

  64. Hi Anonymous :)

    Nope, it is fine to use it at night! Have you just started using the Seol line? If so, how do you like it?


  65. Hi Korean Skin Care and Hope
    Yes, I just started the Soel line March 1, and included the jinaek beginning March 15. I have heavy pigmentation. And so far, my skin is brighter and feels soft. I love how the Whoo line makes my skin feel, even just after washing with the foam. I did take a before photo and want to wait until mid - April (six weeks) to take another one. I will keep you both posted on the results!

  66. Hi Anonymous!

    I'm happy to hear that! It really is a luxurious line. The Jinaek Program will help remove the discoloration/freckles from the inside of the skin, and aids with blemishes on the outside of the skin.

    Thank you! Can't wait for your results! <3!

    If you have any questions during the process, please feel free to ask :D!

  67. Hi, I am sorry I keep posting here. You know what really helped me with my dark freckles (sadly not a whoo line), but Japanese cosme decorte whiteologist Koji essence serum). If you have cosme decorte in north America I sternly advise you to give it a try. My acne scars and post pregnancy blemishes are fading away. This essence is so popular here and in japan that Kose often runs out of stock. I have been using it with whoo's yellow line and had the best skin condition in years. And I am 35 now:((

  68. Hi Marichan! No its not a problem whatsoever!!! :)

    Oh! I have not heard of that line before!!! Kojic Acid is a known potent skin lightening agent - and has shown significant improvements in lightening and 'removing;' freckles. I am so glad it worked for you!!! I will DEFINITELY look into it - thanks so much! Japan is exceeding in the whitening skin care market, I would trust this line! :)

    Did you use the whole Seol line - or a few products? Sometimes its hard for products to produce results for some people. But I am glad the Kojic Acid treatment worked great - it usually never disappoints.

    No don't be sad haha 35 is still VERY YOUNG. If you keep yourself in good condition, exercise, eat right, BE HAPPY - you will never feel old :)!

    Muah! <3!

  69. Hi,

    If the bottle say 04/20/2010 does that mean its expired?

  70. Hi Anonymous! :)

    No that is not the expiration date, rather the date it was made. When it is not opened, it is fresh for 3 years from that date. But when it is opened, you can use the product 6 to 12 months! Korean skin care products always display the manufacture date by law.

    Hope this helps! :) <3!!!

  71. Thank you dear Korean skin:)) really love your blog. You are so sweet
    Yes I used seol line but maybe wasn't patient enough... It gave brighteness and dewiness to my skin but all I wanted is to get rid of nasty melanin caused pregnancy spots. I was ready to do the laser. But before I did a bit of research in Japanese and found out that cosme decorte's whiteologist spots concentration serum gives fast results. And it does... I also tried the new whitening mask from sulwhasoo. It gives you a glow from inside. Yesterday, I fell asleep after an exhausting day with baby with it on my face and there was no problem at all. Just a very fresh face. So fingers crossed. But I love whoo and if it was more available here in hk I will definitely try out. Xx,

  72. You're welcome Marichan! :)

    I am really wanting to try it now!!! I will want to try the Whitening Mask from Sulwhasoo, but had no chance because it is not here in North America yet :(! Please keep me updated though on your progress!!!


  73. Hi Korean Skin Care! :)

    I'm 20 and I have dark circles and fine lines around my eyes because I don't get much sleep lol...what eye cream would you recommend for me? Also, my skin is usually oily but lately my cheeks have been feeling quite dry and rough, do you think the qi and jin cream would work for me? I use a retinol gel at night to help lighten my hyperpigmentation from acne, but should I stop using the gel while using the seol whitening line or is okay to use it alongside?

    Thank you sooooo much!!! and sorry I'm asking so many questions! >.<

  74. Hi Anonymous!!! :) Welcome :D

    The best eye cream for lightening/brightening the eye area is the Whoo Hwa Hyun Eye Cream - it has gold and jade powder to help brighten the eye area (not superficially - it actually treats the eye area) and also deer powder, tree extract, ginseng, and other various herbs to help combat wrinkles!!! Its very light, and the scent is very faint. This eye cream is wonderful, and you see results instantly :)

    Yes!!! The Qi & Jin Cream is my top recommendation for dry skin - it will help relive dry/patchy skin, to a more hydrated and dewy skin. As for whitening, its best not to use any other whitening products so you know what is working for you. Put the Retinol gel aside when using the Seol line - and see if the Seol line is working for your skin. It is fine to combine products together (not when it comes to whitening - unless you need a richer cream at the last stage), but since you are using the Retinol for your marks, keep it to rest - and allow the Seol line to do its job!!! You can always come back to the Retinol anytime though :)

    You're very welcome!!! No need to be sorry!!!!!!! Feel free to message me anytime :D! <3!

    Let me know how it goes!!!


  75. Hello Korean Skin Care,:)

    There're so many great brands out there, it's really hard to choose... i'm here seeking for help!

    Im only 14 and i have combination skin. My cheeks feel comfortable but my T-zone tends to get a little oily in the summer. I also have a few blackheads and whiteheads.

    My skin gets immune to products easily, my skincare line will stop working within a month so i always have switch out products. And I've tried a few skin care brands like laneige, charmzone and shiseido. I want a brighter complexion,a line that's suitable for me and my age. so are there any recommendations that you can give me??

    1 question... people said that i shouldnt start on skincare too early and it would harm my skin. do you think it's true, should i just take a break?

    Thank you!!! and i LOVEEE your blog :)

  76. lovekoreaproductsSunday, May 08, 2011

    Hello Korean Skin Care

    First I want to say I love your blog and it's very informational. I have been using history of whoo whitening line for a year now and i love it. I just recenty bought the whitening program kit and cant wait to use it.

    Are you familar with ohui products (age recovery & the first)? Do you know anythng about it and can review it? I got a sample gift set for the first and age recovery and using the first during day and using history of whoo whitening line at night. Is that ok? I'll try the age recovery line after i finish the first line. Is that ok if i use ohui products during the day and history of whoo at night?

    Thank you,


  77. Hello Anonymous!!! :) Welcome!

    No problem :D!

    Since you are 14, and most problems teenagers have is oil/breakouts - but if you find that using an anti-aging for prevention is fine, then go right ahead :) Nonetheless, it is crucial to have a skin care routine (cleansing, toning, essence (optional - depending on your needs), cream (for hydration) and SUN PROTECTION!!!

    May I ask if you exfoliate twice a week? Besides exfoliating which helps to remove the excess dead skin cells (which can lead to clogged pores: breakouts) a clay-mask may help with your oily t-zone. If you are not sensitive to alcohol, the Charmzone Dasima Mineral Pack is a great treatment to help with blackheads/whiteheads, and help to unclog stubborn pores. Clay-masks help to absorb excess oil on the skin! Highly recommend a clay-mask treatment once a week for you!!! :)

    It really gets annoying when products get immune within a month right - waste of money when a product stops working for you!!! I don't want you to spend so much money on products and it ends up not working after a while. From my experience and my friends, The History of Whoo Seol Whitening line (brightening/whitening) has not gotten immune to my skin or my friends. The products still end up working for years believe it or not haha - which makes the company very reputable. Although Whoo is targeted for people in their mid 20's and up - it is fine to use some of the products from their line, like the Soo Yeon (water-based) and their Whitening Line - since they are not too rich for younger skin/oilier skin.

    To start off, you may just want to include one product from The History of Whoo Seol Whitening line and see how you like it. These products are very pricey mind you, so asking for some samples if you have any Whoo counters available in your area? There are sellers on eBay that sell some samples for customers to try out before purchasing (let me know what type of products you are looking for: cream, essence, lotion?).

    Haha! In my opinion, the early the better. Prevention is key, curing the skin problem is not so easy. I started taking care of my skin since I was 12. It really pays off trust me!!! It depends on what skin care products you choose and find that work for your skin. Once you get into the habit of a routine, your SET! Make sure not to use cheap skin care products, always invest for good quality!!!

    Thank you so much Anonymous!!!!!!! Please let me know how everything works out :D!!! <3!

  78. Hi lovekoreaproducts :D!!!

    Thank you so much!!! <3! I'm glad it is helping you :D

    You will love the Whitening Jinaek Program Kit - its AMAZING!!!

    Yes I am! I haven't tried much - I have The First sample kit, and will eventually use it after my skin care products are done! I will be reviewing some OHUI products in a few weeks time!!! :)

    No worries, it is absolutely fine to use the OHUI products in the morning, and the Whoo Seol Whitening line at night. Usually whitening products are best kept for nighttime use because it can cause tanning during the day if you don't wear a high SPF. If you do decided to use the whitening line in the morning, make sure to use an SPF with +++ for full sun protection!

    My pleasure! :)


  79. hey korean skin care! really love ur blog n really helped me knowing more bout korean brands ^^

    wanna consult to you about something though. rite now I need 3 types of skincare
    -hydrating, since my skin is oily dehydrated
    -pore reducing, I have really large pores with stubborn blackheads >.<
    -whitening/lightening, few black spots due to sun exposure n old acne scars

    do u have any product suggestion for me? I'm currently using IOPE Aquain line as my basic hydrating care n I just ran out of my Innisfree white tone up serum. usually I use hydrating skincare in the morning and whitening skincare at night. but these pores starting to bug me a lot so I think I need to squeeze a pore reducing serum in either of my regime. I do exfoliate regularly 1-2 times a week and never leave my house without a sunscreen.

    I heard the newest raved item in korea is It's Skin Prestige Creme d'Escargot which is made from snail's mucin (or muccus?). have u heard or tried it? from the description, looks like it have everything I need, from hydrating, brightening, to pore tightener. but I'm trying to get as many reviews as I could b4 I decided to buy it. its pretty pricey V_V

    n I also wanna ask about the scent of either Seol and Snowise,,which one is more bearable? my mom is looking for a new whitening line to replace her Continue HM (Hankook Cosmetics). I might recommend either Seol or Snowise but she's curious about the smell. she tried Sansim from Hankook n the smell almost make her faint! thats why she's a little discouraged by korean medicine skincare brands haha

    thx a lot for replying my comment n I'm sorry if its too long ^^;

  80. lovekoreanproductsTuesday, May 10, 2011

    hi korean skin care,

    I forgot to ask... can i use the brightening gel everyday? I know i am suppose to use it before the whitening program but do i use it everyday? Oh and do you have any recommendations on a pole reducing product that i can add to my whitening or the first line? My pores around my cheeks are getting bigger.

    thanks for your help,


  81. I love love love the Sansim smell !! It smells very herbal and therapeutic to me! She shouldnt try the Jinyul or the Refining line then since they smell pretty herbal too.

    the creme escargot is ace, and you should def try it! there are some starter's kit available so if you're not sure, purchase the starters kit first

  82. hopeinablog,

    yeah actually I heard bout those snail creams from ur blog ^^ hv u had any reviews of it? where could I get the starter kit/sample? I lived in Indonesia so I'm not sure about purchasing from gmarket ^^;

  83. hehe they're only available on Gmarket. or if you have an it's skin store in Indonesia, you could ask them for some samples!

  84. Hi ReY! Thank you so much!!! :D

    Hydration: Since you have oily/dehydrated skin, any water-based line is my recommendation for you because it will not only hydrate, and also help balance the oil levels in your skin. I have tried Laneige Hydra Solution Essence, although it is a great product, I found that it didn't hydrate my skin enough. The History of Whoo Soo Yeon line is not only light, but it REALLY plumps and hydrates the skin deeply. The Soo Yeon Cream and Essence both work wonders in keeping skin hydrated and moisturized. The Soo Yeon Pack is a hydrating treatment - its optional, but if you would like to have a two week treatment for hydration, I would recommend the pack as well.

    Pores: Peel-Off Masks and Clay-Masks really help to remove not only excess oil, blackheads, and REFINES the texture of the skin. I'm glad you exfoliate twice a week because it does help to refine the skin too. But incorporating peel-off masks will have a major change in your pore size - peel-off masks are usually used once to twice a week. The one that I have loved is the Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask! If you would like a serum, both the Sulwhasoo Herblinic Restorative Ampoules (also helps with blemishes) and Ja Saeng Essence can help to refine the skin texture, thus, reducing pore size.

    Whitening: For spots, HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Intensive (I will be reviewing this soon!). It works wonders on spots!!! Nothing I have ever tried before. Joseibi, from had an excellent outcome from using the whole Seol Whitening line. The Whitening Intensive is a miracle product for scars/dark marks/freckles.

    In regards to the scents, the Sulwhasoo Snowise line is really herbal and the Seol Whitening line is also herbal, but it can be putting off for some. I usually prefer Sulwhasoo scents, they smell very natural herbal. I think you mom will love the Sulwhasoo Snowise scent. The results are really different: Whoo Seol Whitening helps with dark marks and lightening of the skin. While the Sulwhasoo Snowise helps to really give a natural glow from within the skin. Lol! I understand! Some medicinal products are really strong in scent, Sulwhasoo's is much more natural smelling!!!

    Sorry ReY, I have not tried any snail creams haha!

    But, do you have any Sulwhasoo or The History of Whoo counters in Indonesia? Maybe at the airport? Usually they are at Duty Free!

    I hope this helps!!! Please let me know if you need any help :D <3!

  85. Hi LoveKoreanProducts :)

    I used it everyday after cleansing! But if you don't have the time (it can be a hassle haha) you can use it only at night time. Its a prep for the Whitening Jinaek Essence. As for pores, adding a peel-off mask is my top recommendation: either Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask or Whoo Brightening Peel-Off-Pack to help refine the skin. But if you would like a serum, the Ja Saeng Essence from Whoo or Sulwhasoo Herblinic Restorative Ampoules helps to detoxify and cleanse the skin - thus, leading to smaller pores and refined skin.

    ***Never forget to exfoliate twice a week, and if you have it in your budget, adding a peel-off mask can do wonders!!! :D

    Let me know how everything works out dear <3!

  86. Hi Korean Skin Care,
    I love your review. Thank you very much.
    I was introduced to Korean Skin Care recently and bought Sulwhasoo's Extra refining products. Now I am using Sulwhasoo cleansing foam, Extra refining water, Extra refining emulsion, Extra refining serum, Extra refining eye cream, and Extra refining cream every day and night. I love the scent of Sulwhasoo. After using it for 2 weeks, my skin is more hydrated, softer and brighter. However, I have some blemishes on my face and under my lips too. Is it because this line is too oily for me? I am 42 year old and have combination skin. My main concern is to even my skin tone, brighten and whiten my skin. And more important, I want to correct the problems of the eye bags, dark circle and fine lines under my eyes. Can you recommend a product line for me? Should I change to the basic line of Sulwhasoo or should I use The History of Whoo? And which line / products in the history of whoo are better for my case.

    Thank you very much.


  87. Oh, Korean Skin Care,
    I forgot to ask you. Do you know any products of the Laneige are good? What about their eye creams?


  88. Hi Korean Skin Care,
    After using Sulwhasoo extra refining line for more than 2 weeks and I have some break out as well. Now I stop using Extra refining serum and Extra refining cream, only use the Extra refining water and Extra refining emulsion, Extra refining eye cream then the snowise uv protection. Is it ok?


  89. Hi Korean Skin Care,
    I would love to try "History of Whoo" to lighten my overall skin complexion. My ears and neck look distant cousins of my face. I dont have any breakouts or marks on my face, its only that my face is 2-3 shades darker than my rest of the body including my ears and neck. I get exposed to sun everyday for almost half an hour except the weekends. Could you suggest me which sample kit of "History of Whoo" I can try or which products of this line I should buy to just lighten my overall face complexion? Does all the above mentioned products are required (or I can skip a few as they are very expensive) and should be applied one after the other on the face? Please guide me. Many thanks in advance. Cheers.....

  90. ah! sorry, forgot to mention that I have an oily skin and I live in tropical weather. thank you.

  91. Hi Crystal :) Thank you so much!!!

    I'm sorry to hear that! The Extra Refining line may be too rich for you? The Extra Refining Serum and Cream is SUPER rich, and it can definitely cause breakouts/milia if your skin is normal/oily. Since you are 42 (recommended line for your age group), you may want to use a more lighter textured cream since you have combination skin - BUT if you are in a budget, since the Extra Refining line is not cheap, don't apply too much product. Honestly, a little goes a long way. If you apply too much product, it can be one of the causes to your breakouts. Massage each product thoroughly until FULLY absorbed.

    As for Laneige, I wouldn't recommend it for you because it sinks into the skin so rapidly, sometimes you don't feel like you put anything on and you skin will still feel like you need more cream. Laneige is recommended for the more younger groups - 15-22. I tried the Laneige White Plus Renew Eye Serum and it was not my favourite at all!!! My all time favourite eye creams are the Qi&Jin Cream and Hwa Hyun Cream from The History of Whoo - TOP recommendations for dark circles and bags!

    Its fine that you have cut out the essence and cream (try to apply a little to see if there is a difference), but if you find that it does break you out, the routine/steps you are currently doing is fine :)

    As for brightening/lightening, The History of Whoo Seol Whitening line is EXCELLENT. If you like essences, the Whitening Essence is amazing!!! The whole whitening line works - I will be doing a review on the whitening intensive and peel-off-pack shortly!

    Let me know if you need any help Crystal! <3!!!

  92. Dear Shelly :) Welcome!

    For me personally, The History of Whoo Whitening line produces amazing results even if you don't use the whole line (although it is recommended - you will still see results). What I would recommend is the Whitening Skin Balancer, Whitening Essence, Whitening Lotion and Whitening Cream from the Seol Whitening line. ALWAYS apply sunscreen in the morning!!! And never forget to apply to the neck area too :) This line should be fine for oily skin! It will not make skin greasy at all and absorbs instantly! You should see results in about two weeks time, full results vary, but give it about a month. This line is amazing in lightening the skin, and even removing stubborn dark marks/scars :)

    Let me know how it goes Shelly!


  93. Hi Korean Skin Care,
    Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, I have I just bought The History of Whoo Whitening gift box in a store yesterday and it includes 40ml Whitening cleansing Foam, 130ml Whitening Balance water, 110ml Whitening Lotion, 4ml Whitening Intensive, 20ml Ja Sang Essence, 40ml Whitening cream, 20ml soo Yeon Essence. I was also given a sample gift box in JinYul line with JinYul eye cream in it. Is JinYul eye cream good for eye bag, dark circle and the fine lines around eye area? How it compare to Sulwhasoo's Rejuvenating eye cream or Sulwhasoo's Extra Refining eye cream?

    Here is my day routine: Whitening Cleansing Foam, Whitening Balance water, Soo Yeon Essence, Ja Sang Essence, JinYul Eye cream, Intensive cream, Whitening lotion, then Sulwhasoo UV protection cream. The night Routine is: Whitening Cleansing Foam, Whitening Balance water, Whitening Essence, Ja Sang Essence, JinYul eye cream, Intensive cream, Whitening Lotion, Whitening Cream. Is it right routine?
    Is it right that only apply eye cream for eye area, no any Essence or anything else? In the morning, when I apply the UV protection, should I apply to eye area? If not, then what should I apply after eye cream to protect the eye area?
    I have combination skin with oily T-Zone. Do you know any product is good to correct the oily T-Zone?
    I love Sulwhasoo and the Extra Refining line is very expensive. But I guess I will save them for winter time. And now I am using The history of whoo's whitening line.

    Once again, thank you very much for your great help.


  94. Hi Korean skin care,
    Thank you very much for your guidence. I will try this brand now and will letyou know what happens. :-) Could you also suggest me a good sunscreen? I am using shiseido spf 50 now but it makes my oily skin greasy and leaves whitish/greyish residue on my face. I have to change it badly. :-).

  95. Hi Korean Skin Care!

    I just placed an order with one of the e-bay merchants you recommended for the whitening cream samples. I'm already very fair but have recently developed some age spots on the sides of my face even though I religiously apply sunscreen (I'm only 27!) and I'd also just like to get rid of the freckles I've had forever.

    I wanted to ask you about any recommendations you have for acne. Over the past year my skin has reverted back to its former teenage self and has been quite a nuisance. I've been able to control it a bit with a heavy regimen of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide (from I'd really like to be able to use a combination of these whitening product while still fighting my acne. Any recommendations? If it is okay to still use my BP, how should I fit this into my regimen? Perhaps there is a History of Whoo or similar line that has any products that would treat acne and work with the lightening/brightening products better...the BP has a rather dulling effect, but dullness is better than cystic blemishes for sure.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

  96. hi koream skin care. you do a good job here. I use SK II but want to try something more effective. thinking of the secret of whoo. my goal is to lighten not only my face and neck but to go a shade or 2 lighter all over my body. i see people concentrate only on face and neck but fail to talk about hands and legs as well. I assume i would have to go with your recommendation to Shelly made on 24th May for face and neck. how about for entire body? thanks

  97. Hello Crystal!!! :)

    I am SO SORRY for the late response (this goes to all my readers!). I have been really busy lately, but have the chance to reply to everyone :)

    Yay! I hope you are enjoying the whitening products!!! Yes The Jinyul Eye Cream is great for bags, and 'lifting' and 'loosening' the eye area. It also helps circulate the skin around the eyes, which helps to brighten, decrease dark circles and puffiness - I really love this eye cream!

    I have only tried the Sulwhasoo Anti-Aging Eye Cream, which is a older version - it was REALLY rich, but the newly upgraded is super light. Both function as the same, except that the Jinyul Eye Cream helps lift the eye area.

    Your routine is excellent! If you wish, you can apply the Ja Saeng Essence around the eyes and laugh lines. But it is not necessary because you can do that with your eye cream anyways haha. If your eyes are not sensitive, you can dab some sunscreen around your eyes. I do that, and I find it helps. There really is no need for a separate eye protection - UNLESS your eyes are sensitive, test first!

    What really helps with oil is first, allowing each product to absorb fully into the skin - don't rush to each product. Second, incorporate a clay-mask to help absorb the oil twice a week! It will really help - I love the Charmzone Dasima Mineral Pack. I agree, sometimes some products can be too rich (such as the Extra Refining) so only when you feel you need the extra hydration you can use it, but you can keep it until the winter time, just make sure you store them correctly since they expire within 6 - 12 month period after it is opened.

    Its my pleasure, please keep my updated!!! <3!

  98. Hi Brandy! :)

    Age spots can be caused for various reason, even hormonal imbalance! Switching to a higher SPF would be essential if you find yourself outside a lot during the day (especially between 11am - 4pm). They can be really annoying! The Whitening Cream is VERY effective, and if you have it in your budget, the Whitening Intensive (spot treatment) would be my top recommendation for fading those spots!

    Adult acne is usually solved by hydration - as we get older, our skin changes, usually to the drier side. Always ALWAYS use products that are really hydrating to the skin. Although Benzoyl Peroxide helps the acne, it doesn't treat it - it will even dry out the skin even more. I have had great success with Sulwhasoo Herblinic Restorative Ampoule - this product helps restore your skin to a balanced state: fights blemishes, acne, blackheads, bumps, refines skin texture and moisturizes. I would only recommend you use your Benzoyl Peroxide at night - is it a cream or gel based product?

    The History of Whoo had a acne line called Chung-Yeo, it has been discontinued, BUT there are sellers on eBay selling some sample packets - they should not be old though because it just recently got discontinued (reason being was sales, but the SA at The History of Whoo said it works great!).

    Which whitening products are you interested in Brandy? :)


  99. Hi Shelly! :)

    You're welcome!

    One sunscreen I LOVE is the Charmzone Albatross SPF 41 - it works really great in keeping skin matte and does not leave a cast whatsoever. Makes skin soft and super dewy, LOVE IT!!!

    Let me know how everything works out! :) <3!

  100. Hello CoolJade :)

    Thank you!!! :)

    The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Line is amazing! For body care, never forget sunscreen, especially for more exposed areas like hands and neck. Usually, I apply my whitening products on both my neck and hands. But if you want a whitening body lotion, Su:m37 has a Whitening Body Lotion - I have not tried it, but heard it really helps to lighten the body.

    Here is a link of where you can purchase it:

    Let me know if you need any help :) <3!

  101. hi there, I also love this line, especially the intensive balm and the peel off pack, but I don't use the whole line as my skin is dry combination so I need sth more hydrating. Therefore my daily skincare regime is a mix of Ja Saeng essence, Whitening peel off pack, Whitening intensive and Secret Court cream. Sooryehan is a lover brand but somehow similar to Whoo and could give instant results too but not as strong as Whoo of course! Hope to see your reviews on Sooryehan soon. Thanks!

  102. Thank you Korean Skin Care..... will surely let you know the result, the whoo products are still on the way, haven't got them yet.....waiting..... :-)

  103. Thank you for the informative response!I've ordered samples online for the Sulwhasoo Herblinic Restorative Ampoules like you suggested as well as the The History Of Whoo Seol Whitening Cream. I will definitely give the spot treatment you recommend a try as well. To answer your question, the benzoyl peroxide I use is almost like a cream-gel.

    Which moisturizer would you suggest for me to hydrate me well enough without exacerbating my acne? Also, is there any particular sunscreen you'd recommend? I really like to use physical sunblocks to minimize irritation, but I'm open to any suggestions.

    Thanks so much for your help!

  104. Oh, I see now that you recommended the Charmzone Albatross SPF 41. I was only able to find it on Amazon, is this the one? Also, is there someplace else I could get this cheaper?

    Thanks again!

  105. Hi Korean Skin Care,
    Thank you so much for your review. Your opinions are very valuable. Can you please write a review on BB creams?


  106. Hi Korean Skin Care:
    I am from Karachi, PAkistan. Our city has the worst humid weather resulting the complexion of people dull, dark and dehydrated. My skin has been very good until I got married. My complexion was wheatish but now it has turned to dull dark uneven and extremely dehydrated (no oils and moist). I have also faced several diarrhea infection during past 10 years (I have 3 kidz). Even the complexion of my hands and arms have black patches all over. I have started treated my skin at SPA who gave me 2 Multipower Whitening O2 facials and one Hydra-dine DI. I observed bit improvement but not very much. I am also using daily exfoliant at night and SPF 30 sunblock in day time. This has cost too much and far from my budget. YEsterday my mother prepared natural home based toner for me to put on my face for whole night. It contains lemon juice, rose water, glycerine and honey. Could you pls advice if it is not harmful for my dull, dark dehydrated skin? Could you pls advice some low priced but fine quality skin care product which can be easily found in our city?

    Thanks and regards,

  107. Hi Korean Skin Care,

    Started using the history of whoo whitening products, I cant say about whitening effect but somehow skin texture has improved a lot, a good dewy effect, skin looks healthy.....I have ordered for Intensive, let me apply that with the other whoo products and check if that gives me a noticiable whitening effect. Thank you so much. Your recommended sunscreen is on the way. Korean products are awesome. :-)

  108. Hi bocol8te! :)

    I am so glad you love The History of Whoo Seol Whitening line! I have been hearing rave reviews on IOPE's newly and upgraded whitening line. I may give it a try and do a full review on the whole line!!! Whoo is definitely a brand that stays in the top of high quality and effectiveness!

    I will look into SooRyeHan products as well - I may give their whitening products a try! :)

    Thank you love <3!

  109. Hi Brandy!!! :)

    Oh okay, since the benzoyl peroxide is a cream-gel based product, I recommend you use it AFTER the lotion/essence, and then top up with a hydrating cream. My all time favourite cream is the Qi&Jin Cream from The History of Whoo. It is super moist and hydrating, without making skin greasy. I highly recommend it for dry skin - and the benzoyl peroxide can be drying!!!

    As for the Charmzone Albatross Sunscreen - if you are familiar with Gmarket, it is much cheaper there:

    I bought mine for $40, but they always mark up the prices here in North America. But in Gmarket, a seller is selling it for $18 - huge savings!

    Please let me know how the Herblinic Ampoules have worked out for you!

  110. Hi Shelly!!! <3

    Allow the products to adjust to your skin. ALWAYS ALWAYS apply a HIGH SPF in the morning if you choose to use the Seol Whitening products in the morning. Please keep me updated!!!

    Thank you! They sure are amazing - the investment in high technology for skin care in very important in Korea. Which is why many of these top luxury Korean skin care products work :) <3

  111. Hi Saima! :) Welcome!!! <3

    The environment can have a HUGE impact in our skin. I am not aware of any products in Pakistan. But if you are fine with purchasing online, I would highly recommend purchasing some sample packets to see whether you like the products or not.

    The History of Whoo Whitening line really helps to lighten and even out the skin. It is a natural herb based line that targets skin problems to the epidermis of the skin - the selected and concentrated herbs for the whitening line are stabilized into nano particles to help treat the skin problem. I would suggest using the Whitening Skin Balancer, Whitening Essence, and Whitening Lotion. They are some great deals on eBay sold by reliable sellers:

    Whitening Skin Balancer + Whitening Lotion:

    Whitening Essence:

    These products should be used day and night - the steps are: wash the face, tone (whitening skin balancer), essence (whitening essence), lotion to seal in the essence (whitening lotion), and if you wish to use a hydrating cream, you apply it after your lotion. When used in the morning, you should apply a HIGH spf. Please keep in mind that these products are not really hydrating, so you may need to use a hydrating cream of your choice after the lotion.

    I hope this helps Saima!!! Please keep me updated, and if you have any further questions, feel free to ask <3!

  112. Hi Korean Skin Care,

    I came across your blog and I must say that your blog is very informative. I am currently using the History of Whoo Seol line after seeing your raves.

    I learned that high SPF sunblock must be used when using the whitening line in the daytime. I would like to ask if you reapply the sunblock in the noon?

    Can you recommend me a scrub that can be used to gently exfoliate skin (sensitive skin) once or twice a week?

    And also, have you ever try Sulwhasoo makeup? Do you know how to indicate their foundation shades?

    Really appreciate and looking forward for your reply. Thanks a lot!

  113. where do I buy? I'm from the US. tons of dark spots and mild acne scars!

  114. so many products I don't know which one to use? I need two? lol unsure! a wash and a lotion? face is dry/acne spots that don't go away and mild acne scars. help!

  115. Hi Korean Skin Care,
    I have used The History of Whoo Whitening line (Balancer, Essence, Lotion, cream, intensive) for 2 months and the effect is amazing. My skin became softer, brighter, lighter and smother. The acne scar became lighter as well. But I want to mention one thing is: the first time after I used the whitening cleanser foam, I felt a bit dry. But after a few days, I didn't have the dry feeling. I guess it is because my skin kind of adjusted it. Now I use the whole line day and night. I am very happy about it. Thank you very much for the valuable information about skin care.
    I do have a few questions to you. What is the difference between The history of whoo's Mi Essential base and the Luxury Base? Which one is better? Do you know any skin product can make the pore around the nose smaller?


  116. Hi this product caught my interest since i'm looking for a product that'll make my skin evened-out and fair, but i was wondering where did you get this from? Like from some website or something?

    - Annie.L :)

  117. Hi, Korean skincare?
    do you know which product is better of whitening line between O hui white extreme and seol line ?

  118. Hello fr Spore!
    I hv not used any korean sincare but cant wait to try them now. I have very oily skin with lots of blackheads and milia. I'm keen to try the clarifying mask and the herblinic ampoules. What else is good for me. Thx for any suggestion at all.
    Great blog by the way!

  119. Hi there,
    Just found your blog after googling about Sulwhasoo and Whoo products, I'm really glad I found it because I cannot find any other sites in English that reviews and explains about the products so well.

    I got about 2 weeks worth of samples of this line and planning to buy the full size after trying it out, I figured out the order of applying the products from reading this post (thank god!) otherwise I'll be so confused!! I just have one question, I'm wondering after applying one product e.g. the skin balancer, how long do i have to wait to apply the next step, the essence, I put it on after about 20 to 30 seconds, is that ok? I thought to wait until the product fully absorbs first but i don't see that happening until after more than a minute or two (with the Essence & the Lotion). I hope you can answer my question. I want to use the products appropriately so that i can see results, I have been trying to lighten my freckles and acne scars for the longest time, I've tried so many products and am hoping to see results with this line!

    Thanks you so much for reviewing this, I really appreciate it =D


  120. hi Korea skin care?
    i have a question,my face is normal to oil what would you recommend and what would you recommend to get my black spot this appear

  121. hi Korean Skin Care,

    I'm so happy to find your blog. I have been tempted to try the History of Whoo whitening line for a long time, yet never made the decision.

    But after your post I think I am going to buy the products. Just have a question: among the whole line, which product do you think would most effectively whiten the skin?

    I am after the 'lightening' effect more than the 'brightening' side, since I have tried Lancome Blanc Expert and it doesnt show much result for me.

    Thank you Korean Skin Care!

  122. Hello Korean Skin Care,

    Love your blog here!!! I've been using Whoo whitening products together with the The history of Whoo Whitening Jinaek Program Kit since last month (September 21). My skin becomes so soft and my blemishes are slightly fading away.
    One thing that I'm worried about is that my face becomes very tan. Is this normal? I haven't accomplished this kind of suntan for 31 years.

    Many thanks in advance


  123. Ooop, I forgot to type the "Essence." Yes, I have been using The history of Whoo Whitening Essence Program Kit.

    Morning ritual: brightening cleansing foam, brightening jells, brightening water (3 times a week), whitening soft toner, whitening essence, whitening program kit, whitening lotion, whitening cream and the History of Whoo Hae Yoon Sun Cream SPF 45 (this sunscreen gives me headache).

    Night ritual: brightening cleansing foam, brightening jells, whitening balancer, whitening essence, whitening program kit, whitening extensive, whitening lotion and last is the whitening cream.

    I stopped my morning ritual two weeks ago since I noticed that my face was getting darker than the rest of my body which is pale. Two days ago, I started applying again my "morning ritual" after I received my new sunscreen (Whoo Whitening Sun Cream SPF45)- love this sunscreen!

    Yesterday, my friend asked me what I have been putting on my face because she wanted that tan-look I have. I told her everything. She said that her cousin tried this whitening essence program kit to get rid of her stubborn blemishes. And that her cousin went through the same worrisome situation as I do. She stated that this whitening essence program kit works under the skin as it prefers for the exfoliation process. She said that after I'll finish my whitening essence program kit, I should order the Seol Whitening Jinaek Program. What do you think? Please help!!!

    Thanks again


  124. Dear Korean Skin Care,

    I am soooo tempted to try the whole line. My skin is quite fair. My main concern is some blemish scars and uneven skin tone. I like my skin fair in the sense that it looks bright and translucent, not ghostly white. Do u still recommend this line?

    Also, my skin easily gets congested. Is it still ok to use this range, despite the fact that there are so many products will be applied on skin?

    I'm thinking of buying the cleanser, balancer, essence, lotion, intensive cream and whitening cream. I still have a nearly full bottle of fabulous face oil from Aesop, which I really love. How should I fit the oil in my daily skin care routine?

    Thanks a lot for ur help!!! x

  125. Dear Korean Skin care,
    Greetings from Malaysia ! Your blog seems informative and I'm interested in using Korean skin care as western products didn't quite give me the results I wanted.

    Maybe some background of myself would help. I've used Jurlique, SK-II and La-Mer in the past and I'm currently using Fresh skincare. First of all, I'm 42 years old and I've combination dry skin. I had breakouts when I used Jurlique Replenishing Daycream, but I'm fine with LaMer moisturising cream or Fresh creme Ancienne. I have some light brown tiny spots and some blemish scar which I would like to get rid of and a glowing face. I've fair skin and quite even-toned. I go facial once a month (using Celmonze treatment products). Which products would you recommend ? Sulwhasoo (basic + snowise) or the History of Whoo Seol line ?

    I'm going to Korea soon and would like to get some of these but I'm afraid these products would give me breakouts or rashes. Please advise.
    (1) The History of Whoo Brightening Cleanser
    (2) " Skin Balancer
    (3) " Essence
    (4) " Lotion
    (5)IOPE sunblock white
    (6) Sulwhasoo concentrated ginseng cream or (7) Qi & Jin Cream (which is more suitable for me?)

    Can I skip the essence as a starter ? or Should I instead get Sulwhasoo basic line balancing water and emulsion, plus few products from Snowise ???

    Another question is I've 2 daughters aged 14+ and 17. Both have combination skin and have breakouts occasionally when they sleep late or during exam period. Which brand would you recommend ? Is The Face Shop or Laneige ok for them ? What products in the brand that you'd recommend ?

    Thanks heaps !

  126. Oops, sorry. what I meant was I want a glowing face which I dont have now. And would like to get rid of those brown spots.

  127. Hi,

    I have been using the Seol whitening line and have been experiencing a breakout after starting the line for 5 days and it's still the same for over two weeks of use. I don't see any improvements in my skin tone yet. Has anyone experienced with the same problem? I have been wondering if they ever sell the fake lines out there. I checked with the seller if all the line is authentic and she had confirmed it. But still I'm confused. Please help me how to identify the fake lines of The History of Whoo.

  128. Replying to the previous anonymous post
    I got samples of the whitening line and had similar experience as you after using for a week,except mine wasn't really a breakout. I have whiteheads forming around my cheeks which i never used to have and they became pimples which i start to pop and scratch them causing them to be inflamed therefore becoming pimples. I bought the whole line in samples sizes, the main reason was to clear my freckles and some minor acne marks. I stopped for a month and the whiteheads slowly went away. I started recently using it again thinking that maybe last time it was a coincidence for the whiteheads forming but it happened again and my skin became itchy with those annoying whiteheads. I still have scars from the previous time i scratched off those pimples. I am thinking maybe the product is too rich and doesn't absorb well into the skin therefore blocking the pores causing the skin not be able to breathe which is the main reason for whiteheads forming.

  129. I am going to Korea soon, it's great to know about this brand as I only knew about Sulwhasoo before

    1. It costs a lot more in Korea than here in the US. Trust me. We saw those products at the Korea airport duty free shop and the prices are a lot higher.

  130. Hello everyone! I am totaly new to Korean cosmetics, just got me some basic to try, like Senite cleansing foam, which I love, found some Ovl'eau black ginseng cream-love the smell and feel but it doesn't agree with my skin. Maybe I'm using too much? It makes my face greasy and few spots popped on my forehead.I do have oily skin, not sensitive though.
    It is very hard to find info about Korean products so perhaps you could help me?
    From what I learned so far, I am interested in SU:M, WHOO and SULWHASOO. I can find samples on ebay and try but I don't know which one!What about DANAHAN?
    I am 51, have some wrinkless around the eyes and in between my eyes and deeper smile lines. My skin is in decent shape, very pale, prone to brakeouts b/c of the oilyness.
    I was told many times that I don't look my age.
    My skin is loosing elasticity and I am not looking for whitening effect or at least not yet.
    One more thing. With all the products on ebay,I wonder can some of them be fake? Just wonder ,if I get samples before I spend ton of money on the full size.
    I found this seller from Korea and she? is sort of helpfull but I asked for recomendation for my skin type and didn't get answer yet.
    I really would apreciate any recommendation you might have. Anybody!
    Thank you!!!

    And please forgive me for my grammar and spelling, I am not American.

  131. Hi Korean Skin Care!

    First of all, I love reading your blogs! You simply write excellent reviews! And I just bought some The History of Whoo Seol products after reading your reviews and posts!

    But now I have some concerns about trying a whole new line of products -- i'm blessed with super fair skin but am also "blessed" with oily, acne proned but thin skin all my life since I was a teenager and I live in a super humid city in Hong Kong. I get zits very easily especially when i use products that are too rich for my skin! Recently, I got some Sulwhasoo samples (the basic line) from my friend who has just returned from Korea. I was loving my samples at first as they really made my skin look supple and radiant, however, this pleasant experience only lasted for a few days. Within a week, there were patches of zits developed around my lips and chins! I know I get zits easily, but I usually just get one or two on my face... so i know something must have gone wrong with the skincare I used.

    Now my main concern is whether The History of Whoo (the Whitening line)will be too rich for me. Are they good for oily skinned people like me? is it ok if I skip the whitening cream during day time if it's too rich for me? I really want to love this new line after reading all the excellent reviews here and there, but I really don't want to suffer from pimples and scars again from using the wrong stuff. Afterall, it's meaningless to keep using whitening products while i constantly have flaws on my skin!

    Can you advise?

  132. I just purchased the History of Whoo Seol Whitening set, whcih was a great deal. I like the cleanser the most. I cleans well, the intensive was a little bit difficult to apply to the dark spots becuase it felt like clay. The cream was great but it may not be strong enough to nourish dry skin during the winter. I recommend Jinyulhyang line for dry skin during the winter. One important thing I recommend during the day is to use the Seol Sunscreen to prevent further sunspots or to prevent skin and existing sunspots from redarkening.

  133. Hi, I really love your blog.I am a 42yrs and an Indian with mild pigmentation. Would like to get back my flawless fairer skin.I have just received the seol balancer and lotion....for starters should I just use these to see if it helps or is the essence absolutely necessary?Sinace I am on a budget what seol products are a must to see effects.Thanks

  134. Hi,am Angela.I have question to ask you.
    I am 25s,I have normal skin and my skin is better but I want to use product that make my face firm and not sag.could you introduce some thing for me to use for firm and anti aging.?thanks

  135. hi. i want to ask if this product suitable for 20 yo skin? i would like to try this line. i havent found the perfect skincare for my skin :( pleaseanswer thanks

  136. Hi,

    I have the entire line of Sulwhasoo's snowise. My goal is only to lighten/fade my freckles. I still have a lot of Snowise left and not much budget left for Whoo. If I were to try Whoo products to lighten my freckles, what is "the" product to get?

    Thank you for your advise.

  137. hi,
    Thank you so much for taking time to post all useful and helpful information on line since these products have a very limited instruction in English on how to use them. I have bought almost everything on that Whitenting line (foam cleanser, toner, balancer, essence, intensive, lotion, cream and even sunscreen) and have been using them for almost 5 months, but see just a little effect of how my skin becomes. I still have age spots (a little lighter than before I started using the products) and now I see a new product on your blog saying:

    The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Program Kit (40ml Gel + 10ml Jinaek Essence Program)

    Would you please tell me what it is and how this one is used and works and from those products I already had, what else do I need to buy in order to treat those dark aging spots.
    Thank you very much. And I wish they will have English instructions on these products so foreigners like me would not feeling confused and wasting $ buying things but not knowing how to use and make them work. Thanks again for your time.


  139. Hi, may i know if i can use these products : Step 1 Whitening Skin Balancer
    Step 2 Whitening Lotion
    Step 3 Whitening Intensive
    Step 4 Whitening and Moisture Cream
    Step 5 Whitening Peel Off Pack (1/wk)
    For both day and night ?
    For people who have wrinkles and eye bags , can u recommend me a product that works really well ? THANK U SO MUCH FOR READING THIS ! :D

  140. Hi Korean skin care,
    I was sold by your detailed review of the history of whoo seol range and got my sis to buy thewhole range for me.

    I am in my late 30s and have combination oily skin. I have been using the full range in the morning for 1.5 months
    now and I really like the cleanser and brightening gel which not only visibily soften and brighten my skin, my open pores around my nose also look more refined after use. I also like the skin balancer which gets absorbed by my skinvery quickly. The intensive has a waxy texture that glides on smoothly and the cream goes on smoothly and leaves a smooth and satiny finish which means I can skip the primer and go straight to the foundation.

    The only two items which I find a tad oily for my skin in a tropical country that has high humidity is the jinaek program and the lotion. It takes a while foreach of these products to be absorbed into my skin even though I used your suggested method to improve absorption.

    Overall,my skin has lightened and brightened and it feels smoother. I am definitely going to get my sis to stock up for me when she next go to korea. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful line of products in your blog.

    1. Hi Fusspot,

      May I know if you are still using The history of whoo seol range now? As I have started on this product but am tempted to try out, would appreciate if you could be so kind to answer some of questions. Thanks.
      1)Does the brightening still last?

      2)I notice that there are the lotion and cream. Can I just use either one or must I use both? ( they are like "brightening moisturisers", right?)
      Like you, I come from a place where it is hot and humid all year round. So, I don't quite like the idea of slapping so much things on my face.

      3) Does the cleanser clean off makeup as well?

      4)I thinking of sharing the cleanser with my 13-year-old girl, not too sure if it's ok to do so.

      Sorry for the long list of questions. Thanks in advance.

      BTW, I have freckles on my cheeks but generally am fair.

  141. Hello, sorry for my bad English but I speak mostly French I'm Belgian! My question is: I want to know which between History of Whoo and Sulwhasoo is the most natural, ie one that uses the least bad ingredients like parabens, silicone, etc ... I use a mix of the two brands as First Care Serum Sul, Hyun Hwan Balancer, herb soap Sulwhasoo, Brightening cleansing foam Whoo, Sulwhasoo ginseng cream. Thank you and goodbye!

  142. Would you please tell me what it is and how this one is used and works .
    acupuncture houston

  143. If I have to choose only one product from the Seoul Whitening line, which one should I choose to whiten and brighten my skin? Also, please compare the IOPE whitegen ampoule essence (I have read your IOPE blog) to this Seoul Whitening Essence, which is a better one in term of whitening effect while not causing irritation to skin? I am 23 years old, so am I suitable to use both product (because I read from some review that IOPE is meant for more matured skin). Thanks.

  144. I have a quastion! I understood that the whitening Jinaek program kit is a 4 week program, Do i need to use it only this kit for 4 weeks without the other products in the whitening line or I need to use the all other products in the whitening line+ the kit?

  145. Hi there im quite confused about the step of using the soel whitening line.
    I read alot of reviews. They have different step. May I know which is the correct step of using their product? Pls help. the step correct
    1.cleansing foam
    4.whitening lotion
    5.intensive spot
    6. whitening cream
    7. Sun block

    can use day & night?

    Pls help I really need to use this product urgently. .. Thank you

  146. Hello
    I was wondering if you could recommend some products from whoo or sulwhasoo. I'm 32 years old with oily-combo and sometimes dehydrated skin. Even at this age, I occasionally breakout. I'm most definitely interested in whoo's whitening line/program but all need to address my starting to age skin.

  147. Continuing from above... I'm starting to notice more fine lines around the eye and face when I smile and laugh and the texture of my skin is changing as well. I would greatly appreciate it if you could hep me. I'm having trouble finding products that are antiaging but not to heavy on my oily-combo skin.

  148. Hi Korean Skincare,

    I'm 23 years old and my skin is normal to dry. I have few scar marks from blemishes but not freckles.
    I want to try the line History of Whoo because I have tried the foaming cleanser and I love it.
    I want to ask if the Intensive and and the Program is essential in the routine?
    I'm thinking about buying the cleanser, the balancer, the essence, the cream and the Sulwhasoo ginseng cream?
    Could you please give me some advise since you are very knowledgeable about this line.
    Very appreciate.

  149. Hi Korean Skin Care,

    I'm from Indonesia. I have an oily skin, thus I have problem with acne prone, dark spot, and acne scar. I have using seol whitening line in the morning combine with jasaeng essence at night for my acne for about a month.. I think its really works and helps me with my problem. I can see that my dark spot and acne scar began to fade. The seol whitening line that I use is whitenning essence, whitening intensive (for the dark spot and acne scar) and whitening and moisturizer cream.
    I would like to ask for your advice for whitening and moisturizer cream. In the morning I usually use whitening essence, then whitening intensive, whitening and moisturizer cream, and sunblock. However, I fell my face has become more oily than before I use whitening and moisturizer cream. Moreover, from your review above, the whitening and moisturizer cream should be used at night, instead of in the morning. Is it why my face become more oily? Should I change the cream with whitening lotion?
    I also want to ask you regarding redness on my face. I have this problem for a long time, even before I use History of Whoo products. Every time my face exposed to sunlight, it will appear reddish. Will this line also help me with my redness since I don't see any result on my redness?
    Last question, Is it okay to continue using this product for a long time?
    Could you please advise.

    Thank you,

  150. Luxury Cosmetics : Sulwashoo Eye Cream -

  151. Hai.. I'm Jen from Indonesia..
    Can anyone help me.. i am considering to change my skincare to sulwhasoo or histrory of whoo.
    Does anyone here ever try both brand?
    Which one do you think is more suitable for combination tend to oily skin?
    and which product line do you think is best for my skin condition?

    really appreciate your help.. thank you...

  152. Hello Korean Skin Care,

    The first i visited this page I totally in love with all the reviews and details about Whoo, which is giving me much info related to this products. I have been longing for some Whoo's ingredients and ta-da! I found it here.
    If I could add one question, did you guys ever notice about the ingredient above that state "methylparaben, ethylparaben" also other paraben I forgot about (sorry) were included in Whoo ingredient? As far as I know, all paraben are being banned now from cosmetics because paraben becomes the one of breast cancer's cause.
    I writing this to ask you guys, is it still safe?

  153. Hello Korean Skin Care,

    The first i visited this page I totally in love with all the reviews and details about Whoo, which is giving me much info related to this products. I have been longing for some Whoo's ingredients and ta-da! I found it here.
    If I could add one question, did you guys ever notice about the ingredient above that state "methylparaben, ethylparaben" also other paraben I forgot about (sorry) were included in Whoo ingredient? As far as I know, all paraben are being banned now from cosmetics because paraben becomes the one of breast cancer's cause.
    I writing this to ask you guys, is it still safe?

  154. Thanks Widya Pertiwi, I was googling about paraben in Sulwhasoo and The History of Whoo, so they contain parabens?
    So sad...

    1. Hey! I was searching that too! I think WHOO uses parabens, but as far as I know all my Sulwhasoo products don't have any parabens, so I think that's good. WHOO should remove parabens too, I'm sure with demand they will... :)

  155. I'm so glad I found your review. I've been on the fence between Whoo and Sulwhasoo. I have acne scars from a cystic acne outbreak and need a scar lightening product. For the past week i started using Sulwhasoo Essential balancing water, capsulized ginseng serum, essential emulsion and firming cream as my daytime regimine. For nighttime I use Sulwhasoo Time Treasure water, capsulized ginseng serum, Time Treasure emulsion, GOA ampule and GOA cream. I received a good supply of Tonymoly acne foam wash and use it both day and night.. Somehow my skin is still dry before any product. I'm going to go with the Whoo Soel line as my daytime routine when it arrives and hopefully will get some results.

  156. Hi, I am interested in switching to The History of Whoo. I have normal skin, but freckles on the cheeks and dullness around the chin. Could you help to recommend some of the must-try products? I am really eager to lighten or best get rid of the freckles. Thanks in advance :)

  157. Can I take off my dark spot on my face with seol whitening intensive ? please advise !!!

  158. Great blog post and really helpful...... and your blog are very interesting and inspiring.
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