Saturday, February 12, 2011

NEW: Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Mask

Introducing the new product from Sulwhasoo's Snowise Whitening line, their Whitening Mask!
Hedyotis Diffusa promotes circulation in the skin and White Lily extracts sooth and moisturize to activate the brightening effect. Penetrates into the skin smoothly and supplely for clear and soft skin.

Potent Ingredients:
~Hedyotis Diffusa~
~White Lily~

~White Ginseng~
This mask is a 10 minute deep treatment care for dullness that is caused by light and heat - the heat in Korean and Chinese medicine is known to cause problems like acne, imperfections, dullness, or an imbalance to your internal body. The mask-sheets are hand made and concentrated with Korean medicinal herbs like White Ginseng Polysaccharides that is fermented for 2 weeks to help the skin absorb the precious ingredient in the skin to brighten the overall skin complexion. With its cooling herbal ingredients, the Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Mask will help reduce the heat in your body - to achieve a balanced and brightened skin.

The clarity and brightness of the skin is improved by 6.9% in 4 weeks - and immediate radiance just from one use! When this mask is combined with Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Essence, your skin will gain 44% more clarity in 7 weeks (has been tested on 32 women by Derma Pro Co., Ltd).

The specialists at Sulwhasoo have designed the mask in a way it fits the face perfectly - it adheres easily on the face, and the essence is intact on the skin so it does not drip everywhere.

Considering Sulwhasoo is an amazing brand - this is their first mask-sheet!!! :) Aren't you guys excited about this?! I sure am! It will be arriving to North America soon - from what I aware of, this will reach The Amore stores in about 3 months or so, and the price tag is pretty hefty - you have an option to either purchase 6 mask-sheets or 10 mask-sheets!

So for all of you in love with masks, I highly recommend this mask! A great boost to the Snowise Whitening line :)!


  1. I'm from the US and found an Amore store somewhat close by so I will be excited when this mask hits the US. What's the price?

    By the way, thanks again for all your help w/Sulwhasoo & History of Whoo products :)

  2. Hi Nicolle!!! <3

    You're very welcome dear!!! It's my pleasure :D!!!

    The price of this mask will retail at Amore stores for $105.00 USD for 10 mask sheets, and $65.00 USD for 6 mask sheets.

    For sheet-masks, they're really expensive - but highly concentrated (I would leave this mask on for at least 20 minutes, no more though or else it may defect the results), so it will do wonders to your skin! Just by using the Snowise Whitening Serum (gives a glow from within the skin) I am sold on this product!!!

    Usually with mask-sheets, there is remaining serum in the package. I usually pour it on my palms, and gently massage it onto my skin - why waste it right? haha :)


  3. It is great this mask. Much better than sk ii. I can not but envy you guys in the us, amore pacific products cost approximately the same as in Korea. Here in hong kong we have to pay a premium. So it's 100 usd for 6 sheets. By the way I am going to try sulwhasoo spa treatments, apparently the only spa of it's kind outside Korea. Really, cannot wait to pamper myself

  4. Hi Marichan! Welcome!!! :D

    Oh wow! You have tried this?! How are the results? :)

    Oh no! In North America the prices are very expensive actually compared to Seoul, South Korea! I guess the shipping costs are included and etc. But in South Korea, the prices are much less - around 20-30 USD less, its a big difference. I hope you love the spa! Please keep me updated Marichan!!! :D Enjoy every bit of it, I am sure it is worth it <3!


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  6. great review :) have you tried the rest of the sulwhasoo snowise line?? i was thinking of buying their miniatures set | UK beauty blog