Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Cream Review

Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Cream

Description: A revitalizing cream delivering nutrient-rich Ginseng to the deepest layers of the skin. Formulated with Korean medicinal herbs, this revitalizing cream delivers nutrient-rich ginseng to the deepest layers of the skin to revive damaged, depleted skin. Nutrient-rich extracts from the root and fruit of Korean Ginseng promote renewal and revitalize the skin from deep within. Membranous Milkvetch and White Mulberry strengthen skin's defense against signs of aging and restore clear, radiant skin. A luxurious textured cream promoting healthy looking skin while delivering nourishment to the deeper layers of the skin.

Potent Ingredients:
~Membranous Milkvetch~
~Compound K Enzymatic components of Ginseng Saponin increased hyaluronic acid within the dermal of the skin, which aids in promoting cell regeneration.~

~Ginseng Berry Fruit~
~By strengthening the skin barrier to be effective, as well as your outer skin, a representative of the fruit ingredient of ginseng ginsenosides (also includes protein, amino acid, and polysaccharides) in the synergy of the skin causing your skin to retain elasticity and enhances nutrition.~

Sulwhasoo’s very famous cream, the Concentrated Ginseng Cream, has been getting enormous raves! And I know why! This cream has the potent medicinal herb, Ginseng. Since ancient times, Ginseng has been used to give energy and vitality to the body. Considered a medicinal herb, Ginseng helps to strengthen the inside of the skin, and the outer skin, which gives your skin more elasticity and enhances nutrition through circulation. Sulwhasoo’s Concentrated Ginseng Cream will help erase signs of aging, fatigue, and dullness – into a moist, velvet, glossy, smooth, hydrated skin. This cream is nano-sized with Ginseng capsules to be delivered within the deepest layers of your skin – reason why it works!!! I admire Koreans for using the best technology for their skin care.

Ingredient List:
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Review: I used this cream along with my Sulwhasoo First Aid Serum, Balancing Water, Balancing Emulsion, and Revitalizing Serum, then Concentrated Ginseng Cream for 4 months. Sometimes I would use the Concentrated Ginseng Cream alone to see the effects by itself (I used a pea-size amount on my face in patting motion). I am impressed by this cream!!!!! It truly is a miracle worker. The scent smells strong in ginseng, and the colour has a light-orange tone to it. The scent of the ginseng is so soothing to the mind (especially in the morning). The texture is rich, but when applied, your skin is moist. Your skin will feel so soft, and look dewy which continues even after washing your face. What I love about Sulwhasoo is that it TREATS your skin – without those nasty silicones we see in Western brands. Although this cream is made for mature skin, I found it fine for my skin (mid-20’s). It does take some time to absorb, so make sure you have enough time to sit, relax, and patting this cream into your skin thoroughly (takes me at least 3 minutes, but ITS WORTH IT). Result: A plump, fresh, glowy skin, that persists even after not using the cream. This is a miracle cream I would definitely purchase over again and recommend to those who have dry skin (normal/combo – normal/oily – it may be rich as it was a little for me so use at night time) and want an extra step into their skin care for radiant skin!

*Stay tuned for Sulwhasoo Herblinic Serum and Sulwhasoo Hair Glaze review*


    I've been looking everywhere and hadn't found anything!~
    You have such a informative and interesting blog!
    I'm definitely going to try out this ginseng cream, have heard some great benefits of ginseng~ ^^

  2. Hi Alex!!! Welcome :)

    You're very welcome!!!!!!! I know it is so hard to get ingredients, but the Korean SA was kind enough for me to take a picture of the ingredients :) (and also to give some samples haha). I definitely recommend this cream, you will see results instantly. Yes Ginseng has many benefits (anti-aging), for internal and external use! Koreans swear by this by drinking Ginseng Tea everyday! The best thing is that the first ingredient: Panax Ginseng Root Extract - HIGHLY CONCENTRATED cream! And considering it is nano-sized, it goes into the deepest layers of your skin. Please let me know how you like it!!! :)


  3. HI! I was wondering if it is really worth the money because my skin has become so dull and dehydrated with fine lines due to years of harsh ingredients on my skin because of suffering from acne. Now that my acne is gone, I need something to revive it since I'm only 23. I was thinking about La Mer, but don't know it it's worth it.

  4. Hi Alexia! :) Welcome!

    Honestly Alexia, out of the WHOLE products from Sulwhasoo (and I am a big fan of Sulwhasoo and have tried most of their products) this is the product I would purchase!!! This product will help with dehydrated dry skin and dullness - making skin firm, radiant, glow, and super hydrated.

    The texture is very rich - but when warmed up (warm up between fingers) it becomes into a luxurious textured consistency and glides on the face. I recommend using this as a night time treatment, but if you need extra hydration, it is fine to use in the morning (the Balancing Emulsion, which is the moisturizer for day would be best for morning use). I really noticed that my skin has become more plump - and if a product plumps your face, you know it will do wonders to fine and deep wrinkles.

    The most potent ingredient in this product is the Korean Ginseng (listed first on the ingredient list, making its dosage high) has significant effects not only internally but externally. Ginseng is a 'warm' food considered in Chinese and Korean medicine. People who have dry and dehydrated skin lack the Yang which is the moisture on the skin, and you need to fill the Yang energy in order for your skin to regain strength and most importantly balance. All the herbs, including ginseng, has been stabilized into nano-particles to reach within the deepest layer of the skin in order to treat the skin from within.

    I know what you mean - many Western skin care brands use the most cheapest ingredients, and have low dosages of the most potent ingredients, which is why many don't see results. Sulwhasoo uses the highest quality plant-extracts and herbs - which is why it is expensive. But you are paying for real results. Sulwhasoo products help to TREAT the skin, unlike Western skin care products that superficially 'treat' the skin. You will be so happy with this product!!!

    Try both La Mer's Cream De La Mer and Sulwhasoo's Concentrated Ginseng Cream if it is located at your area to see which products you prefer :) I HIGHLY recommend Sulwhasoo's!!!

    Let me know how it goes Alexia!!! <3!!!

  5. Hi. Just came across your blog when I google The History of Whoo / Sulwhasoo. I've read your review on Whoo Whitening Line & now this one.
    (I love your review & how you answer the questions ^^)
    Anyway, I'm interested in Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Cream. Does it suitable for acne & oily skin with some acne scars? That's my skin type.
    I want to find something that can kick my acne scares & some fine lines away XD
    Could you give me some suggestions ?
    Thanks a lot for the help.

  6. Hi Ing :)!

    Thank you!!!

    The Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Cream is really rich - I wouldn't recommend it for the summer time, unless your skin us super dehydrated or if you use a little, since it absorbs instantly. It is suitable for acne prone skin, and Ginseng being a potent anti-oxidant will help to relive imbalanced skin and restore vitality (it will actually help with your acne). But if you are interested in Sulwhasoo products, the Herblinic Restorative Ampoules work wonders for acne/skin-troubled skin! It will help to moisturize and hydrate, thus, reducing/treating fine lines.

    Do you exfoliate twice a week, and if you are interested in introducing a peel or clay-mask, I highly recommend using it once a week to help remove wastes and toxin build-up :)

    I hope this helps dear! :) <3!!!

  7. Hi dear,
    I am in early 30s and looking for a cream. I read your reviews on the ginseng cream, revitalising serum, and the whitening serum. was wondering which serum best suits me.

    i have dehydrated skin which is oily on the inside and it gets clogged easily. im looking for something which can plump / treat deep acne scars as well.

    Appreciate your advice. Thank you.

  8. Thank you very much for the detailed review. I'm purchasing this cream and it's coming next week. I'm so excited to try it. I'm buying this cream and Ginseng Oil. Is Ginseng Oil working as serum? They said that we put this oil before this cream. Please advise. Thank you!

    1. Ginseng is wide utilized in cosmetics for its rejuvenating properties. Its content wealthy in phytonutrients (which have the power to activate skin metabolism and stimulate regeneration and quality of blood flow) makes ginseng to be an anti-aging miracle cure.

      Ginseng Cream

  9. Hi I been using this line the activator, serum, lotion...etc the entire skincare line to the eyecream for a year now. I been noticing breakouts here and there since the past 3-6 months. and I have very dry skin and I barely breakout ever. I wanted to find out what could be the reason. so I want to ask you if you experience any breakout using this line of products


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  11. Hi,
    I was researching about Sulwhasoo's products review and comment at many sites but I found this site is the right one for me to discuss after reading all customers comment and your reply. I hope you can help me out my situation. I was SKII customers for 5yr and I didn't have any problem at all using SKII. About last 3-4 months ago I found out my face has kind of ances under chin and dark spots on my both cheeks
    . It become more and getting worse like everyone can notice on my face. I feel uncomfortable using SKII. So that I start thinking to switch new product and found out Sulwhasoo. Before I purchase, I read many reviews already. I start using First care serum and Concentrated Ginseng Cream . After 4 weeks later (till now) using Sulwhasoo and I realize more pin pore come out. I am not sure why my face became oily face and more pin pore are out which I never had it before. I am wondering whether Sulwhasoo is the right skin care for me or do I have to wait little longer to get right result till my skin know new product. I only use Concentrated Ginseng Cream at night time. I hope you can help me out my problem. Thank you.

    I am waiting for ur reply