Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sulwhasoo Herblinic Restorative Ampoules Review

Description: Highly concentrated Korean herbal medicinal ampoules that restore skin balance to quickly restore aggravated skin. Herblinic Restorative ‘Complex’ restores damaged skin and restores skin balance for healthy skin with strong resistance against external aggressions. Highly concentrated ampoules that embrace the skin in a thick, dense texture stays on the skin for a long time for lasting nourishment.

Potent Ingredients:

~Membranous Milkvetch~

Removes to the external impurities of the environment within the skin to grow healthy skin.

UV induced cell damage and antioxidant defenses making the skin healthy.

Impurities and toxins of the skin are removed which caused damaged skin and helps the recovery process.

Wastes discharged from the skin to effectively assist the rapid recovery of the skin.

I had received this as a gift, and unfortunately it did not carry the ingredient list! I will try my best to get the full list for the Concentrated Ginseng Cream and the Herblinic Restorative Ampoules (also the three herbs mentioned above).

Review: Listen up acne-haters, you may want to try out this medicinal herb product! This product, which has been upgraded, has been getting a lot of great reviews for clearing up acne. This serum is a 5 week process – 7mlx5. Each 7ml product will be used for 1 week (7 days), and yes it does last if used at the right amount (half a pea-size).  So you will have to give it time as you do with a lot of treatment product. What I love, again, is that this product is all natural. It contains Jaeumdan, which consists of Small Solomon’s seal, Adhesive Rehmannia, White Lily, Chinese Peony, and East Indian Lotus – and Jaeumboweedan, which consist of seven medicinal herbs. The philosophy behind this product is supplying and protecting the Yin energy to recover your skin back to a balanced state.

I thought this serum was for mature skin (late 40’s to 50’s) but when I went to Sulwhasoo and asked the Korean SA she told me that any age group can use this cream, especially those suffering with imperfections, or acne. I did not have acne, however, I found this serum helped REFINE MY PORES!!! My pores were not visible anymore, even if you had come closer to my skin! It leaves a velvety-silky smooth skin behind, and smells very strong in herbs. The texture is somewhat similar to The History of Whoo Ja Saeng Essence – somewhat sticky, but easily absorbed into the skin, that leaves no residue (as goes with many Korean cosmetics). This serum really helped bring my skin into a normal state; it refined my pores, and completely changed the texture of my skin! Using this product constantly for 4 months, I saw results within a month of use. Again, what I love about Sulwhasoo is the fact that these products treat your skin, and even if you stop using the product, the results stay! This product will help remove toxins and impurities within the skin (I would call it a cleanse for your skin, which aids in restoring your skin to a healthy state). Another one of my miracle products – recommended for any skin type!!! :)


  1. Thanks so much for your review ^.^ I will give this a try, my skin has been getting a lot of problems and is so sensitive, hopefully this will solve the problem. Koreans have great skin too!!!


  2. i didnt know this was for acne! what is the difference between the je saeng essence and this??

  3. Good luck Anonymous!!! Let me know how it works for you :D

  4. Hey Hope In A Blog! Yes you heard right - I didn't know either! This serum is meant to *recover* your skin back to balance, that being said, fixing any skin troubles like blemishes: acne, redness, enlarged pores, or refining the texture of your skin.

    There is not a lot of different between The History of Whoo Ja Saeng Essence and Sulwhasoo's Herblinic Restorative Ampoules. Both the Ja Saeng Essence and the Herblinic Restorative Ampoules are meant to care for skin troubles - blotchiness, refining texture, moisturizing, elasticity, and anti-aging. However, what makes the Herblinic Restorative Ampoules different is the fact that there are herbal ingredients used to help treat and cure acne - and there have been significant difference of peoples skin with acne (the Sulwhasoo Korean SA showed me before and afters of bloggers using this serum - it was dramatic after a months use). The scent is completely different - the Ja Saeng being floral/herbal, while the Herblinic Restorative Ampoules has a strong herbal scent. Texture wise, somewhat similar, they have a 'rich' sticky essence type that is absorbed quickly within the skin (I found both to refine the skin's texture and moisturize). But please be aware that you will need to use these products for a month to see full results! But the results last after not using the products :)

    Have you tried the Ja Saeng Essence? :)

  5. Hi, is this for oily skin as well?

  6. Hi Anonymous, welcome :D

    Yes!!! Its for oily, acne, and troubled skin - when Koreans use the words 'troubled skin' it means skin that has imbalance: redness, blotchiness, or acne. This serum will help decrease excess oil, and recover your skin to a normal state! I would definitely recommend this - it helped refine the texture of my skin and helped minimize my pores dramatically!!!

    Have you used any Sulwhasoo or Korean products before? :)



    my review! :)

  8. Hi Hope In A Blog! Wow, it worked for you too! That's great news! As always, Sulwhasoo never disappoints!!!!! Thanks so much for the review!!!


  9. Thanks for the info. Can it get rid of millia seeds too?

    No, I have not used any of those Korean products before. They're made for a climate that's very dry and every sample I tried, I ended up with pimples, millia seeds and too much oil production. But this sounds hopeful.

  10. Hi Tasha! You're very welcome :)

    Yes it will aid in removing milia (aren't they so annoying?), but for quick results, I recommend you use a mild product with AHA - which will gently exfoliate and dry out the milia. One that I have tried, and is one of my staples is Origins Brighter By Nature: High-potency brightening peel with fruit acids - the fruit acids will help unclog your pores and clear your skin from blemishes: milia). Although I do have sensitive skin, this was totally fine for me!

    I know what you mean. I tried The History of Whoo Qi&Jin Cream - this cream is amazing at keeping my skin moist, but for people with oily skin (even though I had normal/combo during the summer), I got some milia! It was way to rich for my skin - that is why I used a gel-type cream, like the Soo Yeon Cream, which helped keep my skin in balance and was very hydrating considering it is a gel-type cream! Since you have oily skin, it is recommended that you use a gel-type moisturizer.

    But I never had a problem with Sulwhasoo's moisturizers - when I had troubled skin, I used the Basic Line and it really helped my skin! I find that Sulwhasoo's moisturizers absorb directly into the skin, but keeping the skin hydrated at the same time! The Herblinic Restorative Ampoules will definitely help with your oiliness. The Korean SA told me that this is for people in their early to mid 20's who suffer from skin troubles, including oiliness. It will help decrease the oil imbalance - so your skin recovers to a normal state. Since it is a treatment product, you would have to use it according to its 5 week process.

    Let me know how everything goes Tasha! :D

  11. Hi,
    how much should i use each time? there is something looks like a Day indicator on the bottle and it is up to the number 12. does that mean it is supposed to be a 12 day treatment for each bottle?

  12. Hi Anonymous!!! :)

    Sulwhasoo Herblinic Restorative comes with 5 ampoules (7ml each), and each ampoule is used for one week (7 days) for five weeks - which is 35 days. You should use a pea-size of the product, which I did and it lasted me one week for each ampoule or more/little if desired. The number on the bottom is the manufacturing date (not expiration) the expiration date is 3 years AFTER the date on the bottle (when it is not opened though - usually lasts for a year when opened). May I know if it just states 12? Or is there like for example, 09/05/10 to 09/05/12?


  13. Hi,
    nono, it is on the side of the bottle, not bottom. it looks like an indicator shows you how much you should pump out each time, you can see through the bottle from the gap. there is the word "Day" and number 3, 6, 9 ,12.

    i took a photo with my phone but sorry my camera is crab.

  14. Hello! :)

    Ohhh!!! Thank you for taking a picture of it! I am so sorry for not understanding.

    When I visited The Amore here in North America, the Korean SA at Sulwhasoo told me nothing about the indicator (I SHOULD HAVE ASKED, but I didn't see it after I came home!!!). But advised me to use each ampoule for one week, and to finish it in one week (7 days) until it reached the total, 35 days!

    When I used the ampoule, it just indicated how much I had left - which was helpful since I had to use it for one week, it made me aware of how much I was using! The philosophy of this product is that the first week your skin is adjusting to the product - each week is a new process. The second week is when your skin will begin to heal, during the third week your skin will become stronger, more balanced, and even toned, and the fourth and fifth week of using the Herblinic Restorative Ampoules, your skin will gain a balanced look - free from skin troubles.

    Sometimes I found that a 7ml tube can last me at least a week an a half haha, but the thing with this treatment product is you cannot misuse it otherwise it will not show the full effects!

    I will visit The Amore soon if you would like me to get the information for you!!! :)

    I hope this solves any inconvenience!!! <3

  15. Hi,
    I was researching about Sulwhasoo's products review and comment at many sites but I found this site is the right one for me to discuss after reading all customers comment and your reply. I hope you can help me out my situation. I was SKII customers for 5yr and I didn't have any problem at all using SKII. About last 3-4 months ago I found out my face has kind of hole or Pore. It become more and getting worse like everyone can notice on my face. I feel uncomfortable using SKII. So that I start thinking to switch new product and found out Sulwhasoo. Before I purchase, I read many reviews already. I start using Extra Refining line & Concentrated Ginseng Cream since X'mas time 2010. After 4 weeks later (till now) using Sulwhasoo and I realize more pin pore come out. I am not sure why my face became oily face and more pin pore are out which I never had it before. I am wondering whether Sulwhasoo is the right skin care for me or do I have to wait little longer to get right result till my skin know new product. I only use Concentrated Ginseng Cream at night time. I hope you can help me out my problem. Thank you.

  16. Can I use this without the entire Sulwhasoo skin care line? I can't afford to buy it all and would like to try the Herblinic Restorative Ampoules to help with my troubled skin.

  17. Hi Deborah!!! Welcome :)

    Yes you can use this without using the whole Sulwhasoo line. I find that with Sulwhasoo treatments, you can use them alone and still get great results!!! When you purchase the Herblinic Restorative Ampoule at the store, ask them to give you some samples of the Balancing Water and Balancing Emulsion, they usually give a mini set which lasts a while! :)

    Have you used Korean skin care before?

    Please let me know how everything works out!!! :) <3

  18. Thank you for your response!

    I started using Laneige about six weeks ago. It worked pretty well and I could see that it was making a difference but slightly lacking in hydration (I'm in my early 30's). I heard about Sulwhasoo and have samples of the First Aid Serum, Balancing Water and Balancing Emulsion. Just in case I ran out of the samples before the Herblinic Restorative Ampoule, I wanted to make sure it was ok to use with my Laneige products. I will definitely let you know how it works out for me. :)

  19. You're very welcome Deborah!!! :)

    Ahhh I see! I'm glad Laneige worked well for you - on the hydration note, the reason it is not hydrating is because this line is targeted for teenagers with problematic skin - such as, acne, pimples, redness, dehydration, etc. I used it as well, and it lacked hydration for me too!!!

    Keep using your Laneige products though - don't want them to go into waste. Although it is not targeted for your age group, it still has key ingredients such as Himalayan Glacial waters which are known to show significant improvement on the skin with essential vitamins and minerals!

    Sulwhasoo is a line that is for women in their 30's, so it is a perfect line for you!!! It is totally fine to combine your Laneige products with the Herblinic Restorative Ampoules, remember that it should be used AFTER toner. I personally loved this serum - it made my skin very strong and firm!!! Results will show in three weeks, and full in five :)

    Thanks so much, looking forward to your update!!!!!! <3!

  20. You are so informative -- thanks! Good to know that I should use the Herblinic Restorative Ampoules after the toner... should I use it after the emulsion as well?

    Also, is it normal to break out while using Laneige? I was already breaking out before but for almost a full month after starting Laneige, I got new breakouts. It calmed down some but just wanted to check if this happened to other people too. (Thanks for answering questions about Laneige too -- I know this is a blog for Sulwhasoo.)

    Oh, and one more question please... do you know much about Sulwhasoo Refreshing Cream? I've read that it's good for people who have a lot of body heat (which results in excess sebum productivity and troubled skin). Would you please share your knowledge? :)

    Thank you so much. Your blog is extremely helpful.

  21. Thank you so much Deborah!!!

    You're very welcome :D

    You should use this serum once, day and night, so after toner is perfect! After the emulsion, you can top off with another cream if you need more hydration :)

    Yes it is completely normal to break out when using new products - the reason being is that when you introduce new products to your skin, it does the opposite, instead of making your skin look so fabulous haha, it will bring all the dirt from your pores out. After a couple of weeks, your skin will get use to the products, and your skin will regain its balance, as you have witnessed. Laneige is a great brand - which products are you liking so far? :)

    Ahh yes Sulwhasoo's Refreshing Cream - it has been discontinued and renewed to Sulwhasoo Benecircle Massage Cream, which helps with circulation and, with the same concept, reduces heat - the main ingredients for the massage cream include Prickly Pears, Japanese Red Pine, and Ginkgo Biloba. It should be used after toner in the evening - HOWEVER, if you have acne, I do not recommend using this product because it will aggravate the skin!

    Deborah, thanks for letting me know. If you are suffering from body heat - I HIGHLY advise you to stop eating warm foods: peanuts, cashews (nuts in general - seeds are great to eat, for example, pumpkin seeds which has a lot of nutritional factors), foods that are spicy, and lamb meat - these foods will cause excess oil, which will lead to acne/break outs!!!

    I hope this helps Deborah, feel free to ask any questions!!!


  22. That is so helpful. For the last two days, I've been applying the ampoule after emulsion. I will start applying it after toner. Thank you!

    As for the Laneige products, I am using Power Essential Skin Refiner Light, Balancing Emulsion 2_EX, and Water Bank Cream 2_EX. I am also using the Multicleanser (the snowflake one, not the new one) and the Pore Clear Cleansing Foam as cleansers. (I use the Pore Clear once or twice a week.)

    I ordered samples for Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask. (I'm very excited!) Do you think one pouch contains exactly one serving or two perhaps?

    Also, would you recommend Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX or is the hydration comparable to Sulwhasoo? I'm not sure whether I should invest in another hydration step although I am very tempted. :)

    You are awesome. Thank you!

  23. Also, thank you so so much on the information on what foods to avoid. Do you have any thoughts on cystic acne on the chin/jawline area?

  24. Hi Deborah!!! Sorry for the late response!!! :)

    Great! The reason why this ampoule should be used after toner is because the consistency is very light - most essences/serums are applied after toner because of its texture, with the exception of the First Aid Serum hehe :)

    Ohh I have tried the Laneige products as well - I only liked the Power Essential Skin Refiner, the other two were not hydrating for my skin! If your skin likes Laneige, keep using it. But remember that this line is for teenagers so hydration lacks!!! You will love the Clarifying Mask - it keeps skin clean and clear. Remember when you use it to apply a little emulsion to help with peeling (it won't allow the skin to be stretched when peeled!!!) and each packet can be used 2-3 times, depends how much you use.

    The hydration of the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack is not adequate to Sulwhasoo's creams. I found that it did brighten my skin, but it lacked hydration haha, again with Laneige the hydration is more suitable for teens because of their 'skin troubles' and hormones that occur. Nonetheless, if you would like to have a hydration treatment (trust me, I am ALWAYS tempted too haha!!!) I recommend The History of Whoo Jinyul Essential Massage Mask (it is washed off, but keeps skin firm, hydrated, and plump) it comes with a wooden-tool to help massage your face (if you need help with how to use it, let me know!) - one of my top recommendations!!! :D

    As for cystic acne, what I firstly recommend is taking multivitamins - purchase from a natural store to ensure there are no preservatives or another other ingredients that seem unnecessary. The main reason why cystic acne occurs is because of indigestion problem - eat a lot of dark green vegetables, carrot juice helps flush out toxins (once a day in the morning), chia seeds helps with indigestion (makes you go to the washroom a lot), and drink lots of water!!! You need to keep your body in balance - what you eat is how your skin will appear, so if you eat right, your skin will look great! It will take some time to heal!

    Also, taking essential oils like Omega 3-6 will help clear up acne, and is great for the brain and the function of the body!!! But Deborah, if it is serious, you should see a dermatologist!!! With that said, the Restorative Ampoule should help with the cystic acne - there are specific herbs selected for this product which has been used to help acne problems and other skin troubles on the face.

    Please keep me updated on your progress!!!!! If you have any questions, feel free to message me anytime :)


  25. Hello, it's been two weeks since I started using the Herblinic Restorative Ampoule and wanted to give you an update. First of all, thank you for all the great suggestions. I've started taking a daily multi-vitamin. I also plan on implementing the rest of your suggestions.

    As for the Ampoule, I am amazed at how much my skin is responding to it. My skin is smoother, hydrated, and I do not break out as often or as much as I used to. Actually, just in the past two days, I got three new zits (which may be due to a new BB cream I'm trying out) but the Ampoule, along with the rest of the products I'm using, help get rid of zits a lot quicker than normal. (I'm used to zits lasting at least a week and then several more days before all the flaking and swelling is gone. Also, zits tend to leave a dark reddish-purply brown scar for a LONG time. The swelling still takes a while to disappear but the flaking is gone in a matter of two or three days and the scars are much, much lighter.) Most of my zits are gone (except for the few new ones, which are well on their way to disappearing). The pores on my cheeks are already looking smaller and less obvious than before I started using the Ampoule and it's only been two weeks! I'm looking forward to seeing how much more my skin will improve in the next three weeks.

    As for the Laneige products, I'm putting them to good use as part of my morning routine as the Sulwhasoo balancing emulsion is a little too oily for me to use twice a day. I use the Power Essential Skin Refiner Light after I wash my face to gently "scrub" off dead skin cells with a cotton pad and then apply First Care Serum and the Balancing Water. I know it's unorthodox to use two different toners but I find that my skin gets rough if I don't do something to remove the dead skin cells, and the Balancing Water is awesome.

    In the next few weeks, my hope is that the Ampoule will help fade acne scars, as well as shrink the pores on my nose. I'm wondering if I should try Sulwhasoo Snowise since I hear it's less oily than the Balancing Emulsion.

    Any thoughts on the Snowise?

  26. I just found your article on the Snowise line... excellent post!

  27. Hi Deborah!!! So nice to hear from you again :D

    It really is my pleasure!!! :) <3!!!

    I am so happy to hear the update! I highly recommend introducing a lot of dark green vegetables and fruits into your diet. In order for your skin to be balanced, you need your internal organs to function properly - especially the digestive system. Many are not aware that if one has indigestion problems (for example, going to the washroom less or having problems in the washroom) can lead to break outs on the skin. If you keep your digestive system clean, it will keep your skin clear of breakouts and other skin troubles as well.

    Wow! I am so glad to hear that - and it has just been two weeks! You will see the full results in 5 weeks!!! The first two weeks is when your skin is adjusting to the products, and by the fifth week, your skin will regain strength and clarity from skin troubles! I love how the Restorative Ampoules made my skin refined, and really vanished my enlarged pores! I did not have breakouts when using this product, however, the Korean SA told me that this product is for people with skin troubles, including acne, or redness - to help treat the troubled areas in the skin. Breakouts are really annoying - just remember not to touch them or aggravate the pimple or else it will cause some seriously scarring. Gently apply your creams on your face.

    You're right, the Balancing Emulsion can be a bit rich for oily skin - although some have found it to help their oily skin. You can use the Balancing Emulsion at night time along side your other products! I have to admit that I also loved the Power Essential Skin Refiner - it really helps keep skin clear from breakouts (by removing excess keratin and dead skin cells). Honestly, if it is working for you, keep doing your routine!!! The Laneige toner is a really great product!!!

    In regards to acne scars, it may help soothe the area, but what I would recommend is getting a whitening spot treatment for acne/dark marks, which are targeted for the specific dark spot. My mother has used The History of Whoo Whitening Intensive for her freckles (it can also be used for acne marks) and it has completely removed her freckles (she has used it for 4 months straight, day and night). Very potent and natural herbs help to go within the scar to break off scar-tissue.

    The whitening products from Whoo and Sulwhasoo would be great for normal and oily skin because it is not rich (not the best for dry skin though). The Sulwhasoo Snowise line is not rich at all!!! You will benefit from using the Whitening Fluid to replace the Balancing Emulsion (you have the 15ml sample version correct?) and the Whitening Fluid will help the skin achieve an overall brightened glowy complexion, and also help remove melanin and decrease melanin formation.

    Thank you so much Deborah!!! Please stop by anytime you have more updates or questions :D <3!!!

  28. Hi there~

    Just wanted to pop in for another update. It's now been over five weeks. WOW. One of the biggest differences is that my face doesn't get very oily anymore. Before I mentioned that the Sulwhasoo emulsion was too rich for my skin and made my face feel oily. The Herblinic Restorative Ampoule drastically altered my skin's natural state so not only does my face not get as oily as it used to, I now LOVE using the Sulwhasoo emulsion because it absorbs so quickly into my skin and doesn't leave an oily residue NOR does it produce a lot of sebum later. In the name of full disclosure, I do sometimes need to blot mid-day but now instead of needing more than one blotter, one is more than adequate.

    Overall, I am very impressed. I did not know what to expect and though my skin is still far from perfect (don't expect the Ampoule to give you flawless skin or get rid of acne scars), it's pretty amazing how much skin conditions can improve in just a little over a month. :)

  29. Hi Deborah!!! :)

    EXTREMELY sorry for the late response, I have bee so busy, and will update everyone on my recent skin care products!!!

    Its so nice to hear from you!

    Im SO HAPPY for you! Sulwhasoo never disappoints!!! Yes I remember - the Ampoules helped balance the oil production in your skin, thus making the Emulsion absorb better into your skin without leaving your skin looking greasy! If you do blot during the day, make sure to use a little bit of Emulsion in the morning along with your sunscreen (sunscreens tend to get greasy during the day!!!).

    Especially with herbal skin care, it takes time to adjust to your skin and treat the skin from within. Glad you are patient enough for the results! Although it does not help with scarring, the best option is to use a spot treatment to help lighten the scars. Another option is to massage the area thoroughly to break down the scarring tissue - some people have had success with such results, such as myself.

    Please keep me updated!!! And if you need any help, feel free to ask :D!!!


  30. hi,
    do you think this works better than the whoo ja saeng essence? im using the whoo seol (balancing water, essence, lotion, intensive, and cream) and soo yeon cream. im 29 have acne and combination/oily skin.
    thank you so much

  31. Hi Anonymous! :)

    The Sulwhasoo Herblinic Restorative Ampoules is a 5 week treatment targeted towards skin troubles, best for people with oily skin (also dry skin) that have blemishes, acne (breakouts), preventing new breakouts, and inflammation - it will make skin more balanced, refined, and stronger. While Ja Saeng may help with blemishes, its target is more towards moisturizing and wrinkle improvement.

    Both the Ja Saeng and Restorative Ampoules helped refine the skin, but the Restorative Ampoules definitely works better with acne!!! :)

    How do you like the Seol Whitening line?!

    Please let me know if you need any help!!! <3!

  32. i'm loving the seol line, even though they are not hydrating enough, but the seol line with soo yeon cream is perfect. Buy i have stubborn acne on my chin that wont go away. so if i use the sulwhasoo herblinic restorative ampoules with the history of whoo will be ok?
    thank you for your help!

  33. Hello Anonymous, I know what you mean!

    Since the Seol line is for all skin types, there is no focus to hydrate or dehydrate skin - its just meant to brighten the skin. Love the Soo Yeon Cream! Glad you love it!!! :)

    Yes of course. Its fine combining different products with your skin care regime. But make sure that what you eat also takes a toll on your skin. Drink plenty of water, dark green vegetables and lots of fruits!!! Also, exercising can make a huge difference in your skin. When blood travels in your system, and you sweat away all the toxins and wastes, the better your skin will look :)

    You're very welcome! Please keep me updated :D <3!!!

  34. Hi again -- thank you for your response! I have another question. You mentioned using the Herblinic Ampoule for four months. Do you recommend using it for that amount of time or even longer? If I take a break from it, how long before the effects of the Ampoule wear off?

    Thanks so much for your help!

  35. Hi Deborah, nice to hear from you again :)!!!

    Yes! Because it really lasts more than its expected date haha - and I don't like layering too much product! But throughout the four months use, my skin really improved. You can't go wrong with Sulwhasoo though. Once it treats your skin, your skin is treated. All you need to do though is keep your skin in a normal state (eat healthy, cool down your body, exercise) and not use drying products, and keep skin hydrated AT ALL TIMES. Don't ever forget sunscreen too!!!

    If you would like to take a break from it, its totally fine! Have you come across any other great products lately? :)


  36. Hi, it's been mentioned somewhere on this page that Herblinic helps to remove milia seeds. Has anyone had any success with that? I'm looking into non-invasive methods and don't really want to use derma rollers.

    I actually have very oily and very sensitive skin so I hope this will improve things a little. I mean, it's so sensitive I can only use Sulwhasoo's clarifying mask once in a while. The others cause my face to bleed.

    I doubt this product can cause my skin to become thicker, though.

    Thanks! :)

  37. Hi!
    May I ask: how are You supposed to use this? In the morning, at night? Do we just take a few drops and massage it in with fingers or use cotton pads?
    I'd appreciate Your feedback

  38. hi i am new to your blog. i'm looking for a natural product to change up my skin care routine since i feel like as i'm getting older i need to treat my skin better. i'm 26 now and i've been using "proactiv" ever since i was a teenager. lately, however, i've been experiencing breakouts that are crazy so i've decided its time to change regimens. i just ordered a starter kit of sulwhasoo and their restorative ampoules. i have extremely oily skin and i'm very prone to cystic acnes. i have been taking omega 3 and multivitamins lately. hopefully all of this and theses products will help my skin improve. do you have any other suggestions as to what i can do to maximize the effects of these products?

  39. Hi, my teenage boy has just started to have pimples on his forehead, will the herblinic restorative help or is it only for acne skin? Also, I am 50+ but have reasonably good skin except now, it is getting dry esp in the eye area, around the mouth and cheek. Obviously, this ampoule is not for my skin type. I thought something rich could help. Thanks!

  40. i have sulwhasoo product balancing water.,emulsion and firming cream but it have an expiration of 2013.08.13 is it still okey to use??

  41. Hello dear :) I have problem with RED MARKS after acne, which can't disappear!! :( Lot of them are so old (for about 1-2year!) and I am so unhappy, I think I never get rid of them :"( I tried a LOT of natural skincare (i avoid to use chemicals). I tried creams, serums, oils from usa organic brands and also snail creams from korean brands (missha,apieu,benton..)...I use natural Aha products and vitamin C too. all of them are suppose to help with regeneration and brightening.. but nothing helps me :( I am 21 and my problem are still that marks. (Btw I eat healthy, lot of vegetable and fruits, don't smoke, don't drink alcohol, don't eat lot salt food, i hate spicy food..I take suplements like vitamin D3, B3 niacinamid, zinc..a lot :( ) Please, if you have recomendation of some WHITENING product for red acne marks, i would be happy to try it. Sorry for so long post.
    With love,

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