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Anti-Aging Line: Sulwhasoo Extra Refining vs. The History of Whoo Jinyul Review

**The battle between two large luxury Korean skin care brands: Sulwhasoo's Extra Refining Line and The History of Whoo's Jinyul line - both are natural that use medicinal herbs**

The History of Whoo Jinyul
Jinyulhyang presents the secret of amazing skin anti-aging formula to aged queen in ancient China. Jinyulhyang is the court secret of pure cosmetic resin to protect your skin by supplying the pure resin and giving you back the beauty with 5 thousand years history.

Jinyul Balancer: The Histoy of Whoo Jinyul Balancer is a moisturizing toner that actively restores natural moisture levels to your dry skin. With Asian herbal ingredients, this product works to refine skin texture and promotes a bright, clear complexion.

Jinyul Lotion: Absorbed quickly without leaving any stickness, Jinyul Lotion offers a sense of lasting moisturatation and nourishment as though you have applied an essence to your skin. It restores balance to the skin and provides invigoration for revitalization. Dispense two or three drops on the palm and apply lightly along the texture of the skin.

Potent Ingredients:
~Red Ginseng~

~Red Mushroom~

~Black Tea~

~Bark Root~

~Paeonia Suffruticosa~

~Gardenia Seeds~

~Angelica Gigas~

Sulwhasoo Extra Refining
Sulwhasoo’s Extra Refining Line is a premium Korean herbal medicinal anti-aging line that transcends time to deliver beauty. Complicated problems caused by the loss of energy, such as the loss of liveliness, dull complexion, and lack of nutrition need a more insightful solution. The greatest ingredients and formula created only for the Extra Refining Line will realize the optimal condition where every element of skin is harmonized.

Extra Refining Water: A water delivering luxurious hydration to the deepest layers of the skin. Formulated with Korean medicinal herbs, this water delivers luxurious hydration to the deepest layers of the skin. Red Pine provides deep hydration. Absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Extra Refining Emulsion: An emulsion promoting a soft glow while simultaneously refining skin texture. Formulated with Korean Medicinal Herbs, this emulsion promotes a soft glow while simultaneously refining skin texture. Ingredients extracted from Red Pine help recover the skin's natural moisture barrier, giving softness and radiance to the skin. Applies smoothly onto the skin, leaving the skin smooth and soft.

Potent Ingredients:
~Korean Red Pine~

~Angelica Acutiloba~

~Artemisia Vulgaris~

~Cnidium Officinale~

~Paeonia Lactiflora~

~Perilla Ocymoides~

~Lilium Tigrinum~

~Limnanthes Alba Seed~

~Prunus Mume Fruit~





~Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Water~
~Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Emulsion~

*I used each line separately for three months – and had dry skin*

Packaging: The History of Whoo Jinyul’s packaging is very luxurious as it seems so royal, which emphasizes its brand of using recipes from the ancient royal families in China. What I love about The History of Whoo’s packaging is how it is very sanitary – when you close the product, it has a click noise indicating its tightly shut, with no air which carries bacteria and other pollutants to enter into the cream. Another plus is that it comes with a small cap to cover the hole of the product! Sulwhasoo’s Extra Refining packaging has this elegance; this elegance that is very beautiful. Generally, Sulwhasoo’s packaging is somewhat heavy too since they use glass! There is no pump, so it requires you to tilt the product and pour onto your hands, which was not a problem for me – although it is much more convenient for the lotion/emulsion to have a pump.

Texture: Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Water has a watery consistency (pour some onto your palms and apply with patting motion) when applied onto your face, gives your face a glow, and hydrates it immediately! Sulwhasoo’s Extra Refining Emulsion is very light and once again gives immediate hydration – both absorb within seconds! The History of Whoo Jinyul Balancer is a bit richer (even though it is a toner), goes on easily and absorbs right away. The History of Whoo Jinyul Lotion is very rich, but it takes some time to absorb– it leaves a nice glossy look to your skin – I recommend the Jinyul Lotion for those with severe dry skin. The Extra Refining line has a light red, brownish tint, while the Jinyul line has a pale red tint.

Scent: Sulwhasoo’s Extra Refining line has a very strong herbal scent of pine – it’s the same scent when smelling a pine tree, however, very calming to the mind. I really love the scent of Sulwhasoo’s. The History of Whoo’s Jinyul line is the only line that really has a herbal scent (besides the Hwa Hyun Essence – I will review this line after a month). The Jinyul line smells like a mixture of herbs, and flowers, while the Extra Refining line smells like a pine tree – considering it is one of their main ingredients.

Hydration: Both provide excellent hydration!!! You’re face is moisturized for a long duration of time, without having to apply another moisturizer on top of it! For the Jinyul Lotion, I found it a bit rich so it is good for the winter season, and for you dry skin types :)

Result? It’s hard to pick which line is better since both are one of my top high quality products recommended! Although I love The History of Whoo, I have had more success with Sulwhasoo – this brand never disappoints. What I loved about the Extra Refining line is the consistency because although this line is rich, it is still very light, and absorbs very quickly leaving no residue behind which I love in a product! The Jinyul line is very rich – and I understand why since it is made for really dry skin (and women over 40 – but I gave it a try), so I would NOT recommend it for normal or oily skin types of course. The Jinyul Lotion would not absorb right away into the skin, although my skin was dry! The scent of Sulwhasoo’s is much more natural, as with many of their products. After using the Extra Refining line for 3 months, I had radiance and glow from within the skin. My dry skin had become normal, and my skin always felt hydrated – it really treated my skin. It left my skin very smooth and soft, and refined the texture of my skin! The result from the Jinyul line left my skin brightened, immediately tightened and glossy-looking, I could almost compare the look to gloss paper (some of you might want to achieve this look hehe). When you know a product plumps your skin, you know it works for wrinkles – and both did that. I saw results within a week with the Jinyul Line, and a month with the Extra Refining line. Remember when using treatment products, use it for a month and onward to see the FULL results. 


  1. oh no! i made a mistake and ordered the cream and i think its gonna be Even richer!

  2. our blogs should be best friends!

  3. Hi Hope In A Blog!!! :D

    I agree! I am so happy to see another person loving Sulwhasoo (although I am NEVER surprised!), and also a blog discussing it too! It's hard to find reviews/blogs on Sulwhasoo and luxury Korean brands. Glad we are part of it to share it to the world!!! <3

    I actually used a sample of the Jinyul Cream, which lasted me two weeks - I found it not too moisturizing than the Jinyul Lotion (and this was when my skin was dry). Some people have found the Jinyul Cream to be very rich (I'm pretty sure their skin was normal - if your skin is dry, its perfect)- I found it to be a bit less richer than the lotion! But I assure you this whole line is rich, even the essence! Is there a way to return/exchange if you think it may be to rich for you? The cream is very expensive! If you can't, only use at night time - and only half a pea-size so it doesn't create any milia!

    P.s, The Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Cream is amazing!!! Have you used any products from the lines? :)


    1. Do you have the ingredient list for the extra refining cream? thanks <3

  4. i bought some samples - the water, lotion, and cream, and eye cream. but didnt get the serum though

  5. Hi Hope In A Blog! Sorry for the late response!

    Have you started using the Jinyul line? How do you like it? I found the serum to make the skin very smooth (as I only had a sample which lasted me two weeks, so couldn't review on them!) It may be rich if your skin is normal/combo/oily - so don't slather too much of the product, and wait until each product is absorbed fully! :)

    Let me know how everything goes!!!


  6. i went through the ingredient list on all the whoo products you posted on your site, and i noticed one thing in common, Butylene Glycol is right on top at no.2 in all the products of Whoo. wow!

    and this article about butylene glycol :

  7. Hi Hope In A Blog!!!

    Ugh, I know!!!!!! You know it pains me to see toxic chemicals in one of the most effective skin care brands, that is natural, like The History of Whoo and Sulwhasoo!!!!

    Thank you for the article!!!

    I have researched each ingredient, and have consulted with my friend who is a chemist, and unfortunately most of the chemical preservatives used in our skin care products can be harmful in the long run, especially internally! But remember that each dosage IS VERY LOW, they cannot, NEVER put a lot in a product (although it is the first few in the ingredient list may worry some!).

    But we have to be aware of these issues since we are dealing with our skin. Its the same with the dosage of the medicinal herbs in The History of Whoo and Sulwhasoo - which is higher than the chemicals/preservatives and the only ingredients nano-sized are the medicinal herbs thankfully. But if they did put a high dosage of lets say Chrysanthemum extract (Diosmetin), it may cause some adverse effects on people, and The History of Whoo or other medicinal herbal skin care products would have to be labeled "Medicine". However, because the dosages are low, it is considered cosmetics.

    Su:m37 products are preservative free - it has not reached North America yet. I hope so soon since it is on high demand! Although I love The History of Whoo, it is awful that they use ingredients that may be toxic for our bodies - and it pains me how effective they are! :(

    Glad you are aware of these issues! Hopefully the FDA will take some drastic measures on eliminating harmful toxic chemicals in our skin care - and daily product uses!!!

  8. yeap, i love the sum:37 products. i think i should start using them since it's preservatives free.. cos it doesnt last as long as the others!

  9. Hi,
    Sorry I put this comment in wrong page.

    I was researching about Sulwhasoo's products review and comment at many sites but I found this site is the right one for me to discuss after reading all customers comment and your reply. I hope you can help me out my situation. I was SKII customers for 5yr and I didn't have any problem at all using SKII. About last 3-4 months ago I found out my face has kind of hole or Pore. It become more and getting worse like everyone can notice on my face. I feel uncomfortable using SKII. So that I start thinking to switch new product and found out Sulwhasoo. Before I purchase, I read many reviews already.
    I start using Extra Refining line the whole set & Concentrated Ginseng Cream since X'mas time 2010. After 4 weeks later (till now) using Sulwhasoo and I realize more pin pore come out. I am not sure why my face became oily face and more pin pore are out which I never had it before.
    I am wondering whether Sulwhasoo is the right skin care for me or do I have to wait little longer to get right result till my skin know new product.
    I only use Concentrated Ginseng Cream at night time. But Extra Refining the whole set, I use twice a day (daily)
    I hope you can help me out my problem.
    Thank you.

  10. Hi A Mon!!! Welcome :)

    Its totally fine!

    May I know your skin type and your age if you don't mind, it will help me decipher what the problem is.

    Is it severe holes on your face, or have your pores enlarged because of using SKII/Sulwhasoo products? It may be a reaction to maybe a few of the ingredients in the products. I would like to know whether this was a problem before coming into using the products and which products you were using for SKII?

    How much products were you using day and night - because people who use a lot of products it can cause damage and make your skin very sensitive. You would have to go on a skin diet, meaning, not using so many products for at least a week, keep your sunscreen, moisturizer, toner and cleanser of course.

    Your face may become oily because the products are rich, especially the Extra Refining Line and Concentrated Ginseng Cream- which is targeted for older women and for **SEVERE dry skin**. Make sure not to use a lot of the product so it allows to sink into the skin, and wait a few seconds after each product. Hmm, it is strange - it may be season change, your environment, many factors can have a toll on your skin. Eating healthy can aid in restoring your skin from inside out - drinking carrot juice everyday one glass in the morning will help in digestion and clearing up skin problems - I HIGHLY recommend this to you.

    To be on the safe side A Mon, please go on a skin diet, I don't want your skin to suffer! After a week of not using all the products, go back to it and see how your skin will react to it (since these products are so expensive, why waste them) and if they don't seem to work, then you may need to move onto other products, or even see a dermatologist if the condition gets worse (hopefully it doesn't!!!) It is recommended to use products for a full month for your skin to get adjusted to it, but to be on the safe side, don't use them for a while!!!

    Please, please keep me updated A Mon!!!

  11. A-mon, you probably have oily-combi skin?

  12. i have to get these babies soon! lol~ great review btw :D

  13. Hi Locke!!! Thanks for stopping by :)

    Haha you will love them! Although you are still very young, it will give you a glow, and keep your skin very hydrated!!!

    Let me know if you need any help figuring out which products you need :)


  14. Wowwww, those products are to droll over for haha! They're so pretty!!!!

    I wish I could afford them!!! do you think if I purchase these, since they are natural, it would be fine for my skin... I am 26, not too old. I dont have wrinkles or anything, but everyone is telling me to start early... I really want to try out Sulwhasoo's Extra Refining. I just have problems with my under eyes... I wish i took care of them in my teens... ugh, its kicking in!!! Thank you so much, I just love your blog!!! :D

    - Liz

  15. Hey Liz!!! :) Thank you very much!!!

    Haha, they are very luxurious!!!!!!

    It would be fine to use products not for your age group - I find though, that it is much more richer than products recommended for younger age groups. If your skin is very dry, you will benefit with these products!!! Since you do not have wrinkles, you may not notice any results with lessening wrinkles. However, these products will help firm and plump your skin, and even-out the skin tone!!! These products are VERY expensive - I recommend purchasing the Extra Refining Water and Emulsion, you will see results within a month - I guarantee you will love these products!!! <3

    Hahaha we all go through that Liz!!! :( What I recommend for you is PUT SUNSCREEN around your eyes. This does not include your regular sunscreen, you may want to purchase an eye cream with spf. However, since I do not use Western skin care I would not recommend it either haha. When I visited The History of Whoo - the Korean SA told me it was fine to use my Charmzone Albatross Powder Sun around my eyes, as it will not irritate your eye area - so this helps not looking for an extra eye cream with spf. As for dark circles and puffiness, I find that The History of Whoo eye creams are EXCELLENT in vanishing those obvious signs of sleep deprivation haha.

    I will do a review soon of the best eye creams - but what I would recommend is the Qi & Jin Eye Cream, it is not only moisturizing, but it eliminates dark circles in two weeks of using (my own experience), I just love this eye cream!!! For wrinkles, Sulwhasoo's Rejuvenating Eye Cream really helps with deep and fine lines :)

    Please let me know how it goes Liz!!! :) <3!!!

  16. I have been using after the Whoo's Qi & Jin eye cream, the Sulwhasoo's refining eye cream and I really liked it. It is less rich, absorbs instantly. Both are very good, slightly different price range though. The SA at Sulwhsoo said that actually said that in Hong Kong their 2 best selling products were Extra Refining cream and eye cream.

  17. Hi Marichan :)

    I LOVE the Qi & Jin Cream (it has been upgraded, and I don't like the newly upgraded version!). I have yet to try Sulwhasoo's Extra Refining Eye Cream - costs around $200!!! Not surprised though, Sulwhasoo is a hit and the most effective skin care brand to date! Have you tried the Hwa Hyun Eye Cream - it really brightens the eye area!


  18. Hi! I am very happy to find this webpage. I have been trying soo many different brands on my face and still want to opt for more higher quality brands that will have a long lasting results. I was hoping you could help me narrow down which brand to buy between Sulwhasoo and the History of Whoo. I am 24 years old, Vietnamese, and have combination skin. I have large pores on the cheeks near the nose and have very sensitive skin. I am very easy to break out and have uneven skin tone. I always wanted a product to brighten my face because it seems like my face is slightly darker than my body. Also I have dark circles under my eyes. I don't know why because I sleep at least 8 hours a night. Please help me find the best product for my face. Thank you soo much.

    1. Katherine, you should check out a brand called A.C. Care if u are suffering from acne. Here is where I brought mine, if u decided to buy this is the promotion code: HOPE. Saves me a few bucks. In my opinion, for ur age the Sulwhasoo and The History of Whoo is too rich for you. However, I would recommend Sulwhasoo Clarify Mask and First Care Serum. They are the best. I'm Vietnamese, 29 years old with ur type of skin and I still think the Sulwhasoo is too rich for me: This is my skin care routine: a.c care wash, laneige light toner, Sulwhasoo First Care Serum, Iope Plant Stem Cell emulsion, a.c care repair complex, a.c care sunscreen. I'm using the mask twice a week. Since I'm established this kind of routine, it helps my skin tremedously. My point here is since we have combo skin try different lines don't be stuck in one line of skin care. Good Luck.

  19. If you are looking for something AMAZING, try anti-aging products of Rodan and Fields (the makers of Proactiv). You can try their products for free since they have a 60 days guarantee with a full refund if you're not satisfied with the results. I'm one of their consultants. Check out my website below for more details and ordering information.

    For questions, you can email me at

    Thanks for checking it out.

  20. Hi there,

    It's so great to find out this page. You guys just gave very helpful information about skin care products.
    Would you pls give me specific advice for my skin type? I'm 29 years old. I've got a dry skin with pigmentation on my cheek, severe dark circle under eyes, recently some fine lines on my upper eyelids and area under eyes. My face is generally white but not bright, glow and even tone. After washing, I see my bare skin not really healthy and lack of energy.
    I've searched a a lot and find that SK-II, Sulwahasoo and The History of Whoo are one of the best products for Asian skin.However, I am not sure which product line and/ or specific products including cleaser, toner, essence, lotion.....and etc. suit to my skin.
    Thanks so much in advance for your help.

  21. I was reading the ingredients in you image here, it's amazing that you use PARABENS, THEY ARE CANCERIGENS! BEWARE YOU GALS/GUYS!!

  22. thank you for this! im really in a quandary and still contemplating on what anti aging product I should buy...thanks for the ideas thank you thank you so glad!