Friday, January 28, 2011

Sunscreen: Charmzone Albatross Powder Sun SPF 41++ Review

Introduction to Charmzone
Charmzone is another great brand in Korea (although my love for Sulwhasoo and The History of Whoo will never be outweighed hehe) - and has been making its way to North America on demand!

Their main concern is not how luxurious their products are, rather producing the highest quality products for their customers. The founder of Charmzone Kwang Seok Kim, a pharmacist from the College of Pharmacy in Sung Kyun Kwan University,  launched Charmzone to meet the needs of women: aging, lack of vitality, glowing skin, or firmness.

"Charmzone only strives to represent Korea in creating the highest quality cosmetics in the world..."

Some of Charmzone's various lines for specific needs include:

Pleasium: Protecting skin from harmful environmental factors. To keep skin firm and youthful, and tighten skin.
Medicell: Helps your skin regain its brightness - while aiding in dullness, dryness, and a lack of resilience.
DeAge: Provides your skin with potent nutrients such as tomato, pomegranate, red wine, and mulberry.
Wrinklear: Softens the skin, while treating deep wrinkles (all vegetable-based) - makes skin very firm and lifted with massaging techniques.
Gingko Natural: All natural plant-based ingredients, with the main ingredient, Gingko Biloba, to help soothe the skin from blemishes and environmental factors that damage the skin.
Hibutan: Keeps skin clean and bight - removing impurities deep within the skin.
Ziahn: Their oriental-medicinal based products - to treat damaged skin and make it look healthy.

Although it is a lower-end brand, compared to Sulwhasoo or The History of Whoo - I still find Charmzone products very effective. They use natural ingredients, however, fragrance is one big problem I find in Korean skin care which shields off the alcohol scent - the scent in these products are lovely, they may be a bit strong for those of you who dislike heavy fragrance in their skin care!

To begin with the Charmzone Albatross Powder Sun review:

Description: Charmzone Albatross Powder Sun SPF 41++ is developed with protecting & repairing system against UV rays as containg the PMMA (SUNPMMA –S: Polymethy Methacrylate) powder with soft and non-oily finish and the ABOMC (patent number: 10-0890428) powder with improved UV rays protection effect UV ray sunscreen. Non-oily look on the skin and keeps the moisture inside the skin. Three-in-1 effect (UV rays blocking, under make-up, enhance skin elasticity).

How to use: Before outdoor leisure activities, evenly smooth over face (avoiding eye area), arms, neck, legs and other areas exposed to sunlight.

Review: You cannot use this product without smelling it! The scent is heavy, and when you put it on, you can smell it from a distance (my friend told me why my face smells nice haha). Regardless of its scent, the texture is like a powdered cream,  a bit thicker than the Seol Whitening Cream which also has a powdered creamy texture. It absorbs right away, leaving NOTHING behind - I hate sunscreens that leave white casts, which we usually see in Western brands, this doesn't!!! This is the ONLY sunscreen, from testing so many, that I purchase over and over again. Although I recommend purchasing a higher spf with '+++' full protection sunscreens, this is great for all year round. As most of you know, sunscreen is a must, even during winter seasons, and during the rain! Yes, you heard me! I cannot STRESS how much it is important to wear sunscreen every morning before you get out (a lower spf 30 will do indoors since UV rays penetrate through windows and walls - who knew? haha). The best thing about this sunscreen is its filters: it does not include any of the nasty oxybenzone, avobenzone, or the 'benzone' filters, rather Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Octinoxate, and Octisalate. I absolutely love this sunscreen - it really helps absorb oil on the skin, keeps skin moist, and leaves your skin looking matte all day long. So for those with oily skin, this is great, for dry skin - you need a rich cream before you apply this sunscreen! I highly recommend this sunscreen because although you don't look much in sunscreen, the plus is that it keeps skin very moist which I love!

Have any of you tried Charmzone products? :)


  1. Yayyyyyy, I've been looking for a review on this sun-screen....Awesome review Korean Skin Care!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

    I am definitely going to purchase this product now. Their store is across the street from mine :D Last time I went, they gave me a lot of samples to try out, I didn't get this one though :(... but they gave me a full sample set of the Gingko Natural line and I love it! It smells very natural, and keeps skin very hydrated, I even noticed an improvement in my skin texture. I also got a sample of this massage cream, its blue, but I loved it, found it oily so I had to wash it off... I think thats what we are suppose to do... The price is great too, I can't afford Sulwhasoo at the moment unfortunately, maybe when I get older :D

    Please keep reviews coming, I always come to your blog!!!

  2. Oh I forgot to ask, I have oily skin and I get dry skin during the winter... is it important to hydrate my skin at night? What treatments would you recommend me use... I want to use natural products without any preservatives, and something that can fit into my budget too!!!!!!!!!

    ...and one last question, I have puffiness and dark circles from lack of sleep, what eye cream would help treat it, for this I don't care how much it costs, if it works i will BUY IT!!!!!! My eyes are driving me crazyyyyy...THANK YOU THANK YOU :D

  3. Hello Liz!!! :)

    Thanks so much! I am glad to hear that!!! I mentioned on my reply to your comment, that you can use this sunscreen for your eye area! It is safe and great for sensitive eyes!!! I love the Gingko Natural line too, the scent is very pleasant. But I find with Charmzone, the scent can really knock you off hahaha! Don't you just love when they give you a lot of samples - they believe in their products, and so they give a lot for their customers to try out.

    Ahhh yes, Charmzone New Control Cream - it is oily because it is a massage cream. It is meant to be used to help circulate your skin, remove impurities, unclog pores, refine the texture of your skin, and keep skin hydrated. If your skin is oily, you wash it off, but if your skin is dry, you can use a towel to wipe it off. It is totally fine! Sulwhasoo is not going anywhere, so you can purchase it whenever you have it in your budget :D

    YES! Hydration is KEY in keeping the skin feeling and looking young! You always need to pick products that help hydrate the skin!!! Since you have dry skin during the winter (currently speaking hehe) a great mask will help boost up hydration - I found that IOPE Whitegen Clear Mask really hydrated my dry skin. It not only whitens/gives a glow to the face, but also has a rich concentration of natural plant extracted moisturizers to keep skin hydrated and moist! It is a natural sheet mask (made of 100% bamboo fiber) - with plant-extract ingredients.

    You can also use the Jinyul Essential Massage Mask - all natural herbs, helps to circulate the skin with the massage tool, and keep skin moisturized all day! It will be great for you since you have dry skin, but it is not recommended for oily skin! As a suggestion, do not use it when you have oily skin (assuming during summer) so it does not cause milia seeds!!!

    Thank you so much Liz!!!!!!

    Please keep me updated :)