Monday, January 31, 2011

Edited: The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Line Review

~Gongjinhyang Line~

~The newly upgraded Gongjinhyang line~

****Hey guys! I recently went through my Gongjinhyang products and realized that I had the newly upgraded version of the In Yang Balancer and In Yang Lotion. I purchased the set in Seoul, Korea - which has been recently introduced in the West. The In Yang Balancer and In Yang Lotion review are the upgraded version and not the 'older' version!!! The rest of the products reviewed are the 'older' version. Sorry guys!!!***

[Gongjinhyang - A secret Royal court formula that presents heavenly skincare to empresses]

Containing "Gonjinbidan" and "Wild ginseng Cordyceps sinensis". Gongjinhyang helps create a more attractive skin tone. Through the principle of yin-yang harmony to keep skin balanced and the principle of increasing water (moisture) and diminishing fire (dryness) to enhance moisture within the skin while soothing it effectively, it gives skin a new radiance and smoothness.

Contents in Gonjinbidan: Deer Antler Velvet Extract, Cornus Officinalis Fruit Extract, Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Flower/Leaf Extract, and Angelics Acutiloba Root Extract.

The products in The History of Whoo’s Gongjinhyang line are contain herbal ingredients that keep the supple and moisturized by hydrating dry skin and improving its purification capabilities (circulation within the skin helps with many skin problems). The rare herbal ingredients help treat the skin from within, to give your skin an outer glow. The Gongjinhyang line incorporates herbal traditional medicine that was used by the ancient royal family. The herbal nutrition stimulates the skin’s viability, moisture retention and adds radiance to the skin. The synergy between Gongjindan and Polygonatum also provides excellent wrinkle improvement, adds firmness and promotes a naturally youthful glow. This line is recommended for people in their early 30’s who have dry skin.

The philosophy behind the Gongjinhyang line is based on reducing the ‘fire’ on the skin or dry skin, and retaining water, which is the moisture of your skin. This line has been recently upgraded – not only has the lovely packaging been upgraded, but so has the formula. I used the ‘older’ version for 2 months, day and night when I had normal skin. Unfortunately, I do not have the ingredient lists at the moment – I did not keep the boxes for each item when I purchased it – hopefully I will be able to get it soon!!! I will be reviewing the In Yang Balancer, Qi & Jin Essence, In Yang Lotion, Qi & Jin Eye Cream, Qi & Jin Cream, and Hae Yoon Sun Cream SPF 50+++. For each product, with the exception of the In Yang Balancer and Qi & Jin Eye Cream, I used a pea-size amount, for the eye cream a little really goes a long way, and for the toner, I poured 4 pea size amounts on my palm and gently patted on my skin.

Potent Ingredients:
~Siberian Deer Antlers/Nok Yong~

~Snow Lotus~

~Asparagus Cohinchinesis~

~Cornus Officinalis~


~Wild Ginseng~


I would like to begin my review with...

~The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang In Yang Balancer (upgraded)~
Description: In Yang Balancer is a herbal toner that keeps the skin soft and moist by hydrating dry skin and improving its purification capability.

Review: This toner is very watery, but when applied to the skin, immediately hydrates the skin. The scent is very floral, and some of you may find it heavy at times – but it was totally fine for me. Considering it is 150ml bottle, it does last a long time, which is excellent. Compared to the Jinyul Balancer, I would prefer the In Yang Balancer because of its light texture and consistency, it absorbs right away which is great for oily skin too (if you do have oily skin, I don’t recommend the rest of the products in this line for you), while the Jinyul Balancer took some time – but again, you have to consider that the Jinyul line is very rich because it is made for people over the age of 40. Nonetheless, I love this toner for keeping my normal skin hydrated!!!

The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Qi & Jin Essence
Description: Qi & Jin Essence is a highly concentrated herbal serum for a more crystalline, vital and luminous skin tone. The finest herbal essences from Gongjinbidan offer a luxurious and silky smooth feel

Review: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ESSENCE! The texture is rich and it has a yellow/orange tint to it. It absorbs so fast, it leaves nothing behind, but silky smooth skin!!! The scent is not too heavy compared to the rest of the line. I found this essence helped with the texture of my skin, and how it made my skin feel very dewy. What I love about the creams in this line is it really makes skin soft and supple!!! This is one of my top essences I would recommend for those who have dullness, and need a boost in the texture of their skin.

~The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang In Yang Lotion (upgraded)~
Description: In Yang Lotion is an herbal nutrition emulsion that stimulates the skin's viability. It improves the skin's ability to retain moisture and adds radiance to the skin.

Review: In my personal opinion, I did not find the In Yang Lotion to be my ultimate favourite. The reason being, it is TOO RICH – this is great for very dry dehydrated skin. Having normal skin going into this line, I found this Lotion to create a film on my skin that I did not like. Compared to Sulwhasoo's Basic Line, I would rather stick with Sulwhasoo's Balancing Emulsion, it is so light, but hydrates perfectly (you can replace it with Sulwhasoo's). But if I could, I would skip this Lotion because of its richness. The texture seems light at first, and it does hydrate the skin, but I do NOT recommend using it for oily skin and normal/combo, only if you have dry skin!!!

~The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Qi & Jin Eye Cream~
Description: It provides excellent wrinkle improvement effects. Its delicate but outstanding absorption tightens slackened cells around the eyes to create a pure and clarified look around the eyes without irritation.

Review: The best eye cream I have EVER tried!!!! Let me tell you how your dark circles are eliminated within two weeks, its unbelievable! When I bought this eye cream, I went into it without using an eye cream for two weeks, and I was sleep deprived due to my busy schedule. I know you guys are probably like, HOW COULD I NOT USE AN EYE CREAM for two weeks haha– but I am glad I didn’t, the reason being because I saw dramatic results!!! The technique I applied this is not in circular motions, but in patting motions, which still helps the product be absorbed. It has a yellow tint, and smells very herby, almost floral – the texture is very emollient and moisturizing the skin around the eyes amazingly. It states that it tightens skin around the eyes, and IT SURE DOES – my left eye can get a bit droopy, but this eye cream lifted and tightened it up. I highly HIGHLY recommend this eye cream, this is not a miss!!!

~The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Qi & Jin Cream~
Description: Qi & Jin Cream is a product of traditional beauty care techniques of the royal family. In addition to improved firmness through Gongjinbidan maximizes the skin's radiance.

Review: Another cream that is on my TOP LISTS – this cream will make your skin very dewy and soft. The scent is not as strong as the In Yang Balancer and Lotion (which would leave a scent behind on my face haha). The texture is rich, so I do not recommend it to those who have oily/combo skin. This cream is very moisturizing, and I find that it helps keep the skin hydrated even in harsh winter climates (I tested it outside to see how it battles through the cold!!!). I applied this cream by first, gently massaging, then lifting my skin UPWARDS from chin, to cheeks, and forhead – I saw improvements with the lifting techniques, and I recommend many of you to apply your creams this way, but be gentle so you do not stretch your skin. The results I saw from this cream is radiance, glow, firmness, suppleness, and plumped skin!!!

~The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Hae Yoon Sun Cream SPF 50+++ ~
Description: Whoo's most well known herbal sunscreen cream with characteristics such as providing moisture to the skin, spreading out to the skin with soft texture, refreshing finish touches and absorption without stickiness with a light, smooth sun cream with water cream-like texture.

Review: When it comes down to sunscreens, the ONLY thing I look for is its protection. This sunscreen has a HIGH spf ‘+++’ which is very important, especially during summer times (apply sunscreen even in winter seasons!!!). The texture is thick, it has a light yellow tint, and it seems sticky, but it absorbs instantly. However, I found that because it is thick, it also created a film on my skin. Nevertheless, it did keep my skin hydrated and moist, but compared to the Charmzone Albatross Sun Powder, I would rather go with the Charmzone sunscreen.

Recommended? Yes I would recommend this line, ONLY for dry skin - some of you with normal/combo may find some of the products rich, especially the lotion. I have not tried the new upgraded line. My Korean friend told me that the new line absorbs much quicker, and if you are interested in these products, I advise you to go to the store to try them out - plus a new sleeping pack and upgraded mask-sheets have been included!!! 

Thanks to Hope In A Blog: by mentioning this upgrade, they have stated that the newly added ingredients are: aloe vera and metasequoia glyptostroboides extracts :)!!!

For those of you with oily skin, I don't recommend this line because the richness may cause some bumps and milia seeds on your skin, so its best to stay away from this. The scent is very floral and herbal, I did not mind it personally - and the texture of the creams are very delicate and luxurious. Overall, I am happy with this lines results. It helped my skin remain soft and supple - it really refined the texture of my skin, and I always woke up to smooth silky skin. My top recommendations are the Qi & Jin Cream, Qi & Jin Essence, and Qi & Jin Eye Cream!!!

Please share any experiences you had with this line :)


  1. Another wonderful review! I'm tempted to try this eye cream. I'm desperate to try anything that helps with dark circles.

  2. Hi Frances! :)

    Thank you so much!!!

    You will love the eye cream - I have never, honestly, come across an eye cream so moisturizing, and reducing puffiness and dark circles!!! I encourage patting the cream around your eyes - it helps drain out excess water, which can lead to puffiness. Patting also helps with circulation - usually this is mentioned when massaging the eye area. However, massaging can lead to premature wrinkles, and I never recommend massaging in circular motions around the eyes!!!

    The best thing was that when I was going into this line, I had not used an eye cream for 2 weeks, and let me tell you, my eye area looked horrible!!! Dark circles, dryness, fine lines, puffiness - you name it. After a few weeks, with using the Qi & Jin Eye Cream, I noticed a brightness and less dark circles. This eye cream is a keep!!!!!

    Let me know if you need any help picking out products for your skin Frances!!! :)


  3. hi there,
    do you think the eye cream would cause milia for the eyes?

  4. Hi Anonymous :)!

    I am very prone to milia - especially around the eye area!!! Fortunately, this caused no milia, and I was worried because it is very rich.

    Many people don't know that one reason milia seeds form is because applying TOO MUCH of the product (in this case a face cream) which can clog the pores and cause milia. You only apply a small pea size amount for face cream, and a very SMALL pebble size for eye creams - make sure to thoroughly pat your products in your skin for penetration and full absorption!

    A little really does the trick without causing milia! I have tried eye creams that were VERY LIGHT, for example, the Laneige White Plus Renew Eye Serum and not rich at all compared to the Qi & Jin Eye Cream - I used a lot of the product because I needed the hydration, and it ended up causing some milia! So with every product, if you are prone to milia, do not use a lot - you shouldn't be using a lot anyways! :)

    If you are worried about it causing milia, I recommend going to a store to ask for some samples before purchasing the product!

    I highly recommend this eye cream though - it did the trick for dark circles and puffiness - and kept my eye area plumped and bright!!!

    Let me know how it works out! <3!!!

  5. Whta is the best way to remove milia??

  6. Hi Kman!

    Before I answer your question, I would like to start off with how to prevent getting milia seeds. If you are prone to milia seeds, it may be that your creams are very rich - never use your facial creams around your eyes, and never use any type of oil either!

    Considering the Qi & Jin Eye Cream is rich - I am prone to milia - I only used a small little dab, and thankfully it absorbed right away causing no milia! So make sure not to use a lot of a product or else it will cause some milia seeds!!!

    The best way to remove milia is, honestly, see your dermatologist! NEVER ever try to use your nails or any type of tools to remove them because it will cause redness, scarring, and damage to your skin!!!

    My second highly recommended suggestion is using a mild AHA or Salicylic Acid treatment to help exfoliate the area and dry it out - this can be of your choice. I have used the Origins Brighter By Nature High-potency Brightening Peel Pads which has a mild AHA, it helps cleanse deep clogged skin, and is GREAT for sensitive skin!!!


  7. Hi. I would like to either purchase History of Whoo or Sulwhasoo for my mom. She's in her mid 50s. She has dry skin.

    I am debating if I should get the History of Whoo - Qi & Jin products for her? She wants to reduce wrinkles and to hydrates her face. Can you recommend me the eye cream, essence and cream for her? Also, would you be able to recommend me a body lotion that removes/reduces blemishes on hands? Thanks in advance!

    Btw, I love your site!! So informative! Your reviews are always spot-on! I've tried both Sulwhasoo and History of Whoo for myself, loving them!!

  8. Hi rumikochan! :)

    Welcome!!! <3

    That's very nice of you! Since your mother has dry skin, which occurs as you get older. The Gongjinhyang (qi & Jin) line is suitable, although it is great for people in their 30's that want to prevent wrinkles from occurring and helps diminish fine lines. If she already has set wrinkles, she would need a line to help treat it.

    The History of Whoo Jinyul line is for women over the age of 40 - this line will help treat **deep wrinkles** and deeply **hydrate the skin.** It has a 5 step set: Jinyul Balancer (toner), Jinyul Essence, Jinyul Lotion (day moisturizer), Jinyul Eye Cream, and Jinyul Cream (night cream). Specific herbal ingredients have been selected to help meet the needs of mature skin types.

    She can use the Jinyul Eye Cream and Jinyul Essence - as for cream though. Im not sure whether she will like the Jinyul Cream because I tried it, and it was not so rich. The texture is not like a creamed-texture, rather like a transparent balm, almost like Vicks haha:

    If she wants something emollient, the Qi & Jin Cream is great! But for Essence and Eye Cream, I recommend it from the Jinyul line!

    As for Sulwhasoo, she will LOVE the Extra Refining line!!! Very hydrating, keeps skin glowing, and firms up the skin! My mother really loves this line!!! She liked the Jinyul line too - it is preference, if she wants something rich, the Jinyul line is great, but if she wants something light yet still hydrates and keeps skin moisturized the Extra Refining line is great.

    For blemishes on hands/body - I have not tried any! But funny to say, the only product I use on my hands is The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Lotion or Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Fluid - these products helps reduce the appearance of marks and evens out the skin. Although they are for the face, they work great for the hands/body too!!! But some are stingy to use their skin care products on their body hehe.

    But, many have had success with Deary Rose Co-Q10 Whitening Hand & Foot Lotion - it is a Taiwanese product and it is concentrated with Rose Hip Seed Oil, which helps with all skin troubles including discolouration, dullness, and blemishes especially! :)

    I hope this helps! If you have The History of Whoo or Sulwhasoo counters near you, I highly recommend going to the store and letting your mom test out the products!

    Please let me know how ti goes rumikochan!!! :) <3!!!

  9. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply back to all my questions! You're so kind! =)

    Unfortunately, I live in Edmonton. The only way to get Korean or any Asian skincare products are through online. I'm going to order some samples of the products you recommended and see how it goes. Probably starts with the lighter one first, the Sulwhasoo Extra Refining line for my mom. I am going to give Deary Rose Co-Q10 Whitening Hand & Foot Lotion a try and let you know how it goes after. Again, thank you so much! Btw, I am looking forward to reading your new reviews!

  10. You're very welcome rumikochan!!! :D

    Its my pleasure!

    It really is hard to get Korean skin care! I don't think there is an Amore in Edmonton, maybe if you have a Korea Town?!

    Sounds good, it is always best to try out the products before you purchase the full size! She will love the Extra Refining Line - her skin will be very hydrated, and a deep glow from within the skin!!! I would also advise that if you want to keep your hands from sun spots/dullness, the best option is preventing more from occurring - SUNSCREEN! It is another habit getting use to, but trust me you will thank yourself hehe! :)

    Please keep me updated rumikochan!!! Let me know if you need any help :D <3!!!

  11. Actually, my mom and I hardly ever use sunscreen. I guess we were just so lazy! ha..But you're right is a must!! I'll try what you recommended, Charmzone Albatross. Thanks again!

  12. Oh no!!! Sunscreen should be applied everyday, including during the winter season because we are still exposed to UVB/UVA rays. YES Sunscreen is A MUST! You have to make it a daily habit. I cannot stress enough!!! I will be reviewing some more sunscreens, but the Charmzone Albatross is one of my favourites at the moment :D

    Keep me updated rumikochan :D <3!

  13. hi ! i want to try out some whoo product because i havent found the perfect skincare for my skin :(
    what line is suitable for younger age (im 20yo)? im oily at the t-zone and prone to pimple on t area and chin. what do you think the most suitable for me? i've order a sample of seol essence, jasaeng, and gongjinhyang foam cleanser. i hope whoo product will be the perfect skincare for my skin 0:)

  14. I actually love this line, and use the Qi and Jin cream every night. There are many creams of the same stature in terms of marketing (some might be more expensive, some cheaper), but few actually match up to the Qi and Jin cream's easily absorbed texture and its highly moisturizing feel in all seasons.

  15. Hi, I have just started using korean products ie Sulwashoo and whoo recently and I believe it suits asian skin better. From one of your blogs, you recommended Gongjinyhang cream instead of Hwa Hyun. I am in my fifty's and am blessed with quite good skin except gets dry esp,on the cheek during winter. Is this good for me, you think?

    I have taken your advice and bought Hwa Hyun eye cream which I hope can do some wonders for my eye area which is very dry and sad, with lines.

    Thank you and have a great day!

  16. Sorry , one more question, Would you have any idea of Cheongidan Hwa Hyun Gold Ampoule please?