Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sulwhasoo Hair Glaze (Hair Treatment Oil) Review

Description: Nature-drawn camellia oil keeps the right balance of moisture and oil on the scalp and hair and green tea oil protects the scalp and hair from external aggressors, giving more healthy and refined look to your hair. Spreading over the hair with no sticky feel and providing natural luminosity and vividness to your hair, and help to restore the natural radiance of your hair.

Potent Ingredients:

~Camellia Oleifera~
Camellia oil supplies nutrients to the scalp and gently protects hair using natural ingredients that do not easily oxidize or deteriorate and protects from free radicals. This oil supplies rich moisture and elasticity to soften the hair.

~Coenzyme Q10~
Extracted from plants, supplies nutrients to help facilitate blood circulation within the scalp. This ingredient helps with hair-loss and anti-aging. Coenzyme Q10 plays a key role in the production of adenosine triphosphate – which help delay the aging process.

~Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis)~
Potent anti-oxidant known as epigallocatechin gallate, aids in hair growth and hair follicle elongation. Helps to soothe dry scalp (flaking, redness, irritation). Green tea a contains vitamin C, vitamin E and panthenol, which work as a hair conditioner.

Review: My scalp had been getting dry during the winter season, and I needed something to help rescue my dry scalp! I purchased the Sulwhasoo Hair Glaze, which is now referred as the Hair Treatment Oil – and it really is a treatment to the scalp and hair. Not to mention, this product is perfect for oily hair too! This hair oil is concentrated with camellia oil, and ginseng being the fourth ingredient on the list (so sorry I do not have the ingredient list) - ginseng can nourish the scalp and boost hair growth. The scent is very herbal, which I love! The oil is quite runny, but when applied to the hair, leaves a nice shine with no residue whatsoever! What I love about this product is how moisturizing it was my for my scalp – I did several treatments with this product where I would apply a sufficient amount of the oil on my scalp, and wrap it with a warm towel. You can also pour some on your conditioner and shampoo. The results were amazing, within 3 weeks of using this product (2 times per week), my hair had recovered. For those of you who do suffer from severe dry scalp, I recommend you use this more than 2 times. Remember that dry scalp = hair thinning and loss. So make sure you take care of your scalp, as you do with your skin. Other treatments include olive oil and grape seed oil. However, I found that this treatment really improved the look of my hair and my dry scalp – it left my hair silky-smooth and glossy – a very natural look! Highly recommended to those with dry scalps, or those who want to improve their hair, it will not leave your hair looking or feeling greasy!

Have any of you tried this oil treatment? :)



    have you tried these two products?

  2. Hey there, awesome review! I have been wanting to try this hair glaze!!!!! Unfortunately, they don't sell it here in Canada, last time I checked in the Amore store. Do you know a safe website where I could purchase this product? Thank you sooooo much, my dry scalp is driving me crazy! hahaha, and last question, is this product okay for any hair type even if your hair is not oily? Love your blog, saved it to my favourites!!!!!!!! ^.^

  3. Hi Hope In A Blog! :)

    I have tried the Snowise Pact! What I love about Sulwhasoo’s make-up products is how natural it makes your skin look – never cakey and everything is in tact with your skin. Korean make-up is a whole other level of greatness haha. Are you planning on purchasing the Sulwhasoo Snowise Pact and Sulwhasoo Snowise Eye Brightener? The Pact left my skin with a natural glow, and not ghostly white. I used it for a wedding, and it did not change colour or become all dirty – it stayed natural looking for hours :D

  4. HI Anonymous, thank you!!!

    This hair glaze/treatment is a definite buy!!! I highly recommend it to those who have scalp problems because it has solved my dry scalp! I know how you feel! We don't have the new products here in North America - but it will be arriving soon! :D The only safe website I have found is:

    I have purchased from the website (shipping took me only 2 days), and is a great website for those hard to find Asian products. It is currently out of stock, but I have emailed them asking when it will be back in stock! :)

    Yes this product is suitable for any hair type - oiliness, dry, or normal. If you have oily hair, it will not make your hair oilier haha. It is considered a treatment oil, so it will help balance the oil/greasiness with your hair. Thank you so much! Visit anytime!

    Please inform me if you have any luck with this product! :)

  5. You can also purchase it on Gmarket !

    Cosmo-de is a great website but so overpriced!

  6. Cosmo-de is out of stock for this item. Would you be able to recommend me where else can I get the hair glaze? I tried Gmarket but no result came out from my search (as I typed in English).

  7. u have to type it in korean to have the results. go to the sulwhasoo korean site and copy and paste the names.

  8. Hi Anonymous!

    Apparently they have been out of stock for a while now! As Hope mentioned (Thanks Hope! <3) here is the Korean name for the Hair Glaze: 동백윤모오일

    Here is a great deal:

    It has not reached the counters! Its only in Seoul - lets hope it does!!! :)


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