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The History of Whoo Hwa Hyun Line

This premium whitening, hydrating, and anti-aging line with precious concentrated ingredients that dates back to court recipes of Queen Jahee.

From the ancient Chinese dynasties, Queen Jahee stayed indoors to keep her skin fair. She had a special skin care recipe that was written down and preserved because of its effectiveness (and thankfully the Hwa Hyun is concentrated with it). She would use crushed Jade powder and Gold powder and roll it gently on her skin, massaging it thoroughly onto the skin – she did this everyday to preserve her beauty. It was written down that, although she was of mature age, she had skin of a seventeen-year old (all this information is from the Korean SA I talked to :) - she translated the brochure for me). The History of Whoo used her recipe, and combined it with powdered Siberian Deer Antlers, and other 40 medicinal herbs for more effectiveness (a more modern invention of Queen Jahee’s recipe).

Order: The History of Whoo has created the Hwa Hyun Balancer (toner) 150ml, Hwa Hyun Essence 50ml, Hwa Hyun Lotion 110ml, Hwa Hyun Eye Cream 25ml, and Hwa Hyun Cream 60ml.

~Potent Ingredients~

Jade Powder: In ancient China, jade powder was used to remove pigmentation and aid in whitening the skin. It forms a moisture barrier on the skin to help protect the skin from losing moisture, elasticity, and stimulate the regeneration of new cells.

Gold: Gold has been used for centuries, since Cleopatra. Gold helps with the oxidization of the skin, reduces blotchiness, acne, any sort of blemishes, wrinkles (deep and fine lines), brightening of the skin tone; discharging waste, toxins, and impurities.

Siberian Deer Antlers: The History of Whoo’s main ingredient has copper, calcium, manganese, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, and selenium. In addition, collagen and all essential amino acids, Omega 3 and 6, and anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. This potent ingredient aids in producing more collagen in your skin – making your skin look young. (There Hwanyugo Cream, which is highly concentrated with Siberian Deer Antlers – cost $950 – guarantees to make your skin look 10 years younger). This now considered medicinal ingredient will help to regenerate the skins cells.

~Few herbs in the Hwa Hyun line~

Technology: The technology used is of course nano-technology - The History of Whoo has stabilized the gold powder, jade powder, deer antlers, and other 40 medicinal herbs to nano-size so these ingredients effectively reach within the deepest layers of your skin to regenerate your skin.

The Hwa Hyun line is for whitening too - so how does this compare to The History of Whoo Seol Whitening line? Firstly, the Hwa Hyun line is much for moisturizing and hydrating to the skin. Both are treatment lines, however, The History of Whoo Seol Whitening line is made for all skin types - so if you have dry skin, no it may not hydrate your skin, but for normal or normal/combo, it will keep your skin at a normal state. The Hwa Hyun line is for dry skin types (normal and oily skin types can use this too - as it will help with oil production), which will help keep your skin hydrated - its an all in one cream!

Have you guys tried this premium line? Please share and tell your experience :)


  1. hi i tried this, i loved this, no doubt the texture is luxurious so not all skin types can support this, however it keeps the skin very radiant.

    however it is so heavily scented it gives me a headache everytime i use it. I wish Whoo would make their scents more natural and less concentrated like sulwhasoo

  2. Hi Hope In A Blog! Great to hear you loved it!!! The reason I stated that it is good for normal and oily skin types is because my friends had no problem with it (my friends with oily skin, however, used it at night). What other results did you see?

    I know what you mean! When I used The History of Whoo In Yang lotion, it really gave me a headache. I don't know why their scents are so srong. The Soo Yeon line is much more refreshing, and the Jinyul line has a strong scent in herbs. I MUCH MORE prefer Sulwhasoo too! It is so natural and fresh herbal smell, which is so soothing to the mind. Hopefully The History of Whoo will decrease their scent level... :)


  3. the chung line has a nice scent though !! any answers to why it was discontinued??

    i only tested it for a week, but my skin was getting really radiant !!

    i had to stop because i was having acne breakout after using one cleanser !

  4. Hi Hope in A Blog, ohhh is it a light scent, since it is for sensitive skin, the scent should not be as strong as the other products haha.AND YES! I have posted the updates :) Its too bad that it was discontinued (as it is here in North America - hopefully we will get more answers to why it was!)

    Wow, just a week huh! I should definitely try out this line after I'm done with my current skin care products :)

    Really?! Which cleanser made you break out?! I had an experience with that with the Jinyul Foam :( (may have been the 2% Dewplex extract) But remember that you have to allow that product to get use to your skin - the Korean SA told me that when you apply products for the first time, everything is the opposite. You will get breakouts, etc, but it will go away after the next few days when you continuously use the product.


  5. Omg, this line seems amazing. I would never expect to have Jade on my skin haha! Do you know how much this retails for? It seems very expensive since the ingredients, and luxurious packaging is so high off..eee!!!!

  6. Hi Anonymous! :)

    Haha likewise!!! It really is amazing, and has been getting a lot of great reviews! When I went to visit The History of Whoo, they had a special set for the Hwa Hyun line (so it was cheaper than buying everything separately - around $700). However, the retail price are as follows:

    Hwa Hyun Balancer - $105 (USD)
    Hwa Hyun Essence - $270 (USD)
    Hwa Hyun Lotion - $120 (USD)
    Hwa Hyun Eye Cream - $230 (USD)
    Hwa Hyun Cream - $390 (USD)

    It really is an expensive line (the packaging is a plus too haha), but I'm pretty sure it is worth it! I will be trying out the line after my current skin care - and will provide full reviewed details. Have you tried any of The History of Whoo products? :)

  7. Thanks for your reply!!! ^.^... I have been really interested in Korean skin care, especially Sulwhasoo. After reading some of your reviews, I purchased the first product from Sulwhasoo, their Whitening Serum, can't wait to use it!!!!!!!!! This line is so luxurious, and SO EXPENSIVE!!! Way over what I would spend for skin care haha, but it would be so worth it, I wonder how it feels on the skin, must be soooo nice.

    Have you ever used masks or peels? I am looking for a great peel from a Korean line, I need to start taking care of my skin hehehe. Thanks you!!!

  8. You're welcome!!! Congrats! You will love the Sulwhasoo Whitening Serum! This is one of my highly recommended products from the Snowise line, you will see a glow from within the skin! Update anytime you use it :D

    I have used peeling masks before, and fallen in love with them! Especially Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask!!! LOVE this product - it leaves your skin so clean. I will do a review on it soon! But you should use masks once or twice per week depending on your skin type and what you want o achieve. It will help remove impurities, dirt, unclog your pores - so your skin is clean and fresh. I also find it helps absorb your skin care products much better! Are you looking for a whitening mask/peel? or hydrating mask/peel? :)

  9. Dear Korean Skin Care,

    I used the Hwa Hyun Cream for a month, it plumps my fine lines on my forehead pretty good but I had to layer it up for the night and it does have minor flaking in the morning (flaking from the cream that dries up). It was recommended to me for my age (35) and supposedly does whitening but I did not notice any whitening. It is probably more anti-aging than whitening. I have my full review on my blog.

  10. Hi Joseibi! :)

    Oh no, thats not good at all! :| I wouldn't expect The History of Whoo's cream to flake! I am actually going to purchase this line and see how it works together - I had a sample of it. The Hwa Hyun cream does have a very buttery texture, but I found that it didn't really melt on my skin. I had to really apply it with patting motion, then go into gentle circular motions to fully absorb. The scent doesn't bother me either, and I do find it tightening and plumping the skin as well!!!

    Joseibi, since this is a treatment cream I would recommend you use it for more than two months - since there are precious ingredients in this cream, it takes time to work with your skin since they can't add a full dosage of the potent ingredients or else it will be considered medicine and not a cosmetic! Jade helps in whitening - but I find that if you want to brighten/whiten the skin, I would stick with the Seol Whitening line. The Hwa Hyun line must do the trick for anti-aging. Plus, the Korean SA told me that the Hwa Hyun is meant to give radiance within the skin - I assume we should replace the word whitening to radiance haha.


  11. Hi Korean Skin Care, you are so amazing for this information!!!

    I recently bought this whole line, and cannot tell you how much I am loving it! In the eye cream you can see the gold shimmers. It has helped with my under eye darkness! The texture of this line is amazing for my dry skin, my husband even used it and loved how it made his skin feel haha. Especially how the cream melts onto your skin, and the essence smells amazing and makes your skin so soft. I definitely recommend using the whole line for the results. This line is so expensive though that's what I hate about it, but its totally worth it...... :)

    Keep the great work coming!!!

  12. For me, i found this line making my skin radiant and practically glowing. Even my boyfriend ( who hates koreans and therefore never says or uses my korean skincare products ) suddenly said the other day that wow , my skin is really glowing and radiant. and i told him it was the history of whoo... and he gave me a disgusted look lol.

  13. Hi Angela!! Welcome :)

    Oh wow! So glad to hear that - I got a sample of the Hwa Hyun Eye Cream and you can see the gold shimmers in the product! It has been two weeks in using the Hwa Hyun Cream and I am loving it so far! I really love how it melts onto the skin too and keeps the skin moist and radiant. Although at the moment I am just using one product from the line, I think you will benefit more with using the whole line - it will create a synergy the products! Please come back to update on the Hwa Hyun line!!!

    Thank you!!!! <3

  14. Hi Hope In A Blog!! :)

    Yes! I am seeing the same results too (have been using the Hwa Hyun Cream for two weeks - its really amazing!!!) Koreans have the best skin care available to date!!! Their creams are so luxurious and delicate, it just melts onto your face and absorbs so quickly! Love The History of Whoo!!!

    I will be doing a review of the best eye creams soon! Need more time until the full reviews :D

  15. Hi Korean Skin Care!

    I just found your blog and am LOVING it!
    I just recently discovered The History of Whoo and at the time of purchase, had done no research. Luckily, it was not all in vain. However, I'd love to hear your feedback. I purchased one of the Jinyul sets for myself, but is it too early to be using that? I am currently 21. After seeing my purchase, my mother (50) also went and purchased the In Yang 5 PC set and LOVES it.

    For the future, what products would you recommend for her? I was considering buying the HwaHyun set for her as a birthday present. But, as for me, what should I be using? Also, I have no clue about cleansers! Please help!! I do not want to be wasting so much money on ineffective products. I have gone through Clinique, Lancome, and Shisheido.

  16. Hi Christina!!! Welcome!!! :)

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!

    The History of Whoo is probably one of the most expensive Korean skin care brands I know, besides Sulwhasoo and su:m37! (The best thing is that its all natural and effective). The Jinyul line focuses on women over the age of 40 - since skin changes (as a result of hormones - creating dullness, loss of vitality, and sagging skin) so mature women need a boost in their skin. I always stick to my motto: you are NEVER to young to use anti-aging!

    I know, and been told by many Korean SA's I have encountered that taking care of your skin from a young age will keep your skin looking young (sunscreen being an EVERYDAY STAPLE at the last stage of skin care!!!). I think it is fine you are using the Jinyul line - however, it is a very rich line! How do you like the consistency? And how long have you been using this line? I used the whole line when my skin was VERY skin, and still found it to be a tad rich for my skin (did you purchase the Jinyul Balancer and Jinyul Lotion set?). If you're skin is dry, it will be fine, but I do NOT recommend the Jinyul line for normal/oily skin types - it may cause millia seeds! Ah!

    The In Yang line is amazing eh!!! I love the Qi & Jin Eye Cream and Qi & Jin Cream!!! The eye cream, seriously, vanished my dark circles after a few weeks! And the cream keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated for a very long time - even if you wash your face, your skin is still moisturized! (Love the dewy feel and look!!!).

    I am so glad your mother is loving this line!!! It will help diminish wrinkles and keep the skin hydrated, which is key in keeping the skin looking young! Funny to say, I would actually recommend your mom to use the Jinyul line (since it is perfect for her age group) and the In Yang line for you which is made for women at the ages of 25 and late 30's. The In Yang line is suitable for dry skin types, however, again I found this line to be rich too (considering it really is made for dry skin). Your mother should use products that keep the skin very hydrated - a rich cream like the Jinyul Cream will help give your mom a glow and keep the skin very moisturized. I also recommend your mom to use a massage masks - massaging the skin will help the skin stay firm and bright (through circulation). I have used the Jinyul Essential Massage Mask (which comes with a tool) and the results were amazing - left my skin VERY FIRM. It comes with a wooden-tool, which is used with the product. You apply the product all over the face, and use the tool to lift the skin upwards (you can even see the gold in the product).

    The Hwa Hyun line is a very premium line from The History of Whoo - it is like an all-in-one line (whitening, anti-aging and moisturizing)! This line would be suitable for your mother if she wants to lighten her skin (the Seol Whitening line is functioned only to whiten, and not hydrate). The Hwa Hyun line will not only help keep her skin very hydrated, but keep it brightened, and glowing. However, keep in mind that with Korean products, I find that the products work best when you use the whole line up (and I know, its SO EXPENSIVE!!!) but if you don't have it in your budget, I would recommend the Hwa Hyun Lotion, and Hwa Hyun Cream! I will do a review after a few months of this whole line!!! (Btw, you see the gold shimmers in the products, especially the eye cream!).

    Christina, could you tell me your skin type so I could recommend you products based on your needs, and what you want to treat? :)

  17. Since you are 21 (and assuming you have dry skin since you chose the Jinyul line) - at this age, it is VERY, AND CRUCIALLY important to keep your skin HYDRATED!!! Remember, that a lack of hydration will create wrinkles, dullness, and a whole lot of other problems to the skin! When your skin is hydrated, it is balanced - your skin will look healthy and feel healthy! Ugh!!! Lancome, Clinique, etc, etc I NEVER RECOMMEND! I actually never recommend Western skin care because they just don't work because they don't treat the skin! The problem I find with Western skin care is that everything is temporary - the mica which illuminate the skin, silicones which fill in lines - ALL SUPERFICIAL!

    Haha! Since you are using the Jinyul line, which is totally fine, I could also highly recommend you the Sulwhasoo Basic Line, especially the Balancing Water (toner) and Balancing Emulsion (moisturizer) - these two products are made for dry skin, however, I found it not to be very rich, but STILL keep my skin SUPER HYDRATED!!! Sulwhasoo is one my top skin care brands!!!

    As for cleansers, I say go for a mild/gentle cleanser! The Korean SA told me that the MOST IMPORTANT part of skin care, is cleansing. The belief is that if your skin is not clean, then your skin will not look healthy, nor will the products absorb into the skin! I am currently using The History of Whoo Brightening Cleansing Foam (this foams into a nice lather and keeps the skin clean and moist) and to remove make-up I use the Sulwhasoo Deep Cleansing Oil (keeps skin VERY moist). Both cleansers are VERY GENTLE and non-drying - the ingredients do not have any irritants, especially those SLS's found in cleansing foams. By any chance, did the Jinyul Foam come with your set?

    Remember, when using a cleanser, to gently massage your face outwards! This will not only help with circulation (I recommend you use massage packs/ or do a massage once a week to help circulate the skin - grape seed oil can do wonders!) but also prevent sagging since you are not cleaning your face in an upward-downward motion, rather an outward and circular motion.

    Which products are you currently using besides the Jinyul line?

    Terribly sorry for the long read!!! I really hope this helps!!! :) <3

    Thank you Christina!!!

  18. Thank you so much!!

    Yes I did receive the Jinyul Foam Cleanser but have not tried using it! The only products I am using are Jinyul balancer, lotion, essence, eye cream, and cream. I had not switched from my shiseido/aveeno cleansers to the Jinyul cleanser! Your advice is extremely appreciated! I need so much help since the Korean SA I buy from can barely speak english and I honestly do not understand anything. She simply tells me "This is very very very good." But has a hard time explaining to my understanding.

    What types of packs do you suggest? Brands?

    I would love to hear anything and everything you know! I have heard about SooRyeHan Hyo Fermented, Sulwahasoo, Laneige and am trying to decide if History of Whoo is the brand I should stick to?

    Also, my sister (age 18), has acne-prone, feverish and highly sensitive skin. I wanted to purchase the Chung yeo set for her, but I saw you wrote that it was discontinued. On I found it available. Is there a different brand or line you think would be better?

    Thank YOU!!

  19. You're very welcome Christina!!! :)

    Great! I know you will love the Jinyul Foam - it is very moisturizing which is important in a cleanser. Drying cleaners are not good for the skin because they strip away your natural moisture barrier - The History of Whoo cleansers are pH balanced and very mild, but gets your face CLEAN!

    Shiseido is not a bad skin care company, but not the best either! As for me, when you find something better you stick with it! (And drugstore skin care brands are WAY TO harsh for the skin. I find the ingredients in their products are horrible and can lead to serious skin problems in the future!!!).

    I know what you mean!!! I love the Korean SA's, but its sometimes hard to understand some of them. They ALWAYS have such perfect skin!!!

    Ahh yes SooRyeHan is another medicinal herb skin care line. The Korean SA told me that this line is targeted more for the younger ages (which would be perfect for you!). Unfortunately, I have not used this line so I cannot comment much on it. However, I know that their ingredients are natural and great for sensitive skin.

    Laneige is another brand from AMORE PACIFIC (the scent can drive some people crazy haha), same as Sulwhasoo, and IOPE. This line is targeted more towards the teen years, so I would recommend this line for your sister!!! Their philosophy is based on the science of the Himalayan water (which contains, all minerals and vitamins essential to the skin) I have used the Power Essential Skin Refiner which has refined my pores and cleared some of my pimples back in the day. In addition, I used the Hydra Solution Essence (star product) and it helped keep my skin VERY HYDRATED, and kept my skin clear! The fourth ingredient being Arbutin - natural whitening agent extracted from Bearberry!

    What I would really recommend for your sister is Sulwhasoo's Restorative Ampoules, which is an upgrade from their Herblinic Serum. The Korean SA I visited at The Amore told me this is a product for troubled skin = acne, pimples, redness, irritation, sensitive, you name it!!! This product has medicinal herbs to help restore your skin to a balanced state. A balanced skin = clear from blemishes, hydrated, clear and brightened. Its all natural and has a strong scent of herbs. It comes in 5 ampoules that should be used for 5 weeks - full results in 5 weeks, however, I saw results in less than 3 weeks! This product helped refine my skin!!!

  20. What is your sister using at the moment? The Chung line has been getting a lot of raves!!! But yes it is discontinued - the one on USACosmetics is fine to purchase, I don't think they would sell products that have reached the expiration date, or if there is something wrong with the product (usually the main reason why products would be discontinued, but its not for this case). A good cleanser, and toner for your sister would be great! I would recommend the Chung Balancer (toner) and Chung Lotion (moisturizer), and an essence/serum to treat her acne - you could use Sulwhasoo's Restorative Ampoules! Please tell your sister to keep her skin hydrated!!! The Soo Yeon Cream would be excellent, as it hydrates the skin and is great for oily skin types (does your sister have oily or dry skin?) When you keep your skin hydrated, your skin will get better!!! And of course exfoliation, but not an abrasive one with harsh beads. I use Coreana Nokdu Pure Peeling Gel - leave it for one minute, and massage your face and your dead skin cells will appear on your hands. It leaves your skin very dewy and soft. I will do a review of this product too!!! :)

    As for packs, I have used Laneige Water Sleeping Pack - which absorbs instantly and leaves your skin very moist. Laneige is targeted more towards the teens, so I don't think it would be best product to go for. The one that I have loved, and always come back to is The History of Whoo Brightening Seol Peel-Off-Pack - INSTANT effects! It leaves your skin very smooth and clean, dewy and fair! It is white thick product that you leave on your skin for 25 minutes, and peel from the bottom upwards. This will help keep your skin moisturized and clear your skin from impurities and pollutants. If your skin is dry, I recommend you a moisturizing pack/mask - The History of Whoo Jinyul Essential Massage Mask - since you are using the Jinyul line, and don't have any problems with the richness, you will love this product!

    I forgot to mention Christina, I would also HIGHLY recommend your mom to use Sulwhasoo's Extra Refining line, she will LOVE IT!!! This line brings an inner glow, keeps skin hydrated and moist, firm and shiny! (I have listed the ingredients on my review of the balancing water and emulsion).


  21. Your advice is so great!!

    I forgot to mention, I have normal/dry combination skin and so does my mother! My biggest concerns is how stress from school has made my skin look very unhealthy. Very dark dark circles, fine lines under my eyes, and uneven texture and color.

    It's funny because I just realized that the Jinyul line is targeted for older women age group. I want to switch with my mother but I think she loves the InYang line too much. Especially the pretty box it came in. I only bought the three pc set that comes with the extra samples, but the SA gave me a free four piece sample box set and gave my mother an extra 5 pc sample box set (Both from Jinyul line).

    Unfortunately for me, I have no idea where to purchase sulwhasoo products besides online and the SA's that I currently buy from give so many free items!They really spoil us with sample packets on top. I love their service!

    From your advice, I am considering buying the HwaHyun line for my mother as there is a full 5 pc box set like the Inyang line and she really loved the box and all its extra goodies. Also, I really will look into buying Sulwhasoo's basic line and extra refining line. Maybe purchase small samples and go from there! I'm also excited, I'm going to purchase the Coreana peeling gel!

    Thank you for ALL your help!

    In terms of blackheads, what do you suggest?
    And which sunscreens should I purchase? I'm going to go on vacation to Puerto Rico and Egypt for Spring and Summer and really am afraid to damage my skin further! My mother ( age 50) looks VERY young for her age (late 30s-mid 40) but the effect of her lack of skin care in her earlier years are really hitting hard! My mother and I never wear SPF... it's very bad!!! I'm sad to admit it...I used to use Shiseido's 55SPF for face/body but I felt that it was too greasy esp now with the jinyul line, it's just too much. Any ideas?

  22. It's my pleasure Christina!!!

    Thanks for letting me know, it is much easier recommending products based on skin types! Stress is a major factor in the way skin looks - Please don't stress! As hard as it is, the more you keep calm, take some deep breaths, and do the school work, you will be less stress (speaking from experience hehe). How is your diet? Do you consume vegetables/fruits/fibre, etc? They can play a key role in keeping your skin looking healthy and keeping the mind in a balanced state!

    I suffered from dark circles too!!! A good eye cream to invest in will go a long way! (I will do a review shortly after I use up my Hwa Hyun Eye Cream!). Good sleep, drinking water, and consuming dark green vegetables (high content in Vitamin K) can help lessen dark circles!!!

    Hahaha yes the Jinyul line is targeted for women over 40 - but if you like the feel and the results, keep using it, there is no harm whatsoever! Don't you just love the packaging, so luxurious and royal! You ladies are lucky!!! I love when they spoil us - especially is you are always going there hehe

    There are many stores in Canada (do you reside in Canada or elsewhere?) especially in Toronto: Korea Town, Bloor - the stores name is called The Amore, they sell Sulwhasoo, IOPE, Laneige, and other Korean brands.

    The peeling gel is really amazing. It leaves your skin SO DEWY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never experience that feel from an exfoliant. I will do a review of this product soon with ingredient list! I bought mine from a store called Jasper Cosmetics - they sell The History of Whoo, Charmzone, OHUI, and other great brands! The SA tends to ignore other products and always introduces me to The History of Whoo haha.

  23. Blackheads are horrible haha but a good exfoliant is the key step to removing dead skin cells (one of the causes to blackheads). I NEVER EVER recommend nose strips - it is serious damage to your nose area!!! A great peel like Sulwhasoo's Clarifying Mask helps to remove impurities and toxins on the skin (another cause of blackheads). Its all about treatment so the blackheads don't form. Although nose strips remove them right away, its really damaging! The mask I found helped remove some blackheads (if applied thickly on the nose area). But remember to apply a light moisturizer (emulsion) before you apply the mask, it helps with the peeling.

    Wow!!!!! Your mother is so lucky! I'm always happy to hear people taking care of their skin with good skin care! Oh know!!! Thanks for letting me know - SUNSCREEN is a must! It should become a staple and I'm glad you are becoming aware of it now! I dislike greasy sunscreens!!! I never use Western sunscreens because first: harmful sunscreen filters, and second: GREASY looking skin! Korean sun screens are much safer and absorbs very quickly. What I would recommend for you Christina is Sulwhasoo's UV Protection Cream - this will keep your skin VERY MATTE as if nothing on your face, and absorbs right away. Also, Charmzone Albatross Powder Sun (another great Korean brand) - this has a powdery feel, but absorbs right away. They will not make your skin greasy when using the Jinyul line (I know, this line is very rich!!!). If you have a chance to visit any flag shops, they will test it on you! But these are my TWO FAVOURITE sunscreens!!!

    Please let me know how everything goes!!! <3

  24. Hi Korean Skin Care,

    I came across this brand when I was looking for bb cream. The cosmetic store that I got my bb cream from also gave me samples from these these hwa hyun. I can notice the glowing and firming in my skin. I'm in early 30s and have experienced dry skin lately. I guess that's why this line works for me very well. However, these are quite expensive so I just wonder if you know similar line by History of Whoo or other brands which have similar effect. If you think I should stay with this line, which one do you recommend I should purchase? As you can tell, I'm very new to Korean skin cares so I am clueless of what is available out there.

    Thanks for your help in this.

  25. Hi Anonymous!!! Thanks for stopping by :)

    Ahh don't you just love when they give you samples? Hehe! Which B.B cream did you purchase?

    The Hwa Hyun line really promises what it states (when it came to whitening, I am not 100% sure about that, but I am sure about the radiance and glow that you have mentioned too!). It really firms and plumps the skin, just with the first application! It has been only two weeks of me using the whole line (my previous line was the Seol Whitening line which is amazing!). I find that the Hwa Hyun cream takes time to thoroughly spread on my face (a thick-buttery consistency), but the Hwa Hyun Balancer is a light-jelly consistency, while the Hwa Hyun Lotion is very rich, but absorbs instantly. The Hwa Hyun Essence is a very light textured serum and found it to absorb instantly (plus I love the scent)!

    Personally, I am happy with the results, its just been two weeks, but my skin is very firm and plumped, and the texture of my skin is SO SMOOTH and SOFT!!! It is the same glow I got when using Sulwhasoo's Extra Refining line and Sulwhasoo's Concentrated Ginseng Cream!!!

    The Hwa Hyun line is targeted for women over the age of 40 (since skin starts going through some hormonal changes, it is totally fine to use it even in your mid-20’s haha I am glad you are taking care of your skin!) and I am not surprised why you like it! One thing I hate about it is the price too!

    If you would like to stick with The History of Whoo, I HIGHLY recommend you to use the Gongjinhyang line, it is the yellow series (which has been recently upgraded). This line has precious medicinal herbs to help restore dry skin, make skin moist, firm, and reduce fine/deep lines. It is targeted for people in their late twenties and early thirties where skin begins to create lines, and dullness. In Korean skin care – they recommend you use the whole line because each product combined gives a synergy. However, I have used the Qi & Jin Cream (ALL TIME FAVOURITES) alone and it produces incredible results. The cream is not so expensive compared to the Hwa Hyun line. Also, the Qi & Jin Essence and Qi & Jin Eye Cream – the philosophy behind this particular line is to reduce the “fire” of your skin (dryness) to restore water (moisture) – clever huh? What I also love about this line is even when you wash your face, your skin still stays moist! I always come back to this line!!!

    However, if you would like to stick with Hwa Hyun line – I would recommend you the Hwa Hyun Balancer and Hwa Hyun Lotion – before I started using the essence, eye cream, and cream, I still saw results within a week of just using the toner and lotion (moisturizer) – it just shows that you DON’T have to use the whole line (only if you want the full results). Since you have dry skin, this line will aid in hydrating your skin (compared to the Seol Whitening, which is not meant to hydrate). You will still get the radiance and glow + hydration/moist skin!

    However, compared to the Gongjinhyang line – I found the Gongjinhyang to be much more moisturizing (I guarantee you will love the Qi & Jin Cream for your dry skin!!! It will make sure skin very dewy). The Hwa Hyun is like an all-in-one which can be problematic for some (I had troubles with the cream for not being TOO rich for my dry skin just the Hwa Hyun Balancer and Hwa Hyun Lotion were much more hydrating).

    There are many eBay sellers selling sample packets (which is cheap and economically friendly to your wallet hehe) :)

    Please let me know how everything goes!!! <3!!!

  26. Thanks so much for your recommendation. When you say about Korean skin cares recommending to use the whole line, do they mean to use them all at each use? Balancer -> Essence -> Lotion -> Eye Cream -> Cream? Or lotion is more for daytime and cream is more for night time?

    My skin has been so extremely dry, especially during winter. Even the concentrate from La Mer didn't help. If you suggest the Gongjingyang line is help restore dry skin, I probably go with that line (it helps with my pocket too as you said). What's about Qi & Jin balancer?

    By the way, I bought the luxury bb cream and I LOVE it but then once again, it's the only bb cream I've purchased so far.

  27. Hey girls, please note that the gongjinhyang line has been renewed and upgraded so make sure u purchase the new ones! :D

    details on my blog

  28. Christiana : Purchasing Whoo/Sulwhasoo products are cheapest via Gmarket. We have just done a complete tutorial on Gmarket so take a look at it

  29. Your very welcome!!! :)

    Yes! You’re right – the reason being it produces a synergy, which helps the products be more effective. But it would be totally fine to use the products separately, or mix them with other products (HOWEVER, not with whitening products!!! It is best to use the whole line when using whitening skin care to get the full whitening/brightening results).

    Yes, lotion is for the daytime, and the creams are for the night time. However, the Korean SA told me it is fine to use it in the morning if your skin needs more hydration, which I need sometimes!!! The winter season can really do harm to your skin if you do not hydrate your skin or use sun protection. I have never tried La Mer skin care before, although I do not anticipate on doing anyways haha. It may have not been too rich for your skin type?

    Yes!!! I HIGHLY recommend the Gongjinhyang line for you! This line is very rich, and will really help hydrate and repair your dry skin (bonus is the radiance you will see!). If you are considering the toner, the In Yang toner (from Gongjinhyang) has a watery consistency, but leaves the skin moist. You will love this toner (for me, the In Yang Lotion was a bit rich, but it will be very suitable for your skin type). If you are wondering about the scent – it has a light floral and herbal scent. Compared to Sulwhasoo – I prefer Sulwhasoo haha, but the scent will not bother you if you don’t have problems with fragrance.

    There are many special sets for the Gongjinhyang line if you visit one of the flag shops. I highly advise you to try out the line when you visit it! You will definitely feel and see a difference with just one use!!!

    The concentrated medicinal ingredients used in this line are: Nok-Yong, Asparagus, Angelica, Cornus Officinalus, Acanthopanax, Snow Lotus, and Deer Antlers: which work together to repair dry skin (anti-aging, dullness, loss of vitality and loss of glow/firmness).

    Ohhh! So glad you love it!!! I bought the Luxury B.B Cream for my friend and she loves it too! Gives a good coverage without it being too heavy huh? I have tried the Seol B.B and found it to give a nice coverage, very light, and brightened my complexion. But I am skeptical with B.B creams haha.

    <3!!! :)

  30. Hi Hope In A Blog, nice to hear from you!!! :)

    Thank you for letting us know!

    I am actually aware of the upgraded products. They recently arrived here in North America - the packaging is very luxurious!

    Thanks Hope In A Blog!!! <3!!!

  31. Thanks again for your quick response. I'm definitely going to try the Gongjingyang line now. So with my skin being dry at this time, would you suggest I can skip the lotion and go for the cream? I do love the balancer from Hwa Hyun (I think it's my favorite of all). Since you mention Essense is equivalent to serum in Western skin care, maybe I can stick with La Mer serum for now (spent a fortune on it, unfortuntely)?

    So the bottom line is for me to get the balancer, eye cream, and cream? Would these be enough for me to see the result?

    What's about Sulwhasoo? Are they very similar to Whoo? As you can tell, I'm very new to these Korean skin care so I need all many recommendation as possible.

    By the way, thank Hope in a blog and you about the upgrading products. Can anyone confirm if the gongjingyang line from the old line?

  32. You’re very welcome!!! :D

    It is fine to skip some products when it comes to hydration (when it comes to whitening though, I recommend using the WHOLE line to see the full benefited results). Me too! Isn’t the Hwa Hyun Balancer so luxurious? I mean its just a toner too haha! You can use the Hwa Hyun Balancer, then La Mer Serum, and the Qi & Jin Cream (followed by an eye cream of your choice, preferably the Qi & Jin Eye Cream: will do wonders to your eyes!!!) – the reason why there is Lotion and Cream is because Lotion is used during the daytime and optimum hydration at nighttime when used together with cream. But I found the Qi & Jin Cream to be the same in the sense of hydration with the Lotion, so it would be fine to skip the lotion and go to the cream :).

    Sulwhasoo was the first top of the line luxury medicinal skin care brand before The History of Whoo. The History of Whoo uses recipes from ancient dynasties when Emperors and Empresses took care of their skin with the use of medicinal herbs (for example, the use of Velvet Deer Antlers to produce collagen). Sulwhasoo’s philosophy revolves around harmonizing the inside of the skin (circulation, purification, and balance) to achieve beautiful skin on the outside with the use of medicinal herbs, especially with the concentrated Korean Ginseng, which has unbelievable known properties to the skin and internally. Both use nano-technology – which is why both brands are effective and produce results and are natural. When it comes down to scent, Sulwhasoo products smell more herbal than The History of Whoo – on this note I prefer Sulwhasoo’s scent hehe.

    At the moment, USACosmetics still has the “old” version. But I assure you the products are not so old that you cannot use them if you purchase them. + they will not send expired products! May I know where you purchase The History of Whoo products so I know when the upgraded products may arrive? I recently bought the Gongjinhyang line for a friend (which is not the new version) and she loves it! If you would like to wait, the new version may come in about 2-3 months! Or as Hope In A Blog mentioned, you can purchase the sample packets off on Gmarket!!! :)


  33. I actually bought The History of Whoo bb cream at this local korean cosmetics store where they gave me samples of Hwa Hyun line as well. And that's how they got me hook with Korean skin cares. I will come back to their store later today to check out the Qi & Jin line as they said they do carry every line of Whoo.

    Let's hope they carry the update products, if not I think I just stick with Hwa Hyun balancer for now with samples packets of Qi & Jin cream.

    To continue with the topic here, what is the benefit of whitening products? I've seen these whitening product from other brand before but never fully understand what it actually help your skin. Shouldn't these lines mentioned above be good enough for radiance, glowing, and brightening your skin?

  34. Ohhh I see, is the store located in Canada or the U.S?

    I am pretty sure they would carry all of the lines - probably not the upgraded version yet! So you could stick with the Hwa Hyun Balancer for now and the sample packets hehehe :)

    The benefit of whitening products: to help reduce dullness, pigmentation, freckles (and even ones you don't see - which may appear in the future) and give your overall complexion a glow. The Hwa Hyun line is an all-in-one, although it states whitening, I did not see any whitening effects yet, only glow and radiance! Haha. The Seol Whitening Line - has a HIGH concentration of Chrysanthemum Flower (Diosmetin: natural whitening agent extracted from the chrysanthemum flower, which is 300 times stronger and potent than Arbutin). If you would like to brighten your skin Anonymous, I would recommend using the Seol line.

    But since your skin is dry, the Seol line will not aid in keeping your skin hydrated since it is not meant for hydration, rather whitening. That is why the Hwa Hyun line came out - to help whiten, hydrate and anti-aging purposes - which is why it is a premium line, and very expensive because of its precious ingredients. The Gongjinhyang line will be better suitable - but in the future you may want to use the Seol line, and on top of the line, you should use a rich cream as I did (I used the Qi & Jin Cream on top of my Seol whitening products), and it does suffice for keeping the skin hydrated!!!

    Update me anytime!!! :)

  35. Does it make sense to use the Seol whitening line in the morning, and use the Hwa Hyun line at night for hydration and anti-aging? Please advise, thanks.

  36. Hi Anonymous :)

    There would not be a problem using two different lines. However, the problem with that is you will not know which products are producing results. Once, I used Sulwhasoo Snowise in the morning and The History of Whoo Seol Whitening line at night, but I didn't know which whitening products worked, which is why I only stick to one line day and night. Currently only using the Hwa Hyun line, and not combining anything. With whitening products remember to always use a high spf in the morning!!!

    The Seol line is not meant for dry skin - so you need to use a rich cream afterwards! The Hwa Hyun line is a bit richer than the Seol line, so you will benefit with the Hwa Hyun line in terms of hydration. Whitening effects with Seol, and radiance and glow with Hwa Hyun.

    What you could probably do if you would like to use the Seol line is incorporate the Hwa Hyun cream to keep your skin hydrated. The Seol Whitening Cream is not hydrating for dry skin - may be more suitable for normal skin types.

    What are your major concerns - in terms of whitening or hydrating - at the moment though?


  37. Thank you very much for your quick response. I like the whitening series for reducing the pigmentation/freckles, especially the cream, so soft... Then this dry winter weather makes me want to use the Hwa Hyun for hydration, so was hoping to alternate between these two lines. I have combination type of skin. Wish the Hwa Hyun works also for the whitening, maybe getting too greedy...

  38. My pleasure! :D

    Ohhh I know what you mean! Have you tried any of the Seol Whitening products? They really leave your skin dewy, soft and smooth! We always get tempted to try out new products - I know how you feel lol!

    I used the Seol line during the winter season (last year) and all I needed was a rich cream to top it off (I ALWAYS have dry skin during the winter season) and it always helps. I used the Qi & Jin Cream on top of my Seol Whitening products, and it did just great - kept my skin moist and hydrated for a long time. However, if you have severe dry skin, I wouldn't recommend using the whole line without incorporating a VERY RICH cream. Sulwhasoo's Concentrated Ginseng cream does wonders to dry skin + makes your skin glow!!!

    Its fine to use two lines separately, but speaking from experience, you will not know what is working and then you will end up thinking to yourself why I bought all these creams haha! But if your concern in helping to fade/lighten freckles - the Whitening Intensive has produced wonders for my moms skin, you can't see her freckles anymore!!!

    Are you thinking of using the whole Seol line in the morning, and the whole Hwa Hyun line at night? Or just the Balancer and Lotion from each line?


  39. The whole Seol line in the morning and the whole Hwa Hyun line at night, would that be ok? Thank you very much for your help.

  40. :)

    You will benefit more if you use the whole line day and night instead of alternating. With that said, it is totally fine to do so!!! You will still see results, it may take longer since you will only be using them once each day. You will love the products though!!! Since your skin is going through regeneration at night - the Hwa Hyun line is best to be used at night (as it has anti-aging properties). If you need more hydration in the morning, it is best to incorporate the Hwa Hyun Cream at the last stage of the Seol line, before sunscreen that is :)

    Keep me updated Anonymous!!! <3

  41. Sooryehan ( Whoo's sister line) also has a new line called the Cheon-hae-yoon, and apparently it’s for anti-aging and is based on a court secret formula meant initially for royalty. do they have sooryehan there in north america?

  42. apparently the Hwa Hyun is also a whitening line!

  43. Hi Hope In A Blog!!! Always nice to hear from you :)

    Yes!! I have heard great things about SooRyeHan! It's more targeted for the younger age groups - around early 20's. Unfortunately it has not reached North America, neither has Su:m37 products! Hopefully one day our flag shops here will start selling them since it is on high demand over here!

    Have you been able to try it out?! Any products you like?!

    Ahh yes! The Hwa Hyun line is for whitening as it states, but I have not seen any whitening results (it has been more than 2 weeks). I only see a radiance and glow haha! I think the best for whitening is the Seol line! You see results instantly for whitening effects. The Hwa Hyun is an all-in-one, so it can do so little for whitening - but it is definitely worth purchasing, keeps skin hydrated, firm, and radiant!


  44. swallow's nest in an edible gel form is supposed be good for the skin too. it gives that clear and pasty skin that we all love.

    it's mad expensive. my brother and i bought some for my mom for her birthday. it was like 400 bucks for like a 6-8 oz jar. Luckily we finally found the one of popular brand online ( and

    dad said it's really popular in indonesia. that a guy has to climb a high mountain to get the nest. that's why it's so expensive.

    i mean why doesn't the dude just look for the fabled korean swallow king, capture it and let it lay eggs full of gold! then, he wouldn't have to work so hard and climb them high mountains.

  45. Hello :D I just came across your blog whilst searching about the History of Whoo. It sounds amazing!

    For the past months i've been so tired of my skin, I haven't been cleansing propperly either, it's just the same problem each time ): I have these marks on my cheeks from (i think) milia seeds, when they got extracted they left ugly, ugly UGLY red/brown scars on my face, and my skin texture is uneven, occasional spots, i don't have blackhead problems at all, just discoloration that's been really bugging me ): at the moment I'm using CURE natural aqua gel as an exfoliator, vitacreme B12 (hasn't done anything for me T^T) and sometimes NARUKO serum/night gelly, i used to use laneige masks, but it didn't do anything for me ):

    Could you please recommend me the right line of the history of whoo skincare, for my skin? I'm asian, but i live in england (if weather makes a differance xD). I don't like using american skincare brands, or some brands here (like drugstore) since they have so many chemicals and they just make your skin worse in the long term. My chin area is abit darker, and my forhead D: (it's horrible ;_; I really want even skintone >.<) i don't use an eyecream/toner/emulsion etc.

    I wanted to use the history of whoo because it sounds more effective, but I'm unsure :/ i had a see at sulwhasoo too, i've seen people use anti-aging serums with repair serums; but with the history of whoo skincare, they don't have seperate serums for different purposes like that? So would it be just as effective? or not so... (am i making sense? XD) It's hard to find a place to purchase it, but i'll have a look on :O

    Also my mum needs a line designed to whiten/brighten, anti-age and hydrate her skin, she's 44 :O her skin is verrry dry xD

    btw, i'm 15! Am i too young to use any of the history of whoo lines? :/ if so which is more effective for uneven texture/skintone :O
    I don't understand the layering and the order of skincare o_O lotion, cream, essence... gaah xD(Sorry! i'm writing so much XD)

    Thanks in advance :] I have slightly dry skin sometimes/ combination skin. (if that helps xD)

    So to sum it up, I have sallow skin >.<, that's uneven and dull, and the texture is bumpy T.T I'm not much familiar with this skincare line, but what i've read so far sounds too good to be true! (apart from it being expensive xD).

    Also, have you heard of microdermabrasion? :/I'm scared to give it a go, haha (I'm such a coward D:)

  46. Hi JumperAndSocks!!! Welcome!!! :)

    Do you double-cleanse - meaning, cleansing make-up with an oil-based cleanser, then washing it off with a foam cleanser to get everything off the face? Cleansing/exfoliating is probably the most important part to skin care - if your face is not cleansed properly, the products you apply are not going to be fully absorbed properly and build-up of toxins and impurities will increase. When you cleanse, remember to be gentle. May I ask what you do when you cleanse your face - and if you wash off all your make-up if you wear any? :)

    Extraction can lead to scarring unfortunately!!! Firstly, you should be applying sunscreen EVERY MORNING - the sun can damage and darken those spots easily! A high SPF is mandatory! To help treat the scarring on your cheeks, you may need a whitening spot treatment. Now, since you are only 15, it is fine to use some products - and the products I will be recommending are not harsh for your skin (compared to nasty drugstore brands haha).

    Since your concern is sallowness/discoloration - the best treatment is using a whitening line that will help remove the sallowness, to make skin more brighter and clearer. The History of Whoo Seol Whitening line is the most effective whitening line that I have come across! (You don't necessarily need to use the whole line!) It will not only make skin lighter, but fade away dark marks! These products are super expensive mind you, so what I would recommend from the Seol Whitening line is the Whitening Lotion - I saw improvements with this product just using it alone (for full face brightener). If you want more treatment, the Whitening Intensive that is ONLY USED on dark marks - it will fade them dramatically!

    In regards to your eye area - a lightening eye treatment would be a best treatment. I have found that The History of Whoo Hwa Hyun Eye Cream works best at lightening the whole eye area. It helps lessen dark circles, and makes puffiness less noticeable - also hydrates and decreases wrinkles. Love this eye cream - it works wonders!!!

    For blackheads, a clay-mask or peel-off mask is great at helping decrease oil, and remove stubborn blackheads. I never recommend nose strips because they are just too harsh. JumperAndSocks the best peel I have come across is Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask. It is very gentle and gets the job done. The peel actually removes some blackheads and refines your skin texture to make it smooth and less bumpy. On that note, with skin texture, your skin may need some extra hydration. Since your 15, using a water-based line is great!

    I could personalize you with a skin care routine - you don't have to follow it completely, but I think these products will definitely help with your skin problems :D In Korean skin care, the steps are: Cleanse, Tone, Essence/Serum, Lotion, Cream, Sunscreen(for morning).

    1. After cleansing face thoroughly, tone your face to balance the pH levels (toning is actually important, once you cleanse your face, the pH levels are disrupted - you need to tone!!!). I really love The History of Whoo Whitening Skin Balancer (helps even out skin tone).

    2. Treatment: Laneige Hydra Solution Essence (water-based for hydration) OR The History of Whoo Soo Yeon Essence (water-based too, and I prefer this one!). Hydration is key to all skin problems!

    3. Treatment for dark marks: The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Intensive - as expensive as it is, it works!!!!!! I could recommend you natural ways of lightening marks, but they don't work - sometimes you need that extra step to completely fade them.

    4. Overall skin brightener/whitener: The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Lotion - ultra-light, makes skin VERY BRIGHT and dewy - this will help with the sallowness and dark tones to the skin :) Use this on the neck area too, to make your face and neck area the same colour!!! This will help with skin texture :)

    5. Cream of your choice, then follow with a sunscreen to help with future wrinkles and darkening of the skin!!!!!!!!!

  47. The History of Whoo does have repair serums, but they are all in different lines. For example, the Jinyul Essence (in the Jinyul line - red series) helps repair damaged skin caused by aging - aids in helping with deep wrinkles, fading sun spots, sagging, firming, and radiance (I would recommend this for your mother!!!). There is also the Ja Saeng Essence - which is an anti-aging/firming/reparing treatment - it works wonders and really moisturizes and refines the skin. Since you are 15 - I wouldn't recommend this to you right now. Sulwhasoo has special products to treat specific problems, like the Herblinic Restorative Ampoule for damaged/troubeled skin. The Concentrated Ginseng Cream, Intensive Wrinkle Set, and Renodigm Dual Care Cream - the Ja Saeng Essence would be considered special care.

    For you mother, the Jinyul line is really good! It not only brightens, but hydrates and helps reduce wrinkles. The Jinyul line uses the precious herbs to help rejuvenate and repair damaged skin. Although the Hwa Hyun line is a premium line for whitening, hydration, and anti-aging - I know she will love the Jinyul line more.

    In regards to microdermabrasion, in my opinion, you are a little too young for it as it requires little rough grains to buff away the surface layer of your skin. Microdermabrasion helps with skin texture, making skin smooth, soft and clear. If you are interested in it, talk to your dermatologist and see what she/he says about it, especially at the age of 15! :)

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you need any help :D!!!
    Muah <3!!!

  48. Gaaah, thankyou, you've cleared alot of things up for me! :D
    What would you consider the most important skincare tips? >.< I never knew toning balanced pH.
    Yes, i wear bb cream, i quit MAC because it just is HORRIBLE for your skin >.<
    I wore the Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream, and that is SPF 45? PA++, so i'm proud of myself haha. xD

    I've already informed my parents on the history of whoo, and they said they'd pay for it if it'll help keep my skin clear, and make me happier (they're really nice haha xD)
    The full sized products of the whole seol line would last roughly a year, with some exceptions... ithink? So i'm not too worried about the price, if it's all worth it.. so much better than buying cheap products that just speed up your aging process!

    I'm gonna order it on wednesday if i can :D and hopefully work on making my skin good for summer! Because in summer skin feels horrible using alot of makeup to hide imperfections ): and you feel more confident with great skin too ^^

    To answer your question, i don't double cleanse (i've barely heard of this before!) i don't understand alot of things since i'm new to korean skincare, is lotion like an emulsion to ready your skin for cream? I used to use toner, apple cider vinegar dilluted in greentea, but really to this date, nothing has hardly worked for me ):

    I think i'll tell mum that this lovely lady has recommended her to try Jinyul line (because it would be a bummer for her to try the different brands until she finds the right one, so i think it's lovely you hep us both get it right the first time:3)

    I would use all the products you recommended me because i trust every bit of information you give me, and you obviously know more than me about skincare :-)

    I'm just curious, if i use different products from different lines, like seol+laneige etc. wouldn't it work less effective to using the whole line?
    Also, could you recommend me a good sunblock? ^^

    Thankyou again! you've been a really big help, i wish more people knew about these stuff, so it could save them the stress of having bad skin. xD

  49. I'm wonderring if there are any fakes of the history of whoo line? :3 I think i'll order from royalbeautycosmetics or becleo :O(definately not yesstyle, they make it more expensive by atleast 20%!!) but i saw some really low prices on ebay o_O;

    Also, i was curious about microdermabrasion because the lady at bareMINERALS recommended me to try it when I told her about my marks; she probably mistook my age xD

    I'm pretty scared to try out all these chemical peels etc.

    I'd love to have beautiful skin like Lee Young Ae, and not the 'beautiful skin look' that makeup gives you, because it's only temporary :O
    Hope you know what I mean ^^

  50. don't forget that you have 10% for all hopeinablog readers for ! that 10% is gonna make a difference if you're going to get the whole set!

  51. You're welcome JumperAndSocks!!! :)

    The most important skin care tip is getting your skin super clean - think of it as working on a blank canvas. You want your face to be clean so your products not only absorb better, but your skin will glow due to cell regeneration. Treatments such as peels and clay-masks help cleanse impurities deep within the pores.

    Yay! Glad to hear they care :) Its very important to take care of the health of your skin. Definitely, The History of Whoo is not cheap because of the precious herbal ingredients! I never recommend drug store brands - they're too harsh for the skin, and the technology lacks. As for double cleansing, it is necessary if you wear heavy make-up, if you don't cleansing just once is fine - but cleanse thoroughly to get all the make-up off your face! Yes, Lotion and Emulsion are the same - they are used the step before cream.

    Your mother will love the Jinyul line!!! It is super moisturizing, and she will see a glow and radiance to her skin!!! It is fine to use different products - but when it comes to whitening, its best to just stick with the one whitening range (never mix different whitening products). And if you need more hydration, combining a hydrating cream from a different brand is fine too - it will not be less effective.

    As for sunscreens, my all time favourite is the Charmzone Albatross SPF 41++ - it leaves skin with a powdery/matte but also dewy feel. My highly recommended sunscreen! If you want a skin brightening sunscreen - the new History of Whoo Whitening Sun Cream is great in keeping skin bright and clear - but also providing SPF 45++. There are no fakes of The History of Whoo - the ones on eBay are real - they can't sell fakes, or else you would have to open a dispute. The reason their prices are cheaper is because in South Korea, the prices for skin care are much more cheaper than here in the West. and BeCleo are VERY EXPENSIVE websites. Although Hope In A Blog has the 10% special discount, the total will be way too much for you - especially when you know there are much more cheaper prices. eBay or has more reasonable prices that won't break your bank. Eden Skin Care - has great prices too, but they don't ship to England unfortunately. Let me know what you need - or interested in, I will find the products at a cheap price for you.

    Haha! Lee Young Ae is very beautiful - Koreans eat a lot of vegetables, and appearance is very important. Eat healthy, exercise and use the right products - and you will thank yourself :D!!!

    Let me know how it goes hun!!! :) <3!!!

  52. Thankyou!! :D
    Hmm, ithink that would be the reason I even got milia in the first place! (is that possible? xD haha)

    Okay! so for my mum i will get the jinyul line, that includes;
    Jinyulhyang Jinyul Balancer, essence,lotion, eye cream, cream, and mask :D (would all of those be TOO rich? or just fine :D)

    And myself i'm planning to get:
    History of whoo Seol balancer, Intensive, Lotion and Soo Yeon Essence, Hwa Hyun, Eye Cream (maybe the peel :X)

    And at the end of both our skincare, we will apply the Charmzone sunblock (also, isn't PA+++ supposed to be ultimate protection?) :D

    Should I get the History of Whoo Seol Cleanser and cream? Also, roughly how long should we take to go through each step- or do we just massage until it's absorbed (apart from the cleanser XD which we wash off)

    Oh, yea >.< I just ran a price comparison between USACOSMETICS and royalbeautycosmetics, it really is overpriced T_T i don't really know where else to buy it from, does usacosmetics ship to England :/?
    Ebay doesn't have much to spare apart from afew bits and bobs xD

    Also, I will keep you informed on how well it goes! ^^ You've helped me, and alot of other people out so much :D so thankyou!

  53. Hwa Hyun Eye cream (and maybe the History of whoo Seol Peel*)

    That sentence was abit messy xD

    I tried on Gmarket, but it's hard to keep up with because I can't read korean >.< (I only know a few words from my taekwondo class xD)

    I tried translating it to English, but it kept changing back, and i'm not sure how much shipping will cost, and how long it will take etc. Cause before I buy the things, I want to know exactly what i'm buying and info because then I'll make a mistake and use so much money and it'll all be madness x_x eeh

    haha D: idk, there should be more sites available to the public in english T^T (and not overpriced ones! xD)

  54. Oh, i forgot to mention, is the 2011 intensive best or the old one? (But i doubt you can buy the old one now >.<)
    I've got all the items checked off apart from the Jinyul line, and the Hwa Hyun cream (everywhere i find is selling it for $300/310 o_O, is that the normal price?)

    Thanks in advance :D

  55. You're welcome JumperAndSocks! :D!

    The Jinyul line should be just fine for your mother! It is a rich line targeted towards women over 40 who are going through hormonal changes - thus, skin becomes dehydrated, wrinkles increase, and there is dullness to the skin. The Jinyul line will help to repair issues mentioned :)

    Sounds good!!! After each step, the sunscreen is a must - when using whitening products during the day, if you don't wear sunscreen, your skin can actually tan easily, and you don't want that!!! The more "+" the more protection. If you want a sunscreen with more protection, the Hae Yoon Sunscreen SPF 50+++ from Whoo has been upgraded and I believe it is much more lighter than the older version.

    When applying your skin care products, gently massage each product until absorbed, pat gently, then apply your other product. It is not necessary to wait between each product - just make sure every product is fully absorbed! It is up to you! If you already have a cleanser, just use that (don't want you to waste it!) and if you wish to purchase the Seol Brightening Foam Cleanser, you may wish to do so - it is a great cleanser!

    USACosmetics does ship to England - when you go to check-out, you must apply to Bongo International Shipping to select your country (just click the icon that says International Shipping).

    Gmarket is confusing haha! I wish the products weren't overpriced! But there are places like eBay that do sell for cheaper - if you ever need help finding cheap products, send me an e-mail: and I will help you through there! :)

    The new upgraded Whitening Intensive is somewhat the same as the older version, apart from new ingredients, it should work just as great! The Hwa Hyun line is just an expensive line haha! The Hwa Hyun Cream is really expensive - are you purchasing this for yourself? I would not recommend it for you because it is VERY RICH and may cause some milia. But if your mother it is great! :)

    You're very welcome!!! Please keep me updated on your progress :D!!! <3 Muah!

  56. Thanks again ^^ you've been a big big BIIGG help :D haha, Oh! it's okay, if i need anything else, i'll be sure to email you! I managed to get more or less everything at the end ^-^

    I will update! Oh, the only thing left is the sunblock; but i'm not sure which one i should have so i'm going to buy the higher spf one and the charmzone!

    I mistakenly bought the hwahyun cream thinking it was the eyecream, gaaaaah >.< the packaging is abit similar, but it's okay because i only bought the 10ml size :]
    I won't use it!! One of my biggest problems is milia, would it give mum milia too? her skin is dry/dehydrated (as you know :-)) And is it okay if I use it on a couple dry patches on my skin. (I'm only trying to find ways to use it up because then it would be a waste!)

    I'm not too worried of that; i'm just wonderring, I have a couple of milia because my deadskin didn't shed propperly ):(now i know better ofc :D) But what can I do to get rid of the tiny little bumps on my face? Would the cleanser help eventually? >.<

    Also, I bought the sulwhasoo clarifying mask! I read your rave about it, so i decided to purchase one and try it out ^^
    Take care! and thankyou xD

  57. You're very welcome JumperAndSocks!!!

    Sorry for the late response! <3

    Oh no! The cream is very luxurious but it can cause some milia if your skin is normal (especially if its oily!). So just in case, don't use it. It should not give your mom milia - it is made for older women, so your mother should not have any problems with the Hwa Hyun Cream. Yes its fine to use it on dry patches to help relive the area.

    For bumps, exfoliating and peels are your best option. You can visit a dermatologist, but extractions can leave scarring, so I don't recommend it unless you are desperate haha. Cleansing twice a day, exfoliating twice a week (and including a peel/ or clay-mask) will help your skin regenerate and build new skin cells, thus leading to lesser bumps.

    The Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask is amazing - you should use it twice a week! It will definitely help your gain clarity and lessen bumps! Remember to apply a light moisturizer (emulsion/lotion) before you apply the mask.

    I hope you are have great success with the products!!! Keep me updated anytime :D <3!!!

  58. Wow, this has been the most informative page EVER! I am 29 years old and have uneven skin tone..ONE USE of the History of Whoo whitening lotion made a difference overnight!!! Oh, and wonderful post you guys!! :)

  59. Hi Korean Skin Care;

    I have been researching for The History of Whoo for days and felt so glad that i came across your blog.

    There are many line that i am interested in but i am not sure which one would be best to suit me.
    I am 23 years old living in a wet and cold climate.
    My skin is dry especially the the forehead and my cheeks. i have some discoloration due to the dry patch. other than that i have pretty ok skin.

    I was hoping that you can suggest me with the one that you think it fit me best.
    I was looking for the Seol line, Gongjinhyang Soo line and also Hwa Hyun line.

    One last question, my mom is currently using the Hwanyugo line, am i too young to use this line or not?

    Thank you :)

  60. Hello Korean Skin Care:

    I really love your blog. Thank you for giving us all the information on Korean Skin Care. I have been reading on yours and Joseibi's blogs.

    I decided to try the The Whoo Soel line for my freckle. I also need to find a line for anti aging. I am confused the different between the Hwa Hyun and Jinyul line. They are both for over 40 years of age. I am over 50. My main concern is my eye bag, fine line, deep laugh line (I guess because of my face is gradually sagging), also my deep neck lines. Would you please kindly recommend which anti aging line I should use? My skin type is normal in summer with just a touch of oily on T-zone. A little go to dry side in winter.

    Thank you!

  61. I have been using the Seol whitening line and have been experiencing a breakout after starting the line for 5 days and it's still the same for over two weeks of use. I don't see any improvements in my skin tone yet. Has anyone experienced with the same problem? I have been wondering if they ever sell the fake lines out there. I checked with the seller if all the line is authentic and she had confirmed it. But still I'm confused. Please help me how to identify the fake lines of The History of Whoo.


  62. i finally find the full ingredients of "The History Of Whoo Luxury BB Cream" and unfortunately it not good at all and definitely not organic ...take a look..

  63. Hi ^.^

    I really love your blog, it has been so helpful!!!!!!!!!

    I love the Hwa Hyun line, its so moisturizing and really plumps up the fine lines with continuous use ^.^

    To the comment above, Mina that is not the full ingredient list, that website doesn't even include the herbal ingredients... there is so much herbs in these products its too much too list anyways haha

  64. hi how r u doing ? do they have acne treatment product?

  65. Hi -- would you please recommend EBay sellers that carrys 'The History of Whoo' that are not fake.

  66. dear Joseibi,
    i'm new to Korean skincare and I love reading your reviews so much I recently discovered history of whoo and love their hwahyan line
    but I was wondering about the gold nano particles in this line as I found this article
    I have the whoo hwa hyun gold ampoule and it absorbs super fast and I was a bit worry after read that article so I want to ask for your suggestion/opinion about gold particles in whoo skincare what do you think is it safe?

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