Sunday, December 19, 2010

The History of Whoo Soo Yeon Cream Review

~The History of Whoo Soo Yeon Cream~

Description: This is jell-type moisture cream, which protects skin dryness from various harmful oxygen and stress and provides energy like pure oxygen (the silver and platinum ingredients) on the skin and manage the bright energy and water vein of your skin (herbal ingredients). The Soo Yeon Cream melts onto the skin and restores moisture. This light textured cream contains powerful ingredients in an exquisite blend. The skin is revitalized and looks fresh and supple.

The products in The History of Whoo Soo Yeon line helps to keep your skin hydrated and protected. The word Soo means water, and the products in this line concentrate on moisture retention and work to replenish skin clarity, protecting against skin dryness. As the formulas are based on oriental medicine, these products provide a fundamental solution to dry and tired skin and ultimately protect the skin from harm. The Soo line is built around the yin-yang theory of the East (the principle of restoring yin-yang balance, replenishing materials that are lacking and controlling excessive materials), reducing redness on the skin while purifying and brightening the overall complexion. The highly defined non-sticky formula allows the products to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, works to solve skin problems, and adds radiance to the face.

Potent Ingredients: 

~Acanthopanax Sessiliflorum Seeman~

 ~Lycium Chinense Miller~


 ~Pleuropterus Multiflorus~


Review: This gel-type water-based cream is best for dry skin types. I usually get dry skin during the winter season, and always need a hydrating cream to moisturize and hydrate my skin. The SA introduced me to this cream when I went to The History of Whoo store. She guaranteed (as many Korean SA’s do haha) that this product would hydrate, brighten, and moisturize my skin. And YES, it did!!! I used this cream for more then 3 months now, consistent day and night. Its consistency is a somewhat-thick gel, but when applied to your skin, it feels like a smooth layer of water is being absorbed into the skin. The Soo Yeon line has a distinct smell; very fresh, herbal, but not a very strong scent. The main ingredients are of course the use of medicinal herbs to help with circulation, and help your skin retain moisture. In addition, silver and platinum – amazing huh? These two ingredients help to remove excess oil, impurities, and toxins, which allow the skin to absorb oxygen. The result: hydrated, moist, and plumped skin. One word of advice though, this cream may not be suitable for people over 30, as they need more hydration and richness. This cream is suitable for dry skin types around the ages of 18 to 24. I cannot stress enough how much The History of Whoo products work!


*We could honestly do without the C1 14700, colourant!* But I would definitely recommend it to those who have severe dry skin during this winter season! You will be pleased with this product :)


  1. Do u think this would be too rich for those with oily skin? Great review ! ;)

  2. Hello Hope In A Blog! Thanks!!!!! :D The Soo Yeon Cream is great for oily skin because it will help control the oil on your skin (when your skin is hydrated and moisturized, your skin will begin to decrease the amount of oils and imperfections - into a normal state), as told by the Korean SA. She stated that although this is meant for dry skin, it is still very important to hydrate your skin even if it is oily. Since it is a gel-type and not a rich textured cream like the Secret Court Cream, Qi&Jin Cream, or the Jinuyl Go Cream, it will not be rich for oily skin. Although they do have an oil-range line: Chung, it seems that The History of Whoo is not selling it anymore. They have taken it off their shelves! Lets hope a new one comes out for oily skin types :) Nonetheless, try out a sample if you have The History of Whoo store around you - they are very nice and even give you mini facials!

  3. Unfortunately there isn't any in France! ANy idea why they discontinued the CHung line?

  4. Dear Hope In A Blog, so sorry to hear that! Is there any Korean supermarket because I am sure they would sell The History of Whoo!!! Personally I do not know. Two months ago I went to The History of Whoo and saw it on display, but I was not interested in it, so I did not ask anything about the Chung line. BUT I will be going there shortly, and I will ask the SA why it was discontinued for you, because I have been hearing rave reviews that the Chung line is amazing for acne/pimples/oily skin!!! (Would you like to purchase the Chung line by any chance?). Some online stores sell them, but you would have to ask for the manufacturing date to make sure there not old :)

    Drop by anytime!!! :)

    Love, Korean Skin Care <3

  5. Thanks! We got some samples off Gmarket for the Chung line and we have yet to receive them!

  6. You're welcome :) Super! I will make a post whenever I get the updates news on the Chung line!!! :) & please let me know how it goes for you!

    Love, Korean Skin Care :)

  7. LOVEEEE the history of Whoo. I tried this cream and it also hydrated my skin very well, and even brightened it!!

  8. Hello Anonymous! :)

    Great to hear another lover of the Soo Yeon Cream!!!! I just love how it feels on my skin too, it really hydrates, and being a gel-type cream, you wouldn't expect that. But considering it is a luxury Korean brands - anything goes! Surprises after surprises hahaha!


  9. I am fifteen would you recommend this for me ?because i have really dry skin. If not what would you recommend?

  10. Hi Anonymous! :) Welcome!!!

    I am glad you are so young, yet you are aware of taking care of your skin!!!

    This would be perfect for your skin type - the Soo Yeon line is made for the younger age group (around 18-23). Since you are fifteen, and your skin is going through some hormonal change, this cream will help retain your natural moisture in your skin (bring your skin back to a balanced state). Although The History of Whoo is targeted for older age groups, it is perfectly fine using the Soo Yeon line specifically for your age group. However, I would not recommend you use the other products until you are in your late teens and twenties since your skin is still very young and I don't want these strong products harming you, although the Soo Yeon Cream won't, there are precautions!!! :)

    Considering the price, it is very expensive (I bought it for $140 CAD) If you have a budget, I would recommend you to use the skin care products from a brand called Laneige? From AMORE PACIFIC Co. This skin care brand, which is Korean, is targeted for age groups of 13-18 - I have tried their line and it is very suitable for your age group. Their Water Bank Essence is very hydrating, and so is their Hydra Solution Essence! As for creams, their Water Bank Cream for dry skin is super hydrating as well. The prices are not expensive compared to The History of Whoo!!!

    May I know if you have any skin troubles besides dry skin?

    Remember to ALWAYS use a sunscreen - the sun can dry out the skin (even in winter seasons!!!), and also facial masks (either cream masks or mask-sheets) I recommend you to use Laneige Water Sleeping Pack, which is a cream textured mask used only at night (helps to hydrate and brighten the skin with the science of the Himalayan Glacial Water), and the only sheet masks that have hydrated my skin is IOPE Whitegen Clear Mask - brightens and hydrates.

    Please let me know how everything goes!!! :)

  11. I just bought hwa hyun line of history of whoo, i used it about a week, I realy love it. But I want ask is it ok for my lillte dry skin and 37 year old to used this line? thank you. And can you tell me which mask was the best for my skin?

  12. Hi Anonymous! :)

    Sorry for not replying sooner, I have been very busy!

    The Soo Yeon line is recommended for people in their early and mid 20's. This will not hydrate enough for people over 30! I gave it to my mother to use, and she did not like the texture nor was it hydrating enough. The Soo Yeon line helps with excess sebum and moisture loss that occurs during the 20's. With that said, people over the age of 30 experience dehydrated skin that NEEDS richer products.

    The Hwa Hyun line is perfect for your skin type and age! I am so glad you are loving it!!! Which products do you like the most? If you are concerned with more hydration, then Whoo Qi & Jin Cream and Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Cream is my TOP recommendations for keeping the skin plump, SUPER MOIST AND HYDRATED!!! :)


  13. The hwa hyun line was perfet for my skin, i'm so love it. But how come if i skip hwa hyun essence because the price is so expensive for use the whole line. And can you tell me which line fore eyecare is good.
    thank you.

  14. Hi Anonymous!!!

    It is fine to skip the Hwa Hyun Essence (it is expensive!!!) - you can incorporate another essence if you wish too. Are you looking for an essence though?

    In regards to eye creams, if you want something very hydrating, The History of Whoo Qi & Jin Eye Cream is great! It helps with dark circles and puffiness, as well as being very moisturizing helps with fine and deep wrinkles! Sulwhasoo Rejuvenating Eye Cream is rich, so if you are prone to milia seeds, than I would not recommend the two - if the skin around your eyes are very dry, then you will benefit from the two! Both are great eye creams for very dry skin!

    If you want something light, the Hwa Hyun Eye Cream is the only eye cream I have tried that absorbs instantly, leaving skin glowing and moisturized but not too rich either!

    Remember when applying eye creams, to gently pat! Do not massage or rub, it will cause premature wrinkles. Patting gently helps with circulation too, and is a much better option!!! :)


  15. hi,
    I just used the seol whitening line for a week, i so love it, but one thing happen was have little break out around my face with little red pimple, it not look worst but it never happen with me like this, so i don't know it because seol line or because sun cream i have use about a week(sun cream spf 50 history of whoo).My skin is normal skin type, do you think that sun cream was too much hydrate for my skin in summer then make me break out or seol whitening line? please help and let me know keep continue use it or stop.
    thank you.

  16. Hi Anonymous!

    I'm glad you are loving the Seol line! I never experienced anything like that with the Seol line - however, I should have mentioned in my review that with the Whoo Hae Yoon Sun Cream SPF 50+++ can be a bit rich, although it states it is lightweight. I got a few bumps from using it, but it went away.

    In your case, it can be the sun cream. Do you find it a little rich for your skin? It can get greasy too during the day. And from what I recall, Joseibi from also had the same issue!!! Stop using the sun cream, and use a more light textured sunscreen. Give it a week and test to see if it is the Hae Yoon!

    Please keep me updated! <3!!!

  17. Is it the new Whitening Sun Cream you are using?

  18. Hi Hope In A Blog :)

    I purchased the Whoo Whitening Sun Cream SPF 45++ and I am loving it! It really brightens the skin (has a REALLY LIGHT pink tone, but it does not leave any white cast on the skin, just brightens and gives your skin a glow), and is a great combination to the Seol line. I will be doing a review on it as well as the new Whitening Cream (the texture is close to the Soo Yeon Cream, a bit thicker and now it actually is moisturizing).

    THESE PRODUCTS ARE SUPER LIGHT COMPARED TO THE 'OLDER VERSION'!!! It instantly absorbs into the skin - love it!!!!!!!!!

    The downside, the ingredients are in Korean. Nothing is in English, neither the descriptions :(!!!

    I would also like to mention, the scent is SO MILD. It has a nice mild floral scent that disappears within seconds. It is not bothering, neither does it give headaches! Almost a mixture of herbs and mild lavender scent.

    At the moment, I am SO BUSY - I will respond to everyone shortly. But Hope, the new whitening range from Whoo is fantastic! :)


  19. So they didn't get change the packaging but the formulation too?

    The new Whitening Cream and whitening sun cream is already on sale in Whoo counters in the US? or did you purchase it off Gmarket?

    Wanting to get the new whitening sun cream, but scared that it will be too greasy. Would the new stuff be light enough for oily combi skin?

  20. is it just me or is the water balancer a little on the greasy side? :D

  21. Hi Hope :)

    They definitely changed the packaging hehe. My Korean friend translated the herbs for me and found that some new herbs were added, as well with other ingredients. Its REALLY DIFFICULT to translate herbs from Korean to English. I will have to make sure again - but that is what we got!

    I actually purchased mine from my friend in Seoul hehe :) Oh no worries Hope, the Whitening Sun Cream is really light (REALLY different from the Hae Yoon which is so greasy and can leave milia) but they formulated it differently, and I hope its light now. The Whitening Sun Cream is great for already fair skin, I would not recommend it for tan or dark skin because it will not match your skin. It can work with pale light brown/tan skin though.

    I would also like to say that the new Whoo Whitening Cream is water-based, I find it better than the original one. It doesn't leave skin with powdery feel, but it gives skin a dewy look, and keeps skin really moist and hydrated. I think its okay for oily skin, as long as you massage the product in and not overload on using too much (as it is not necessary to begin with)! :)

    Hmm, nope it is not greasy at all for me. Did you find it greasy, hmm the new formulation may be more hydrating (rich?) but the version I used was super light!!! How do you like the new Seol line though Hope? <3!!! Keep me updated!!! :D


  23. Hi Anonymous!!!

    I personally got milia breakouts with the Hwa Hyun Essence, and then the Hwa Hyun Cream. After a months use, I thought it would go away but it didn't. It seems to be really rich. I only recommend it for REALLY DRY skin! The milia kept coming back, wished it didn't because its a great line. The Hwa Hyun Balancer and Hwa Hyun Lotion were fine, but the Essence and Cream were a bit disappointing!


  24. Hi!!!
    i've been using the soo yeon essence and cream for about 4-5 months and thankfully it has made my skin clearer as well as all the things you have mentioned. i'm about 17 going to be 18 in a few months and i was just wondering if there were any good eye creams which would help diminish really really really bad dark circles.


  25. Hello me again!!!
    do you think it would be okay for me to use the hwa hyun balancer and lotion?


  26. Hi, I'm 19 & I have combination and slightly sensitive skin. What line do you think best for me? thanks :)

  27. Hi Korean Skin Care,

    I have oily skin. Is it okay to use soo yeon essence and cream in the morning? And can I combine it with Ja Saeng essence at night.

    Thank you,

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