Saturday, January 1, 2011

~Happy New Year~

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Happy New Year my fellow readers! I wish you guys success, good health, and a year with love and great skin!!!! I will be providing more reviews and updates on products during 2011!!! :) Thank you for reading my posts - and hopefully my reviews have helped you guys in any way! XoXo
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  1. A belated Happy New Year to you as well! Your reviews are great - please keep them coming! :)

  2. Hi, I just recently came across your site as I was reseraching sulwhaso and the history of who products. love your reviews!

    i'm thinking of trying the soel whitening line you reviewed but don't know where to purchase. i would prefer not to buy it online, as i hate waiting for delivery haha. can i ask where you purchase your products? are there any stores in north america, in nyc or new jersey?

    and do you usually try the samples first, or splurge on the line and just hope that it works because you trust the brand? i have never tried either the history of whoo or sulwhasoo before, but would like to based on everyone's great reviews but also don't want to break the bank ha...

  3. Thank you SO much Joseibi! <3

    I wish you a Happy New Year, with all the best wishes!!!

    I have been trying out many things in this month - I will make sure to post up the reviews after 1 month goes by to make it authentic :D

    Thank you!!!!!


  4. Hi Ivy!!! Welcome!!! :)

    Thank you so much, I do my best to give you guys reviews on these hard to find products!!!

    Hmm, I am not sure whether there are any flag shops in New York or New Jersey regarding The History of Whoo. HOWEVER, luckily, Sulwhasoo is available in New York!!! It recently launched in Bergdorf Goodman!

    Address: Bergdorf Goodman, 754 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10019

    There is also a Korea Town in New York, you can check out there Korean spa called Juvenex:

    25 West 32nd Street 5th Floor, NYC, 10001

    If you are able to go there, maybe you could ask where they sell Sulwhasoo skin care, also mention IOPE and Laneige :)

    I totally understand, delivery can be such a pain sometimes!!! I warn you though - it is really expensive when you purchase from the store. I'm the same with you, I'd rather go to the store to purchase them because, first you talk with the most knowledgeable SA's who give you tips, and second, free samples!!!

    In Canada, there are a few places that sell

    The History of Whoo:

    P.A.T Supermarket - Cosmetic section upstairs:
    6080 Yonge Street, Toronto


    The Amore
    685 Bloor Street. West Toronto

    The Amore
    5418 Yonge Street Unit#10 & #11, Toronto

    The Amore
    280 Spadina Ave. Unit V. (Dragon City), Toronto

    The stores are called The Amore (hence its mother company Amore Pacific Co.) And they sell other Korean skin care brands like Laneige and IOPE.

    Haha, I usually purchase the whole line! When I know one products works, I trust that the rest will too. But you would have to make sure - which is why I recommend you go to the stores (I'm pretty sure there are some stores selling The History of Whoo in New York or New Jersey) they will test everything out on you to make sure you like it or not.

    If you have a budget, the most economical way to spend for these products is purchasing the samples off of eBay or the Korean version: Gmarket - you will be saving a lot of money!!! Although there is the headache with opening sample packets, but they give you a lot for really cheap. Also nice sample bottles which look luxurious too haha :)

    Please update me Ivy! I am so sorry for the last response!!! <3

  5. Can't wait for your new review! Keep us posted!

  6. Hi Frances!!!

    YES I will!!! I have been trying out many products and will keep you guys updated soon! I have to reach the full month mark to make my reviews authentic!

    I will be reviewing the Hwa Hyun line from The History of Whoo, some sunscreens, B.B creams, and exfoliants :D

    Thanks for supporting Frances!!! <3!!!