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UPDATE: The History of Whoo Hwa Hyun Line Review

~Gongjinhyang: Hwa Hyun~

At the end of December 2010, I purchased the Hwa Hyun line set which came with the full size Hwa Hyun Balancer, and Hwa Hyun Lotion, and the set came with mini jars of the Hwa Hyun Cream, Hwa Hyun Essence and Hwa Hyun Eye Cream. I was surprised that I still have the sample jars – I did not expect them to last me a month because I was going to purchase the full size, but ended up using the mini jars which is fantastic for me since there not cheap!

Now for an over-run of this line, which I have introduced in my blog; the Hwa Hyun line is meant for anti-aging, hydration, and whitening. This line is an all-in-one functional cosmetic line – potent ingredients include Velvet Deer Antlers, Jade, Gold, Ginseng and various other medicinal herbs to help rejuvenate the skin and help whiten the skin. Using this line for a month, I have seen dramatic results – my skin is very smooth and silky, and my skin glows! I can’t say this has whitened my skin, and if you would like to whiten your skin, then the Seol Whitening line would be much more suitable!!!

I am still using the five products in this range, and I believe a full month has given me enough results that I can review this line for you guys!!! I will be reviewing the Hwa Hyun Balancer, Hwa Hyun Essence, Hwa Hyun Lotion, Hwa Hyun Eye Cream, and Hwa Hyun Cream. I used this line with normal/combo skin – my cheeks tend to get dry during the winter season! I used a pea-size amount for each product, more for the toner and a dab for eye cream.

The History of Whoo Hwa Hyun Balancer
Description: The Hwa Hyun Balancer refines skin texture and promotes a brighter and clearer complexion. With ginseng extract, jade mixture, powedered deer antlers and gold, etc significant ingredients, Hwahyun Balancer revitalizes and lightens your skin while restores the hydration your skin needs. The History of Whoo Hwahyun Balancer provides you with a youthful and refreshed look, brightens your skin and further prevents the dark pigmentation.

Review: This toner has a gel-watery (almost like jelly-water) consistency, but very light. It took some time to absorb – it felt somewhat rubbery. If observed closely, you can see the gold shimmering! You don’t need a lot of the product – pour some on your palms and gently pat on your skin. I personally love the scent of this line – it is very floral. Now for hydration, yes it kept my skin hydrated more than the Seol Whitening Skin Balancer, but not as much hydrated than the In Yang Balancer. Nonetheless, it left my skin very soft and dewy, but you need to pat the toner in to absorb!

The History of Whoo Hwa Hyun Essence
Description:  This premium essence helps skin to quickly absorb its light weight texture, evens out the uneven complexion and controls the oil imbalance. Hwahyun Essence nourishes your skin with unique aroma and texture, soften and tighten up your skin, efficatively delays the skin aging and turns the clock back in time for a younger looking skin.

Review: I absolutely love this essence – there is something with Whoo’s essences that I love. It is rich, yet so light, and they just refine the texture of your skin! You can literally see the gold in this essence. It smells heavenly – very strong aroma of herbs and flowers. It keeps skin moist and so soft – leaves a silky touch to the skin and instantly plumps the skin. This is one of my definite picks from the line! Compared to Seol Whitening Essence, the Hwa Hyun Essence is much more hydrating. With this essence you will see an instant glow from within the skin!!!

The History of Whoo Hwa Hyun Lotion
Description: The Hwa Hyun Lotion revitalizes and brightens up the imperfect complexion on your skin. Suitable for combination to dry skin with the most prestige ingredients like the powdered deer antlers, powdered gold and tree extract that allows your skin to quickly absorb its light weight texture. With the court beauty recipes of Queen Jahee, Hwahyun Lotion promotes skin de-aging by brightening the entire skin through each layer of the skin and gives a result of a natural glow from the deepest skin layer

Review: The texture of this lotion is very rich, much of Whoo’s lotions are rich anyways – but I had no problem with this lotion because it absorbed right away, leaving my skin hydrated. The feel of this lotion is much more richer than the In Yang and Whitening Lotion – I would prefer this lotion than the In Yang Lotion though because the In Yang although it felt light, it was way too rich for me! I tested this alone while standing in the wind, and it kept my skin hydrated without drying it out (for about 10 minutes), so this is a plus for dry skin types!!! The scent is very floral and it’s a white textured product. With first application your skin is plumped, and within a few weeks this works to firm up the skin – it glides smoothly on the skin and absorbs right away.

The History of Whoo Hwa Hyun Eye Cream
Description: This premium eye cream helps diminish dark circles and give your eyes a glow from the deepest layers of the skin. Allow the gold and jade powders to help brighten the skin around the delicate eye area, while the powdered deer antlers and medicinal herbs to rejuvenate the skin and erase the signs of time.

Review: I honestly have something with Whoo’s eye creams. After using the Qi & Jin Eye Cream (top recommendation) this is also on my top lists! You really see the gold shimmers – it is thick gel-type texture (I would not consider it a cream) but is EASILY absorbed. If you are prone to milia, and there were some concerns with the Qi & Jin Eye Cream being too rich, than this is my top recommendation for you guys!!! This is not very moisturizing compared to the Qi & Jin Eye Cream – however, this LIGHTENS your eye area. Within a week I saw results – my eye area had this subtle glow! I absolutely LOVE this eye cream. Remember to pat your eye creams gently around the delicate eye area and not massage because it will stretch and cause pre-mature wrinkles!!!

The History of Whoo Hwa Hyun Cream
DescriptionThis premium Hwahyun Cream instantly brightens up the overall imperfect complexion, prevents skin aging and strives a perfect soothed and balanced look and feel. This highly enriched premium cream contains rich ingredients of functional whitening properties, such as powdered deer antlers, powdered gold and tree extract effectively refresh and hydrate the uneven skin tone. With the court beauty recipes of Queen Jahee, The History of Whoo Hwahyun Cream promotes to transform your skin into luminous and translucent complexion, effectively delays the overall aging process.

Review: I had a problem with this cream – it seemed not to spread evenly on my face. At first I wondered if it was because I was keeping it in my bathroom that the temperatures may have caused a problem with this cream because it was cold, and even if I warmed it up it didn’t seem to do the trick. Since this is a thick buttery consistency, imagine butter being cold, but not being able to spread. So I took this cream out and left in my bedroom, and when the temperature of the cream changed to a warmer state, it easily absorbed into my skin. Probably not one of my top recommendations – the Qi & Jin Cream and Whitening Cream are much better in my opinion. Although this cream is moisturizing and it really helps plump my skin, it seemed that when its cold it will not spread on your face, and I needed an extra cream on top to seal in moisture. Regardless, I did see brightening effects with this cream, so I am pleased with that hehe!

Recommend? For dry dehydrated skin you may need something a little more hydrating - but if you have dry or normal skin it works great! This line helped plump my skin and keep my skin firm, but the whitening effects are minimal and because in my opinion this is an all-in-one line, I would rather buy a line that is targeted to ONE purpose because you know it will help with that specific skin problem. For dryness I recommend the Gongjinhyang Line (which also plumps and firms the skin), and for whitening the Seol line (helps with freckles/ dark marks and dullness). Considering the price, I bought this for $680 USD – so it is expensive. I did expect a bit more since most of the products in The History of Whoo produce results instantly! The best results I have seen from using this line is how plump and firm my skin has become!!! I will still be using these products for a few more months to see what happens considering this is an anti-aging treatment line (& “whitening” hehe) Nonetheless, the ingredients in these products are very effective. THE ONLY products I would HIGHLY recommend is the Hwa Hyun Lotion, Hwa Hyun Essence and Hwa Hyun Eye Cream - if you want a hydrating toner, the In Yang Balancer is excellent, and Qi & Jin Cream. The Hwa Hyun Cream is not so convenient haha but it does help keep my skin plump and radiant!!! You can use them separately and still see results :)
*More information on the Hwa Hyun line:
*I will get the ingredient list soon for you guys* :)

Have any of you loved this line? What are you experiences with the Hwa Hyun line?


  1. hi..i was waiting for this review..thanks...actually my under eye area is in bad shape rite now..puffiness,dark circles and millia..i am in dire need of a good eye cream ..i should go for qi and jin cream or Hwa Hyun Eye Cream..what do you say

  2. Hi Nami :D!!!

    You're welcome!!!

    Since you have milia (I am prone to it too!) the Qi & Jin Eye Cream did not cause any for me because I used just a little dab to apply to both my eye areas. One reason why milia is caused is because people apply WAY TOO MUCH around their eyes, even their facial creams get around the eyes - making it not tolerable for the delicate eye area (clogging - remember not to apply a lot of the product around the eyes).

    The Qi & Jin Eye Cream is moisturizing, but if you use a little (which works great) then you will not get milia. This eye cream helped eliminate my dark circles and puffiness, just love it! As for the Hwa Hyun Eye Cream - it is much more light, absorbs instantly, and brightens your eye area dramatically within weeks. At first, the texture looks thick but it really is not - apply a little around the eye area in patting motion.

    If you are worried about milia because they really get annoying! I recommend the Hwa Hyun Eye Cream because it is very light and absorbs instantly!!! It helps with dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles :) Sometimes I found that the Hwa Hyun Eye Cream was not that hydrating, but it really helped brighten my dark circles and the whole eye area.


  3. Nice review! ...I had the same problem with the Hwahyun Cream, it would not seem to glide smoothly on my face either. I bought mine at duty free when I was in Seoul, and I did not want it to go to waste so I actually heated the jar :| I don't think it ruined the cream, but it sure made it better. I think if you warm it up a lot, it works the best. Now I love the Hwahyun Cream, it sure brightens the skin!!!

    I honestly wish I could afford this line, I think it works best for my skin (I will be turning 37 this year.. yikes...)

    LOVE THE PACKAGING... it makes me feel kinda royal haha :P

    Love your blog Korean Skin Care!

  4. Hi Anonymous, welcome :)!!!

    Thank you!

    You had the same problem too huh? Haha, it doesn't make it so convenient to warm it up every time you use it because it ends up going back cold! Nonetheless, it is great cream as you have mentioned. It really helps firm and plump the skin, and gives your skin a nice radiance!!!

    It is an expensive line and I was hesitant on purchasing it too! But I really wanted to give this line a try since my products ran out last year haha. I am loving it though! I will give it more time for the medicinal ingredients to take effect in my skin - treatment products take time, so I should expect the 'full' results in the next few months!

    When I warmed up the cream, I found that it was much more hydrating than leaving it the way it was - cold. So I did not have to apply another cream. So I highly recommend those who use the Hwa Hyun Cream to warm it up thoroughly, or else it will not, first: glide over your face, and second: hydrate properly.

    As for whitening effects, the Seol line is much better suited for whitening the skin. This line helps RADIATE your skin and give a GLOW but have not seen whitening effects yet - maybe in a few months or so I will see! :) The packaging is very lovely, these jars are quite heavy too!!!

    Thank you so much Anonymous!!! Please stop by anytime :D <3!!!


  5. Dear Korean Skin Care,

    Would you have any recommendation for mask? Any mask to help brighten up the skin? I'm currently using this line as well and so far have great result. But as you said, I need to give it a few more months to see the full results.

  6. Hey Anonymous!!!

    Welcome :)

    May I ask if you are looking for sheet masks or cream masks?

    In regards to sheet-masks that helps to brighten the skin, I found that IOPE Whitegen Clear Masks really help brighten and give the skin a glow instantly! It also hydrated my skin and is non-sticky which is a plus! This is a sheet-mask is concentrated with capsulized Arbutin to penetrate deep within the skins layers to brighten the skin from within. I have had a lot of success with this mask-sheet.

    As for cream masks, the Jinyul Essential Massage Mask (wash off) helps to not only firm the skin, but brighten it as well with gold particles. It comes with a wooden-tool to be used when applying the mask (helps with circulation). This mask is rich, so if you are prone to milia or have normal/oily skin, I would not recommend it - ONLY for dry skin types. It really helps to brighten the skin!!!

    I have also tried the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack (night time mask), which is also a cream mask and woke up to brightened skin. You use it when your skin really needs that extra hydration. I did not find it much hydrating since this is for the teen years, but it does a great job brightening! The scent is a bit heavy (although Laneige specifically has chosen natural scents for this product), and if you don't mind, then it is a great choice, not expensive either: 28 USD.

    How do you like the Hwa Hyun line so far? Which products are you loving too? You're right, these type of lines take time! I will report after a month passes by to see how far the progress is :) I expected more for the Hwa Hyun Cream - I just love the powdered texture of the Seol Whitening Cream, it leaves my skin dewy. But this cream doesn't achieve the dewy look that I miss hehe - but it really plumps the skin!

    I hope this helps Anonymous! Let me know if you need any help :D!!!


  7. Hwa Hyun line really works. Been 1+ months, the skin really more firm and there's this nature glow that's different from sleeping pack/mask.

    Though it's better for dry skin, but it works on combination skin (oily T-zone). Whitening is minimum, you won't be able to see any different if you have used whitening product prior using Hwa Hyun line.

    However, the glow and firm effect is only there if you use it on regular basis. 3 days after switching to O Hui the first line (need to try improved those acnes and scars), the glow and firming is almost non-existence. So added Hwa Hyun essence into the routine, the glowing firm skin starts to appear again.

    The cream application aren't a problem, maybe cause using sachet samples or maybe cause we're from Singapore (tropical country temperature).

    As for sleeping pack, you might want to try TonyMoly wrinkle sleeping pack (<US$12 on gmarket) if Laneige aren't hydrating enough. I find Baviphat and TonyMoly sleeping pack is better. I'd been using Laneige sleeping pack on my dehyrated hands and legs. It works well as it gets absorbed really fast, so there's virtually no oily feel.

    Sleeping pack/mask I would suggest;

    Less than US$10 on gmarket
    Baviphat Apple AC therapy sleeping mask - really helps reduce the redness/soreness of those acnes. Smells nice and you'll wake up with a supple skin.
    Baviphat Paprika pore tightening sleeping mask - you'll wake up with pores slightly smaller and hydrated skin.
    Bahviphat Paprika water-up all in one sleeping mask- it really hydrates your skin. Smells really nice.

    Slightly more than US$10 on gmarket
    TonyMoly berryberry wrinkle/whitening/dual effect sleeping pack - Richer and more hydrating. The skin will be more smooth and hydrated in the morning. It works on matured skin as my mum (60+) loves these tonymoly sleeping pack. Look out for 1+1 promo on gmarket.

  8. i can't see the shimmering gold on my hwa hyun balancer! haha, but i can see it on the eye cream! i really like this line too! will be doing our review after the 1 month duration ends!

  9. I am 33 years old. Currently, I am using seol line which is fantastic for whitening. I was considering buying Hwa Hyun cream for antiaging and whitening. After reading your review, I am uncertain if I should buy it. I have combination skin type. What would you recommend for whitening and anti aging?

  10. Hello! I am 33 and would like to try history of whoo line. I have oily dehydrated skin, prone to out break and slightly opened pores. A little spots across my cheeks. Which products can you recommend to me? I dun mind using a mixture of products from the diff lines. Pls advise!! Thank you :D

  11. i just brought this entire line in korea for 560USD and so far everything seems really great. Thank you for the review on this line. By the way, is there any chance you can demonstrate the correct application motions and such of how to use these creams to ensure maximum results. Thanks

  12. HI :)
    I absolutely love your blog! Is amazing, especially that is so hard to find good reviews on Korean cosmetics especially The history of whoo :)
    I have been using the Hwahyun Line for 4 months now. And I have to admit that I am very satisfied with the products. I just turned 30 and I got this set for my birthday and that was the best present ever. I have oily/ combination skin type but somehow I do not find this products overpowering or making my skin too oily. I started from splitting this line on day and night because I was afraid that might be to oily for me. So in the morning I cleanse my face with shiseido pureness foaming cleanser with my clarsonic brush. Then I pat with my hands the toner or the balancer. I let it dry for a minute. Then I put my serum / essence. After I run out from the little bottle what came in my set I actually purchased the full size of the Ja Seng essence ( which was recommended to me by sales person). I really love that serum/essence too. The texture is really thick and nice, you can see the gold shimmer in it and also smells like rose. Is gorgeous. Makes my skin drink it up right away.So I have been using it only for a 5 days so is hard to say the difference between them both. After that I put the Hwahyun eye cream and I love it! Because I am on my 2nd year residency I barely sleep so I have huge dark circles, puffiness, tired eye you name it I have it. And I have to say that cream did amazing job. All disappear. Then I finish off with the lotion. I also love the lotion because is very light and soaks in fast, do not leave oily feeling. At night my skincare is little bit different. I use the same toner and serum but I use the cream at night since is heavier. For eyes at night I use shiseido benefiance eye cream instead. Since all these cosmetics are so expensive I'm trying to be frugal at night on my eye cream :( I need your advice what do you think about mixing this line with different Asian lines like the Japanese shiseido? I find it little cheaper that the whoo but still doing decent job. But since I'm deep in love with whoo I don't want to use to many other brands. Do you know anything about bishoup essence or morning essence ( I don't know if I spelled correctly) ? My sales person gave me some sample pouches and so fair work good I don't know if is worth investing? Thank you and have great day! Keep up the amazing blog !

    1. Hi babe! came across your comment while searching for Whoo's product review. Im going to be 24 and using full set of shiseido white lucent range with SK2 miracle water.
      My eye cream is the shiseido one, which i find it totally useless. (dont know if yours work for you, im definitely not going to repurchase mine) anyway, i was given samples from Whoo and i love the Ja Saeng essence from WHOO!!!!
      therefore im thinking of buying the full size..

      Shiseido does an OK job for me, friends who have not met me for sometime commented that my skin was fair & translucent. BUT i find that it did not help in making it glow that much. :(

  13. I just bought the serum fromWhoo Singapore, it is great!